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Footsteps Voices And A Shadow Man

When I was in kindergarten age I was always afraid of going out in the hallways of my house at night because I could hear footsteps down the hallway near my door. Now before you start saying anything here’s some information:

1. My dad goes to work at night

2. My mom takes medicine to sleep and I know what my mothers footsteps would sound like

3. Sometimes my door would slightly open

Now that that’s cleared up let’s continue. One night I could hear the footsteps coming from my basement and going down the hall to my room. Once they stopped my door opened enough that I could just walk through and I saw a man standing there. He looked like a shadow but he was hard to see because he blended in so well I don’t know how I saw him. Then I saw him walk back down the hallway and I don’t know what made me do this but I followed him. I followed him to the basement door but that’s as far as I went because my biggest fear was my basement, it gave me this feeling of disturbance when ever I was down there and tended not to go there. So after a minute of standing there I just hurried back to my room and went to bed. What does this mean?

A couple of years later I was in this basement and fell into this sort of trance while hearing to voices, one was a boy and one was a girl. I think I was able to say something and have them respond but I wondered if maybe they had something to do with the man?

Even now I still get the feeling that something’s behind me when I’m done there and I one time I heard a sigh come from under my bed and someone breathe on me. What does this mean?

Asked by Kittenmit

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Well something is going on in your house, I can tell you that much. Depending on how old your house is, it might have had a past if its old. If its new, then I don’t really know. Basements are terrifying to me as well so good job for not going down there at night. You might want to try going down there during the day and see if you get any answers. Or if the man shows up at your room again then ask him something and he might answer and might not. I don’t want to give you useless advice but this is the best I got. Just try talking to them and if they ignore you, it might be a residual haunting meaning that they are “reliving their past life”. Like they may just be in a routine and it stuck with them to the death. Best of luck, Kittenmit!

The man might be a ghost. You can ask Archangel Michael to ‘FIND’ the shadowy man you saw and ‘TAKE’ it into healing. There is also the Michael Invocation and White Light Shields that are listed on the Pages section at the bottom of this webpage. Do the shields and invocations and see how you feel afterward about the basement.

There is a park near me and almost all my life, the back end of the park felt creepy and weird. I didn’t like going that far in the park. It wasn’t until I used the Michael Invocations that the park completely felt nice to be in. The creepy feeling went away. Hopefully you will get the same result with your basement.

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