Am I Being Haunted?

Hi, I’m 15 years old and ever since I was little, I have been able to see these… shadow figures? My family and I call them The Shadow People, but I’m not the only one in my family who sees them.

When my mother was little, she also saw these shadows and same with my aunt, big brother and my grandmother. Is my family and I haunted?

A lot of other weird things happen to me, like yesterday morning, I had a hand print of my right thigh. It wasn’t a full hand just fingertips, and it looked like it was sliding down a little. And when I was little, I used to wake up screaming and crying but wouldn’t wake up.

I also experienced sleep paralysis a few times, and when I looked over at my wall, I would see a shadow figure holding me down, but when I looked back, there was nothing above me, only on my wall.

I’ve woken up with scratches and cuts and bruises.

Am I dealing with ghosts? Demons?

Please help, I’ve been trying to figure this out for years.

Asked by L


Help Me Find Out What This “Spirit” Wants

How I found out there is a spirit with me:

It’s been two months now, I had started to see shadows from corner of my eyes frequently. At first there were just sounds around me (more when I’m in my room), like sounds of floor cracking, my bed cracking like when someone sits on it. After those sounds, pens started to roll at me when there was no source that can cause the movement. I was and just sitting at my desk and all the sudden a pen rolled toward me, there I believed there is a spirit.

I was just walking in my house I saw a red cloth floating in other side of my living room I stare at it for two second, I thought it my brother, because he always plays there, I ask if my brother is home and the answer was no.

The sounds happened more often, and things like kitchen hood light, turning on and off by it self when I was around it.

Last night I woke up 4 am from a loud sound from other side of my room, a sound like popping a small balloon, first I thought it’s nothing. I closed my eyes and the same sound happened again.

This morning I can feel that this spirit goes where ever I go in my house, because things around me start moving, even when I’m looking in a direction something in that direction moves for split of second, light things like paper, obviously the spirit wants me to notice him/her.

How can I know what the spirit wants? and how can I help him?

I’m not afraid of ghosts but I prefer a way that is risk free.

All in all, what should I do?


Asked by John

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Sightings And Voices

I hear very loud footsteps on the roof day and night, they follow me to my room then the whispering starts, more so I’m the restroom.

I see shadow people peeking over the fence corners and through the windows. One day there was one in my living room attached to my bedroom, I could clearly make him out he was wearing a. Cap.

My security cameras caught some scary stuff. Small people walking up the wall to look into my bedroom window. People’s faces looking out my bedroom window that we don’t know, some kind of animal comes out of the wall and stretches up ward to look into bedroom / restroom window, always seems like he is sprinkling something from a bag through the window.

What is going on here? This last workday I saw the shadows peeking in my back truck window coming home from work. Please explain to me what all this Means?

Asked by Ed

General Questions

Paranormal Activity Possibilities

Hi, so in the middle of the night my cat runs up and down the halls and then automatically stops then does it again continuously. This happens about twice a month.

Also, out of no where when I’m home alone and my cat is put away or else where away from my room, my dog starts barking towards the bedroom door and when I get up to see what it is he stops.

And when I’m laying in bed towards the wall and I’m trying to go to sleep I see a dark figure watching me from the other side of the room(which isn’t very far) and when I look towards it, it goes away, then when I look back at the wall I see it again but closer, and closer, and closer.

Then also when I’m home alone and  I’m studying or something I hear a bang on a wall then it stops for about five minutes then goes again. And when I’m looking paranormal stuff up my computer freezes out of no where for about 40-50 seconds and then it lets me do my search. (I think that might be some sort of warning). And I hear my name being called when no one is around, or I’m at school and I’m walking to class, or I’m in the bathroom. Its kind of like a whisper but also I could hear it very clearly.

Also at school there is this specific bathroom I don’t like going into because there is history that a girl hung herself in one of the stalls. I never go in that specific stall but when I’m in the bathroom alone I hear footsteps or a loud thud or water running. And when I’m at home and its the middle of the night I hear footsteps running down the hallway and stops in front of my room. Then all of a sudden I get the chills and I feel my blanket is moving but its not. Is this all of my imagination? Or am I really being haunted by some sort of spirit.

I am 13 years old and I did research that demons like to attach to younger kids but it wasn’t specific of age. Am I being attached? Will they soon show themselves to me? My mom is a believer of the Greek gods and goddess, and Greek mythology. Could they be watching over me?

Oh and also, the spirit watching me sleep was human figured, black, short and fat. There were two of them I think. The other one looked tall, black skinny and they both gave me the chills. My dog didn’t react to this and neither did my cat and they were both in the room with me. And all of a sudden I’m missing my spirit journal that my mom gave me when I told her when this all started happening. I just heard Three knock on the opposite side of my wall just now. Happened two times now today. 3/11/17. And just happened again but faster. And I hung dried some of my clothes by my window and the window was closed and the A/C and heater was off and one of the shirts started moving, Slow at first then started to get faster and faster.

