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I Know I Am Haunted

I know I am haunted… I need help. I don’t know what to do. And now I’m seeing black orbs

I live in a home I know is haunted. When I replaced the door handles when I first moved here. I stopped on my bedroom only did the inside handle. Well I lay down to take a nap and I wake up the crystal door handle was shaking. The second time I actually seen it move. Half asleep I figure I will catch whoever is messing with me. It shakes again. I see it I jump up run to the door as to scare one of my kids messing with me. I pull on the door handle and it comes off. I look at it then I remember the kids are in school and I need to finish. Well then I realize the only door handle was on the inside. So from week 1 I knew we was haunted.

I feel their presence when I watch tv and I look and they are not there. I definitely seen a black orb with my wife slowly float into My room…Then dive to the floor at my feet. Now I’m worried. I seen ghosts and had experiences as a child, but I am always skeptical on what I see. I’m worried this is a game changer for me if the presence is maligned.

I lived on this same street as a child in another house and have had many experiences in this area in general. But that orb filled me with dread. I wanted to get off my bed and run. What do I do?

Asked by Jason

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Black Stringy Orb

I was sitting in my daughters hospital room awaiting her return from surgery and I dozed off in the chair when suddenly I awoke and this stringy swirling black orb quickly moved away from me.

I sat there transfixed on the orb watching it, the orb slowed down but continued to move away from me. Then the strings seemed to go into themselves until it finally vanished.

Any idea of what I witnessed?

Asked by Jimmy

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Seeing A Black Orb

Strange things have been happening in my house lately. I feel like I’m being watched all the time, things falling and breaking, noises, I was trying to shut my door but it something wasn’t letting me from the inside of my bedroom and I stepped back and it suddenly shut by itself.

I was in my office one day cleaning up and my fiance was in the room as well playing video games and I seen something black in the corner of my eye and I looked and I seen a black circle (which im thinking its a orb) rapidly going to my hangers and made them move,and after that it suddenly disappeared I thought my fiance threw something but he said no and he seen that too.

I have spoken to my mother in law and she said she knows what im talking about and that it has been following her everywhere she goes. She believes that she has been cursed by one of her family members.

I am a high believer in ghosts and the paranormal and its been getting me very disturbed and making me and my husband to be argue a lot and the mood in the household isnt great over this situation.

Im just looking for some answers to put my mind to ease or at least to be aware of what im dealing with? Please get back with as soon as possible.

Thank you

Asked by Lisa

Ghosts And The Spirit World

Why Have I Had Such Consistent Hauntings?

I have lived in four houses in my life, and in three of the four I have experienced some sort of strongly defined paranormal activity.

It began when I was around seven or eight and has continued up to this point (I am now a college student). It has varied wildly, from orb-like moving apparitions that continued for months when I was a child, to my most recent encounters with phantom smells and audio phenomena that have no visuals to them whatsoever.

Some of this phenomena has also been witnessed or experienced by other friends/family within the multiple locations, though a lot of it has only been seen by me.

Is there some logical reason behind why I’ve had such consistent, varied phenomena in my life?

Asked by Elise

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Strange Lights In My Rental

I have been seeing these strange lights in the trailer I have been renting. They are usually blue or white in color, though my roommate and I have seen them in orange or red on occasion.

I would describe them as orbs of it were not for the tail of light that fallows them and they can be seen with the naked eye.

My question is what are they and do they mean anything? They are only seen in two rooms in my home and they usually flee frantically and disappear into nothing when we walk in the room or see them.

Are they ghosts, angels, demons?

Asked by Jessica


My 5 Year Old Sees Shadow People

I work third shift, and when I walked in our house the other night, my husband and five year old were laying on the couch. I asked my husband why, and he said my child woke up screaming bloody murder saying a guy with crazy hair and beard was trying to hold his hand. Let’s just say this creeped me out.

After he woke up I asked him about it, and he said and I quote “there’s something wrong with our house, there’s shadow people everywhere.”  He’s never even heard the term of shadow people, and I didn’t even know it was a thing until I googled it.

Fast forward to this afternoon, I was talking to my mom and she was asking me about it. I told her about the one time I had sleep paralysis. I had just had my first child, who is now 10, and I was laying on the couch when something woke me up, and all I felt was fear, while the couch was shaking uncontrollably and I couldn’t move at all. I had no idea about sleep paralysis at the time, my husband explained it to me after I told him what happened.

Anyways, after I told my mom about that episode, and she said I may have a spirit or something following me. Well when she said that, I remembered this picture my sister in law had taken of me two years ago that she swore had orbs on it, which again, I had no idea what those were.

I’ve never felt intimidated or anything weird like that, but I have seen shadows out of the corners of my eye, and I do have crazy dreams from time to time.

I’m just wondering what could possibly be going on? Am I just hallucinating thinking this could all go together?

Asked by Michelle

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Is Something Following Me?

My family has recently just moved into a very old house. (over 100 years old) I have noticed a ball of light around me. The orb is small and yellow-ish. I can never look straight at it, but it will float around me. I won’t see it all the time, but it will follow me. I will see it in my bedroom, when I’m on the school bus, when I’m out shopping, etc. I also see the orb when it’s dark (Like when I’m laying in my bed at night). I’ve never seen these orbs before I moved here and I am wondering what it could be.

I also have been seeing shadows in my room (only in my room which is located in the basement). I’ve seen them on my ceilings, in my mirror, and also just standing behind me. I’ve read about shadow people, and I think that is what they are. They are just plain black figures-without eyes. They don’t do anything, they just are creepy. I haven’t seen them anywhere but my room, and they don’t seem to follow me. Is there any reason why I’ve only seen them in one place?

Asked by Ami

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What Does A Green Orb Mean?

Any Idea what a green orb means? Picture was taken outside around Sunset, sun was still up, clear sky, temp 80’s, green orb floating beside my Grandson about 5′ away from him, it was a solid Orb bright green, could not see through it.

Thank You

Asked by Laura

Ghosts And The Spirit World

Orbs in Videos – Is It My Grandmother?

Before I ask my question I need to tell you some background on this story. My Grandmother Ann died 3 years ago. My Grandfather still lives and sleeps in the same bed that she passed in. I see and feel strange things in the home all the time.

This past Thanksgiving 2014 I was taking video with my cell phone of my nephew (1 year old) during these videos there are very distinct orbs that go through and around my nephew. My Grandmother never had the chance to meet my nephew.

During out visit Elijah (my 1 year old nephew) smiles, waves and speaks to parts of the room where there is nobody near. I just know my grandmother is communicating with Elijah.

My real question is, is there a forum or site I can send a couple videos of these orbs. I would really like a professional opinion. It is strangely comforting, knowing that my Grandmother is around. Especially since she never got to meet Elijah.

Asked by Ashlea

Ghosts And The Spirit World

Orbs And Spirits – I Need To Know What Is Happening

When I was around 3 years old, I have always had contact with ghosts and spirits. Now I’m in my late teens and I still see shadows and even see things move, but I guess I’m kinda used to it.

A while back, my friend and I were just messing around and recording ourselves around my room. When we played back the footage we saw this huge white orb fly up across my room behind me. For the first time in a while I was slightly freaked out. I’ve done my research and nothing has happened since.

Lately, I have been seeing these shadow figures. Some even appear to be like animals. One time my mom was driving me home when I saw this thing race across the street. I screamed because I thought she hit someone but no one was there. I’m not sure what to do. And I’m very cautious to spirits because I know they could be good or bad.

Just need to know what’s happening here because it’s messing with my head haha. Thanks to anyone who has answers.

Asked by Anna