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3 Loud Knocks Now Sleep Paralysis

About 3 years ago I had just fallen asleep when I heard 3 very loud bangs at my bedroom widow. The knocks were so hard that they rattled my window. At the time I had a very yappy Chihuahua that would go crazy barking whenever there were knocks on the door. My Chihuahua was asleep on the bed at my feet. She didnt seem to hear the loud knocks so I thought maybe it was a dream. I stood up and looked out my window just in case it was someone had some sort of emergency and needed me. There was no one. I decided to check the front door in case the person knocked on the window to wake me walked to the front door to be let in. When I opened my bedroom door my 21 year old daughter opened her bedroom door and asked what was that loud banging? This is when I became a little fearful because I keept thinking why did the Chihuahua not jump up and start barking? There was no one at the front door. No one died in our family and we never heard it again.

Fast forward 3 years later I am newly married 1 year and now I am expecting a new baby so having a big belly I mostly sleep on my back.  One night I was sleeping and suddenly became aware of my husband getting out of bed and walking past me out of the bedroom (my eyes are partially open and my head is turned to my right and I sleep very close to the right edge of the bed) as soon as he walks out the door that is on the right side of the bed I see a man/beast come up from beside my side of the bed. I cant move or open my eyes any wider.  This creature kisses me, puts its tongue in my mouth and I can taste its awful breath, I can feel his tongue starts to fall apart and dissolve in my mouth, at the same time he is sucking my breath out of my lungs. I feel like I’m suffocating then I can see him move his right hand and feel him cup my pubic area and I feel and orgasm happen. (Sorry for so much detail) at that exact same moment my husband walks back into the room and the man/beast is gone. I take a huge breath in relieved that I can breath again. I was so freaked out. I just turned to my left and pretend to still be asleep while my husband settles back into his side of the bed and all the while just laying there thinking what the hell just happened?

Asked by Florence


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Paranormal Activity Possibilities

Hi, so in the middle of the night my cat runs up and down the halls and then automatically stops then does it again continuously. This happens about twice a month.

Also, out of no where when I’m home alone and my cat is put away or else where away from my room, my dog starts barking towards the bedroom door and when I get up to see what it is he stops.

And when I’m laying in bed towards the wall and I’m trying to go to sleep I see a dark figure watching me from the other side of the room(which isn’t very far) and when I look towards it, it goes away, then when I look back at the wall I see it again but closer, and closer, and closer.

Then also when I’m home alone and  I’m studying or something I hear a bang on a wall then it stops for about five minutes then goes again. And when I’m looking paranormal stuff up my computer freezes out of no where for about 40-50 seconds and then it lets me do my search. (I think that might be some sort of warning). And I hear my name being called when no one is around, or I’m at school and I’m walking to class, or I’m in the bathroom. Its kind of like a whisper but also I could hear it very clearly.

Also at school there is this specific bathroom I don’t like going into because there is history that a girl hung herself in one of the stalls. I never go in that specific stall but when I’m in the bathroom alone I hear footsteps or a loud thud or water running. And when I’m at home and its the middle of the night I hear footsteps running down the hallway and stops in front of my room. Then all of a sudden I get the chills and I feel my blanket is moving but its not. Is this all of my imagination? Or am I really being haunted by some sort of spirit.

I am 13 years old and I did research that demons like to attach to younger kids but it wasn’t specific of age. Am I being attached? Will they soon show themselves to me? My mom is a believer of the Greek gods and goddess, and Greek mythology. Could they be watching over me?

Oh and also, the spirit watching me sleep was human figured, black, short and fat. There were two of them I think. The other one looked tall, black skinny and they both gave me the chills. My dog didn’t react to this and neither did my cat and they were both in the room with me. And all of a sudden I’m missing my spirit journal that my mom gave me when I told her when this all started happening. I just heard Three knock on the opposite side of my wall just now. Happened two times now today. 3/11/17. And just happened again but faster. And I hung dried some of my clothes by my window and the window was closed and the A/C and heater was off and one of the shirts started moving, Slow at first then started to get faster and faster.

And a couple weeks ago I had a nightmare where Me, My friend, and my boyfriend were in this underground cellar and there were no doors and my boyfriend was wrapped in chains. When I tried to help him my hands melted, when my friend tried to help she had a metal mask on her face that crushed her face inward. Then after she tried to take it off and couldn’t there was a sinister laugh and then # knock like just now. Then I woke up like I was lifted off of my bed and thrown down and I was screaming their names and I was sweating but cold, and I checked my hands. I lied back down after that and saw the two figures but in the corner of my room where my curtains are and I heard the laugh from the dream and then 3 really loud knocks and my curtains were moving like crazy. (no A/C and no heater).