And a couple weeks ago I had a nightmare where Me, My friend, and my boyfriend were in this underground cellar and there were no doors and my boyfriend was wrapped in chains. When I tried to help him my hands melted, when my friend tried to help she had a metal mask on her face that crushed her face inward. Then after she tried to take it off and couldn’t there was a sinister laugh and then # knock like just now. Then I woke up like I was lifted off of my bed and thrown down and I was screaming their names and I was sweating but cold, and I checked my hands. I lied back down after that and saw the two figures but in the corner of my room where my curtains are and I heard the laugh from the dream and then 3 really loud knocks and my curtains were moving like crazy. (no A/C and no heater).

And yes we used sage allover the house when we first moved into the house and when me and my mom were gone on vacation we had two roommates (not like the dark shadowed figures) and they had gotten into a fight. There seems to be a lot of negative energy around the house. Do you think we need to re-sage? Or am I just going out of my mind. sorry for the long stories and paragraphs.

I have a lot going on, and I’m concerned if this will progress into something worse or its a Residual haunting, a Interactive or Intelligent Haunting, Poltergeist Haunting, Demonic Activity, Shadow Haunting or Shadow People, or a Doppelganger Haunting. Yes I did research and it seems to me to be either a Interactive or Intelligent, A Poltergeist, Demonic, or a Shadow Haunting. Please help me with this kind of stuff. It’s really creeping me out. And yes sometimes I wake up with scratches, or bruises, but I am very clumsy and could have happened before I went to sleep.

Asked by Christine

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Seeing Things Or Real?

One time when I was younger I woke up in the middle of the night while at my grandmas house. Every time I do that I always feel scared or watched so my 8 year old self was up and I thought I heard the toilet flush. Which is odd because its late, so I look at the door and notice a shadow that I’ve never noticed before peeping over the door. I was freaked out but went back to sleep.

Skip to some years my grandma was pretty fun so that night we slept on the couches downstairs after doing our own thing. I fall asleep and wake up to a shadow alien looking thing standing over my grandma I’m not sure if my mind was playing tricks but I looked at the plant that was in that spot and it looked nothing like the shadow.

Does anyone know if my mind was playing tricks or if it’s something else?

Asked by Sarah


My 5 Year Old Sees Shadow People

I work third shift, and when I walked in our house the other night, my husband and five year old were laying on the couch. I asked my husband why, and he said my child woke up screaming bloody murder saying a guy with crazy hair and beard was trying to hold his hand. Let’s just say this creeped me out.

After he woke up I asked him about it, and he said and I quote “there’s something wrong with our house, there’s shadow people everywhere.”  He’s never even heard the term of shadow people, and I didn’t even know it was a thing until I googled it.

Fast forward to this afternoon, I was talking to my mom and she was asking me about it. I told her about the one time I had sleep paralysis. I had just had my first child, who is now 10, and I was laying on the couch when something woke me up, and all I felt was fear, while the couch was shaking uncontrollably and I couldn’t move at all. I had no idea about sleep paralysis at the time, my husband explained it to me after I told him what happened.

Anyways, after I told my mom about that episode, and she said I may have a spirit or something following me. Well when she said that, I remembered this picture my sister in law had taken of me two years ago that she swore had orbs on it, which again, I had no idea what those were.

I’ve never felt intimidated or anything weird like that, but I have seen shadows out of the corners of my eye, and I do have crazy dreams from time to time.

I’m just wondering what could possibly be going on? Am I just hallucinating thinking this could all go together?

Asked by Michelle

General Questions

Is Something Following Me?

My family has recently just moved into a very old house. (over 100 years old) I have noticed a ball of light around me. The orb is small and yellow-ish. I can never look straight at it, but it will float around me. I won’t see it all the time, but it will follow me. I will see it in my bedroom, when I’m on the school bus, when I’m out shopping, etc. I also see the orb when it’s dark (Like when I’m laying in my bed at night). I’ve never seen these orbs before I moved here and I am wondering what it could be.

I also have been seeing shadows in my room (only in my room which is located in the basement). I’ve seen them on my ceilings, in my mirror, and also just standing behind me. I’ve read about shadow people, and I think that is what they are. They are just plain black figures-without eyes. They don’t do anything, they just are creepy. I haven’t seen them anywhere but my room, and they don’t seem to follow me. Is there any reason why I’ve only seen them in one place?

