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I Heard a Group of Children Laughing at Night

I’ve heard a lot of weird noises at night. I’ve heard stereotypical horror movie suspense music play very clearly when I’m the only person awake in the house. I’ve heard weird, sharp gusts of wind that sound awfully similar to a young girl gasping for air. They’ve all made me pause and pay acute attention, but I was never scared by them.

But, earlier, I heard the creepiest noise. For exposition, I’m the only person awake at my house, and it’s about 2:30am. I live in a semi-new neighborhood, and all the kids here are young to the point that no sane parent would let them wander around. My room is in the back corner of the house, so my back windows face a woodsy type area. Not dense at all.

I was writing, and I heard what sounded like a large group of children, dozens it sounded, laughing maniacally around my house. It got loud super quick, and it kept going for a good ten seconds, before getting quiet and disappearing. I was chilled to the bone. I thought that it might’ve been birds or some weird animal call, but it sounded like they were coming close enough to pound on my windows and walls. Is this paranormal? Is it a hallucination? Or are there animals with calls that sound like a group of children guffawing terrifyingly and running towards your home?

If it helps, I earlier watched some true crime and supernatural shows, and I don’t doubt that I’m just scared and skeptical from those. But I’ve never heard a sound like that before, and I genuinely wanted to cry.

Asked by K. Lopez

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Something Haunting My Child?

Since moving into our new house my little girl who is 3 has been waking up in the middle of the night screaming. After waking up screaming as usual, she said she was scared of the bunny in her room. She said he keeps popping up and asked her to go away with him. I’ve never heard her say anything like this before but she kept telling me every night from that point about this bunny. She even pointed to a very specific place in her room where she saw him.

A few nights ago she was sleeping in her room which is across from the living where I was sitting. I heard something moving quite loud in her room. I got up to check it out and begore I could get to her room she woke up screaming again. She slept with me that night and I continued to hear noises coming from her room.

Has anyone else’s child talked about a scary bunny? I’m really scared for her.

Asked by Allie

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Is My Granddaughter Talking To Ghosts?

My family moved into a circa 1960’s house (there had only ever been one other family in this home since it was built) about 2 years ago.

In the last three months we have heard loud knocking on our front inside wooden door, screen door never opens, between 12 am and 4am.

Our dog barks but no one is ever there.

Within the last two months my the year old granddaughter that lives with us has been talking about ghosts and when lying on bed with her one night she moved close to me and turned away from me and I heard her whisper “it’s ok you can lay here ” and patted the empty spot beside her.

She has also been whispering a lot to someone, unsure at this point of she had an imaginary friend as she won’t discuss it (she is very advanced for her age).

Please any insight would be greatly appreciated! I have always been a skeptic but this has my mind uneasy.

Thank you

Asked by Stephanie

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My 3 Year Old Cries For Dead Grandpa She’s Never Met

My 3 year old talks and plays with her deceased grandpa she’s never met. She cried for him the other day. I mean real tears and all.

What do I do or say or what questions do I ask a 3 year old? Advice please.

Asked by Jessica

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Orbs And Spirits – I Need To Know What Is Happening

When I was around 3 years old, I have always had contact with ghosts and spirits. Now I’m in my late teens and I still see shadows and even see things move, but I guess I’m kinda used to it.

A while back, my friend and I were just messing around and recording ourselves around my room. When we played back the footage we saw this huge white orb fly up across my room behind me. For the first time in a while I was slightly freaked out. I’ve done my research and nothing has happened since.

Lately, I have been seeing these shadow figures. Some even appear to be like animals. One time my mom was driving me home when I saw this thing race across the street. I screamed because I thought she hit someone but no one was there. I’m not sure what to do. And I’m very cautious to spirits because I know they could be good or bad.

Just need to know what’s happening here because it’s messing with my head haha. Thanks to anyone who has answers.

Asked by Anna

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My Son Is Freaked Out To Be In Our Home

I have a question hoping someone may have some insight… My son who’s 9 is freaked out to be inside our home alone or even with us. Since he was young he has said he talks and plays with people mostly a little girl and a scary man in the closet. We use to think it was just him being a kid (it started when he was 2 or 3) recently he was in his and his brothers room on the top bunk and came out freaking out because their game controler flew off their dresser into the middle of their floor.

Also, he says he is seeing shadows and hears things. I want him to feel safe just not sure how. Any advice?

Asked by Cami