And yes we used sage allover the house when we first moved into the house and when me and my mom were gone on vacation we had two roommates (not like the dark shadowed figures) and they had gotten into a fight. There seems to be a lot of negative energy around the house. Do you think we need to re-sage? Or am I just going out of my mind. sorry for the long stories and paragraphs.

I have a lot going on, and I’m concerned if this will progress into something worse or its a Residual haunting, a Interactive or Intelligent Haunting, Poltergeist Haunting, Demonic Activity, Shadow Haunting or Shadow People, or a Doppelganger Haunting. Yes I did research and it seems to me to be either a Interactive or Intelligent, A Poltergeist, Demonic, or a Shadow Haunting. Please help me with this kind of stuff. It’s really creeping me out. And yes sometimes I wake up with scratches, or bruises, but I am very clumsy and could have happened before I went to sleep.

Asked by Christine

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Knocking On Door And Hearing Voices

Just a few nights ago I heard a loud rapid knocking on my front door around 4am. My bedroom is on the second floor so I peaked out my window and didn’t see anyone. My parents bedroom is downstairs only a few feet away from the front door and didn’t hear a thing. I brushed it off and went to bed.

Few weeks later I heard 2 knocks on my bedroom door in the middle of the night…and not shortly after almost a week later and I hear 2 slow knocks on my bedroom again. I’m not afraid, and I didn’t think it’s the death knock or bad luck like the dream books say… But I’m not sure why I’m the only one hearing it and why it went from my front door downstairs to now my bedroom door upstairs.

My mom says it’s my grandpa visiting since we use to share my room when I was a kid and he was alive. She thinks because we are remodeling our entire house he just wants to visits to say he likes the remodel, it could be her just trying to make me feel safe, not sure why he would need to know since he is obviously always welcomed home. Kinda weird idk.

I’m scared because I often find myself waking up to someone talking to me while I’m sleeping… This happens a lot but not recently. The voices would sound like my parents but like I said we sleep on two different floors and my doors locked and closed.. As I wake the voices fade away. Sounds silly but the voice were having very deep and casual conversations with me.

Seems like when I start bringing these experiences up they stop for a while. Lived in this same house since I was 10 and honestly always had very interesting experiences in my room only.

Should I talk to a physchic/medium or a doctor? Or both?

Asked by Simon

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I’m Starting To Worry About What Is In My Flat

I have always been able to sense, see and hear things since I was about 4 years old. I try to ignore it most of the time. If it’s calm and comforting I allow it to carry on. Having someone else’s presence if they are good feels comforting in a way, a little like living with a friend.

I have seen some terrifying things over the years in some properties and subsequently left them. I have lived in my current flat for 6 years and have always felt safe. I have recently been hearing dishes and pans being moved loudly in the kitchen but when I go and see nothing, has been moved, I am not the only person to have heard this, even my very skeptical mother has too. I am now getting knocks in 3’s.

Sometimes on my bedroom window or the front door. My flat has cameras at the front so you know there is nobody there. The knocks were louder this morning, firstly at 1:30 am on my bedroom window, then at 5:20 am on my front door.

I also had a growling sound in my bedroom which sounded like it came from under the bed. I live alone with no pets so no explanation for the growling noise.

I am happy in my flat and very ill now days so really don’t want to move, but am really afraid of what might allow me to see it. Any help, Please!

Asked by Stephen

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Knocking And Whispers

I have been experiencing knocking on my bedroom door just about every night for two months now. My husband never hears it.

Also, one morning, my husband left our bedroom door open when he went to work and I was awakened by something whispering my name twice. I did not recognize the voice. It felt like someone was at the foot of my bed.

We have smudged the house and I have put holy water on the door and have sprinkled it on my side of the bed.

No one has passed away recently. We have lived in our home for 24 years now, so I’m thinking it can’t be someone who has lived here.

I say the Michael Invocation every night before I go to bed.

Can you please help me figure out what is happening?

Asked by Pat


The Michael Invocation

Question About The Michael Invocation

Should I Burn Sage Or Ask For A House Blessing?

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Repeated Knocking, Baby Pointing At 3:00 AM

hi guys, sorry for my bad English before hand.

something strange happened to me and I wanted to hear your thoughts on it.

It happened while I was babysitting my baby brother.

Well, this night he just got up and started crying  really drastically like he was scared and asking for dad and mom. Naturally thats what babys do so I didn’t put that much thought into it.

but what scared me happened about 5 to 10 minutes later.

There was this knocking on the front door. Which I thought was my parents. The knocking was really loud and constant, till right before I opened the door.

When I opened the door the door was sucked opened and pulled from my hand, like I literally felt the force, and this huge gust of wind enter the house enough to actually gave me enough pressure to step back a little. and at that exact moment too I suddenly got this horrible feeling and got goosebumps and stood paralyzed there for a few seconds.