Asked by Ami

General Questions

Footsteps Voices And A Shadow Man

When I was in kindergarten age I was always afraid of going out in the hallways of my house at night because I could hear footsteps down the hallway near my door. Now before you start saying anything here’s some information:

1. My dad goes to work at night

2. My mom takes medicine to sleep and I know what my mothers footsteps would sound like

3. Sometimes my door would slightly open

Now that that’s cleared up let’s continue. One night I could hear the footsteps coming from my basement and going down the hall to my room. Once they stopped my door opened enough that I could just walk through and I saw a man standing there. He looked like a shadow but he was hard to see because he blended in so well I don’t know how I saw him. Then I saw him walk back down the hallway and I don’t know what made me do this but I followed him. I followed him to the basement door but that’s as far as I went because my biggest fear was my basement, it gave me this feeling of disturbance when ever I was down there and tended not to go there. So after a minute of standing there I just hurried back to my room and went to bed. What does this mean?

A couple of years later I was in this basement and fell into this sort of trance while hearing to voices, one was a boy and one was a girl. I think I was able to say something and have them respond but I wondered if maybe they had something to do with the man?

Even now I still get the feeling that something’s behind me when I’m done there and I one time I heard a sigh come from under my bed and someone breathe on me. What does this mean?

Asked by Kittenmit

Ghosts And The Spirit World

What Are These Beings?

I’ve lived in my house for 15 years so pretty much all my life a lot of strange things happen and all start from the beginning.

When we first moved into my home all my siblings and me dispersed trying to find the best room to take for ourselves I ran into the middle room it was pink and blue frilly and extremely girly I loved it but for some strange reason I closed the door and walked over to the closet probably just to look inside but when I opened the closet I walked in and stuck my hand on the wall for some weird reason I started pushing on the wall something was telling me to luring me to, so when I pushed the wall I some how ended up in a whole knew house it was read and black and had a long stairway it was really elegant looking but as I made my way towards the stairs something screamed at me not outside but in my head it told me to go back and the voice scared me so bad that I ran as swiftly and as quickly as I could and I somehow ended up downstairs in this little closet room underneath our stairs I opened the door and looked out there sat my big brothers poking at a television that was left behind in the living room basement.

I tried telling my parents about it but they told me it was just my imagination but my older sister backed me up when she told them when she saw me close the door to the room and she chose her room she went into that room and couldn’t find me she even looked into the closet. After that happened a few weeks later when I wasn’t scared anymore I tried pushing the closet wall trying to get back in and nothing happened. My parents thought I was a little weird but they let it go and nothing happened.

Me and my siblings loved playing this game that was like hide and seek but in the dark and you would flash a camera light in the area you thought someone was in a few times when I was hiding I’d feel someone breathing down my neck and when I moved my hand around behind me to see if I could feel someone there was no one there.

The same things were happening to my siblings too and once when we we’re playing the flash went off in front of the laundry room and we saw a figure of a man it was so scary that we all ran upstairs and decided we wouldn’t play again. (we ended up playing several times what can I say we were stupid kids) anyway that’s when he started coming around I’d first see a shadow figure of a really tall man looking at me from the corner of my room I’d get so scared that I’d run out of my room then at night I would get sleep paralysis and it was so scary because it felt like I was being molested it was embarrassing and weird so I didn’t tell anyone about it then I would hear whispers when he was in my room soothing words that told me not to be afraid but I couldn’t control my fear my parents are very religious, so I thought he was a Jinn (demon) and was scared since my parents would tell me story’s about their country and how people would “marry” or go away with Jinn and never to be seen again after years but when they would come back they would be older I thought that was a crock of bs but that fear was still in my mind sometimes I would dream of him and it would always be in a really dark room with a light in the middle of it there was always a chair he was sitting on and he would draw me to him and I’d end up sitting on his lap but for some reason instead of feeling anything I’d just feel this eerie creepy feeling about him.

A few times he would portray himself as a white male with unusual black eyes and curly hair that went to his chin he was handsome yes but when I would stare at him it was like his mask was slipping he just really creeped me out and he would continue making nightly visits touching and caressing me it felt good yes but it also felt scary when I kept asking him to leave me alone is when my older sister (by  4 years) came and told me about this weird dream she had it was of this man and she explained how he looked the same way as I saw the man that kept visiting me and he was in the laundry room and he had asked her to come with him and reached out his hand as if to take her’s well since my sister grew up in the same family as me she was scared too and told him no and when she did she said his transformed into a shadow and looked so scary but then she woke up after that all of us started experiencing strange things my little brother was laying in bed in my parents room ( then my parents were the only ones with a tv in the their bedroom) anyway while he was sleeping and I walked in I saw his hands come up and he started to choke himself I stared at him for a few seconds not really understand what I was seeing then he started making these weird weezing strangled sounds and I ran over trying to pull his hands from his neck it was so hard it was gripped on like steel finally he woke up choking on air and looking around scared and when I asked him what happened he said he was dreaming that some tall shadow man was choking him after that my parents had a few Sheikhs come in and read the quran and all was well for a bit but then my oldest brother (he lives downstairs) when he woke up saw an old lady sitting on his office chair just staring at him and he got up and ran upstairs and told my parents we all rushed downstairs but saw nothing so we thought maybe he was dreaming but then we started seeing the old lady and she wouldn’t say or do anything she would just sit or stand and be silent after a bit we saw another man but this one would hold a doll that had red hair and a blue dress his hood was always up but you could kind of see his face and it looked really messed up.

A few times if someone was in the kitchen they would hear someone climbing up the stairs and think it was just one of us but then no one was there we all blamed it on creaky stairs and pushed it aside but a few times if you aren’t completely staring at the stairs and look sideways at it after you hear the creaking you would see a shadow figure just staring at you and a few times random stuff would fall when you’re by yourself or with someone else it was really odd but the man that would visit me went away and I thought all was good then when I was 16 I felt really depressed a lot of things were happening none good and I just hated life I tried to commit suicide but while I was laying in bed after taking a bunch of pills I fell asleep then woke up to a ear piercing scream and ran towards my bathroom I ended up puking out everything and my mom for some reason was awake at 4 am she usually went to sleep way before then but that night she said something just didn’t feel right anyway.

After my visit to the hospital and stay I came back home that’s when I started having strange dreams this time I was in a forest in the winter and something was urging me to keep walking till I saw a huge cabin and walked towards it  when I went in I saw fireworks from outside and for some reason the cabin started on fire and I started running up the stairs when I got to the top room I saw a boy laying naked he had really pale skin and hair his eyes were red and his tears were red but what scared me was that he had thin wires that went through one cheek to the other and it closed his mouth and his body had more wires but he was so beautiful and he looked like he was begging pleading for my help when he reached out his hand I really wanted to grab it but as I was sticking my hand out something pushed hard on my chest the force was like being punched by huge strength.

I woke up I told my mom and she told me she would as a friend of her’s who interprets dreams but what she had to say didn’t really make sense so I ignored it after that he started coming back again enticing me touching me I didn’t like it so I would go to my mothers room and lay in bed with her he would only touch my feet then like he was asking me to follow him I would look away and stick my head under the blanket and try to ignore him but some nights he would come back into my dreams and that dark room would appear and that chair he would be doing something to me and when I would try pulling away it would feel like he was pulling my hair to keep me in place after fighting him off over and over and imagining myself actually hurting him physically he stopped coming around but I would sometimes feel him lurking like he’s waiting for something.

Sorry if this is all jumpy but I would remember other stuff and add it in this kinda also happened in our old home also but there we would see my sister walking around the house at night and when we would go over to her she would disappear and when we looked in her room she would be sleeping and we would hear our voices calling out to each other in the middle of the night for example I sometimes would hear my mom or dad having a conversation I can hear their voices then they would call my name and when I went over they wouldn’t be there and when I looked in their rooms they’re knocked out for the night we also saw these trippy eyes in the closet at our old house the eyes would change colors staring at you from the closet it was really scary I’m glade that house was demolished but back to this I feel like my house is haunted and I also feel like I am too I’ve also tried talking to him and asking what his name is and the weirdest thing is he would never tell me but he would smile like there was a secret or something I know I have sleep paralysis but sometimes it’s so strange that I’m wide awake and feel hands all over my body lifting me up carrying me towards the closet and when I would fight it I would end up laying on the floor in front of my closet like I was put there and I when he used to visit my clothes would be messed up like someone was trying to take them off me so I know what’s happening is real and not just a figment of my imagination like most people tell me it is can someone help me?

( sorry again if I’m coming off confusing I also want to know what “he” is) and what the old lady is because she doesn’t really do anything she just scares us just by being there. My half brother also said when he came to visit and was sleeping he was awoken by this beautiful woman she had pointy ears like an elf and she was touching his cheek and he had a strong urge to follow her but when he saw the old lady come into the room and he said her face looked really weird not the empty look she usually has but this creepy pissed off look that scared him into action and he got up and ran upstairs telling us about it when we checked we didn’t see them so I’m not sure is she some kind of protector or is she something else?

Asked by XoxK

Ghosts And The Spirit World

Orbs And Spirits – I Need To Know What Is Happening

When I was around 3 years old, I have always had contact with ghosts and spirits. Now I’m in my late teens and I still see shadows and even see things move, but I guess I’m kinda used to it.

A while back, my friend and I were just messing around and recording ourselves around my room. When we played back the footage we saw this huge white orb fly up across my room behind me. For the first time in a while I was slightly freaked out. I’ve done my research and nothing has happened since.

Lately, I have been seeing these shadow figures. Some even appear to be like animals. One time my mom was driving me home when I saw this thing race across the street. I screamed because I thought she hit someone but no one was there. I’m not sure what to do. And I’m very cautious to spirits because I know they could be good or bad.

Just need to know what’s happening here because it’s messing with my head haha. Thanks to anyone who has answers.

Asked by Anna