Now if that was all that happened I would have just shrugged it off thinking it was the wind and vacuum and stuff when I opened the door that pulled it open.

But after the door was open my baby brother stuck out his hand and kept pointing towards the door and started crying incredibly terrified and I mean really terrified and also he was slowly moving his hand as if he was pointing at something and it was slowly walking inside right next to us.

At that point I quickly closed the door and  ran towards my room and turned on all of the lights. I also tried putting my brothers hand down and stopping him from pointing but he kept putting it up and pointed towards the door of my room then he moved it as if someone walked from the door then came next to us. So slowly to the left then when it was straight it he moved it more to the right till he was pointing right next to me and the whole time he had this terrified look on his face and crying and usually when he cries he cries asking for my  parents. but he was just horrified he didnt say a word he just cried ever since I opened the door. thats when I decided to call my  parents and ask them when are they gonna get home and I saw that it was exactly 3:00AM.

Now I’m not one to believe something unless it happens to me or I see an actual proof of something but my brother`s reaction  the constant knocking on the door and the 3:00AM? not to mention that strange wind that pulled the door open and closed it back.

It kinda freaked me out a bit and I was wondering if anyone has a explanation or have experience something like this before.

ps: the knocking wasn’t cause by the wind moving the door, it was really knocking, the sound was so clear. and also since the front door barely moves and also it has a different sound when moved abruptly its impossible to have been it.

Asked by skiriboo

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Waking Up At 3:18 AM

Hi. I’ve got some questions for you. Usually I wake up at 3.18 am and hear things and only at that time. I live in a house, in 1st floor, but the flat below us is empty for more than 10 years. If I woke up, I hear that someone came in, at the front door or that someone just walked in the apartment below.

But a few days ago something ever more strange happened. I woke up 3.18 am again and heard 3 knocks right above my bed, on the ceiling. The next day I couldn’t sleep so I was already awake. And again on 3.18am, my computer starts. But the thing is that computer was turned off.

So, can you tell if anything is happening and if 3 knocks have some meaning or not? Is something in my house or I just overreact?

Asked by Daniela

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I Keep Hearing A Man’s Voice, What Is This?

For the months that I have lived in my home, I keeping hearing a man’s voice, as if having a conversation. I never hear the other person, nor can I make out what exactly he is saying, but it just seems as though he’s talking to someone he knows.

I have searched the house several times when alone to be sure no radio’s, TV’s, computers or anything else is on that can be making the noise. I’ve asked the other residents of my home if they have heard it, but everyone said no.

I should mention I have also heard other small things: little bumps in the night, footsteps, and knocking at my bedroom door when no one is around, but I have always shrugged them off.

I don’t know what I am dealing with, nor am I afraid of it. I am unsure if I’m just being paranoid.

If anyone has information or tips, let me know.

– A sleepy person

Asked by Peanut

Death and Life

Was Our Daughter Knocking?

Last year on the 13th of Aug 14… The worst day of my life happened. I lost my beautiful little girl she died in a tragic accident…..

After all the commotion and the police said we should go home and we had to leave our daughter in that cold cold hospital we got home and my world ended that day we sat on her bed and then we cried together so many years that’s when we heard 3 hard knocks on the door. My husband just said if that is you come in….

We havent heard knocks since but we do feel her around and sense her perfume…

Is this true or just our imagination?

Asked by Valerie

Ghosts And The Spirit World

Should I Burn Sage Or Ask For A House Blessing?

I have had paranormal experiences since I was 2 years old. I have seen ghosts, spoken to lost souls in my dreams (always in areas of “travel;”, motels, hotels, etc) and sometimes I have known about natural disasters before turning on the news, from these guests.

I have successfully heard a vocal communication only once, when my Grandmother was going to pass and her mother fought through my consciousness to tell me that she would wait for her and she would be okay. I have had experiences with negative spirits as well, and prayer always helps.

Sometimes I even receive help from the spirits, they wake me up and tell me I’m late, etc. They play jokes on me, pull my sheets, flick me, sometimes slap me to wake me up. It has always been such a big part of me that I have gotten used to it but unfortunately never successfully mastered it. Things have been so quiet lately that I was afraid I ‘lost’ my ability due to lack of use. But all the time now I wake to loud knocks on the door.

My fiancee cannot hear them and usually I just go back to sleep. But last night I heard it thunderously loud, and when I jolted upright at 3:45 am I had a terrible feeling I could not shake and was unable to fall back asleep. I put my crucifix on and said my prayers, enveloping myself in white light, as I have learned to do, and still felt uneasy. Is it something to be worried about?

Do you think someone is stuck or lost and trying to get my help?

I don’t know if I should burn sage or ask for a blessing of my house. What are your thoughts?