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Why Do I Have a Bruise After Lucid Dreaming?

i am not an expert when it comes to lucid dreaming, I have been able to catch myself dreaming and interact with my environment such as changing colors on the wall or continue to fly in the air when I feel like I’m falling. I can tell myself no this is my dream and I want to fly and will get back into the air.

I have had re-occurring dreams and have been able to change the dream around based on what I remember from last time. Recently, I was able to go back into a dream- I remember an empty bedroom and a blue light from the TV illuminating the room a little. I heard a voice yell HEY and I woke up scared. I told myself to go back and I DID- this time I tried not to move and just opened my eyes in the dream to look around. Then I felt a phone drop next to me and go off with lights and sounds and again I woke up. The third time I went back in and this time I heard the voice behind me say. “are you kidding me?” and I realized I was late for work. I have heard voices and seen shadows of people but never interacted. I just took on a watchful approach and left when I was scared.

One night – I remember a buzzing in the air getting louder and faster and then almost like an pulse I found myself dreaming and heard a women say “He’s in! I can hear him now!” Not being used to interacting with energies or spirits I was scared and woke up. This time I wanted to interact a little more and was able to catch myself dreaming again, except this time it was different. I couldn’t remember what my room looked like! I kept waking up in the dark in my old bedroom as a child when I would have nightmares a lot! I kept trying to bring myself back to my room but I couldn’t so I tried to wake up and was hit with sleep paralysis going in and out of my room and my old room if that makes sense?

I was finally able to pull free, I took a deep breath-envisioned a bright light around me and went back in. This time there were more shadowy figures ( I dont know if I cant see their face because I don’t want to or not ready for it yet?) They started talking to me and approaching me. I again became scared and tried to wake up but sleep paralysis made it difficult a second time. I was going in and out and could see snaps of shadows getting closer and one managed to grab me. I yelled and tried to pull as much as I could but couldn’t break free so I relaxed a bit to think and the next think I remember was feeling this hot powerful pulse build up inside me and I looked up at everyone and yelled LEAVE ME ALONE! They all disappeared and I woke up in my own bed.

I looked for things that belonged in my current room to assure myself like the carpet, the dresser, the tv etc. Long story short I now have a bruise where I was grabbed on my arm. It doesn’t resemble a hand more like a blotch of spots, that is tender to the touch.

I also want to say I don’t bruise easily which is why I am concerned. I have gotten hurt many times but never had the appearance of a bruise. What do you think this could be related to or am I attributing something to that place? I don’t remember running into anything and my partner mentioned I was tossing and turning more than usual but nothing out of the ordinary? Any guidance would be appreciated.

Asked by Miguel

Sleep Paralysis

3 Loud Knocks Now Sleep Paralysis

About 3 years ago I had just fallen asleep when I heard 3 very loud bangs at my bedroom widow. The knocks were so hard that they rattled my window. At the time I had a very yappy Chihuahua that would go crazy barking whenever there were knocks on the door. My Chihuahua was asleep on the bed at my feet. She didnt seem to hear the loud knocks so I thought maybe it was a dream. I stood up and looked out my window just in case it was someone had some sort of emergency and needed me. There was no one. I decided to check the front door in case the person knocked on the window to wake me walked to the front door to be let in. When I opened my bedroom door my 21 year old daughter opened her bedroom door and asked what was that loud banging? This is when I became a little fearful because I keept thinking why did the Chihuahua not jump up and start barking? There was no one at the front door. No one died in our family and we never heard it again.

Fast forward 3 years later I am newly married 1 year and now I am expecting a new baby so having a big belly I mostly sleep on my back.  One night I was sleeping and suddenly became aware of my husband getting out of bed and walking past me out of the bedroom (my eyes are partially open and my head is turned to my right and I sleep very close to the right edge of the bed) as soon as he walks out the door that is on the right side of the bed I see a man/beast come up from beside my side of the bed. I cant move or open my eyes any wider.  This creature kisses me, puts its tongue in my mouth and I can taste its awful breath, I can feel his tongue starts to fall apart and dissolve in my mouth, at the same time he is sucking my breath out of my lungs. I feel like I’m suffocating then I can see him move his right hand and feel him cup my pubic area and I feel and orgasm happen. (Sorry for so much detail) at that exact same moment my husband walks back into the room and the man/beast is gone. I take a huge breath in relieved that I can breath again. I was so freaked out. I just turned to my left and pretend to still be asleep while my husband settles back into his side of the bed and all the while just laying there thinking what the hell just happened?

Asked by Florence


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Possibly Sleep Paralysis Or Paranormal Experience

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Knocking And Whispers

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Paranormal Activity Possibilities

Hi, so in the middle of the night my cat runs up and down the halls and then automatically stops then does it again continuously. This happens about twice a month.

Also, out of no where when I’m home alone and my cat is put away or else where away from my room, my dog starts barking towards the bedroom door and when I get up to see what it is he stops.

And when I’m laying in bed towards the wall and I’m trying to go to sleep I see a dark figure watching me from the other side of the room(which isn’t very far) and when I look towards it, it goes away, then when I look back at the wall I see it again but closer, and closer, and closer.

Then also when I’m home alone and  I’m studying or something I hear a bang on a wall then it stops for about five minutes then goes again. And when I’m looking paranormal stuff up my computer freezes out of no where for about 40-50 seconds and then it lets me do my search. (I think that might be some sort of warning). And I hear my name being called when no one is around, or I’m at school and I’m walking to class, or I’m in the bathroom. Its kind of like a whisper but also I could hear it very clearly.

Also at school there is this specific bathroom I don’t like going into because there is history that a girl hung herself in one of the stalls. I never go in that specific stall but when I’m in the bathroom alone I hear footsteps or a loud thud or water running. And when I’m at home and its the middle of the night I hear footsteps running down the hallway and stops in front of my room. Then all of a sudden I get the chills and I feel my blanket is moving but its not. Is this all of my imagination? Or am I really being haunted by some sort of spirit.

I am 13 years old and I did research that demons like to attach to younger kids but it wasn’t specific of age. Am I being attached? Will they soon show themselves to me? My mom is a believer of the Greek gods and goddess, and Greek mythology. Could they be watching over me?

Oh and also, the spirit watching me sleep was human figured, black, short and fat. There were two of them I think. The other one looked tall, black skinny and they both gave me the chills. My dog didn’t react to this and neither did my cat and they were both in the room with me. And all of a sudden I’m missing my spirit journal that my mom gave me when I told her when this all started happening. I just heard Three knock on the opposite side of my wall just now. Happened two times now today. 3/11/17. And just happened again but faster. And I hung dried some of my clothes by my window and the window was closed and the A/C and heater was off and one of the shirts started moving, Slow at first then started to get faster and faster.

And a couple weeks ago I had a nightmare where Me, My friend, and my boyfriend were in this underground cellar and there were no doors and my boyfriend was wrapped in chains. When I tried to help him my hands melted, when my friend tried to help she had a metal mask on her face that crushed her face inward. Then after she tried to take it off and couldn’t there was a sinister laugh and then # knock like just now. Then I woke up like I was lifted off of my bed and thrown down and I was screaming their names and I was sweating but cold, and I checked my hands. I lied back down after that and saw the two figures but in the corner of my room where my curtains are and I heard the laugh from the dream and then 3 really loud knocks and my curtains were moving like crazy. (no A/C and no heater).

And yes we used sage allover the house when we first moved into the house and when me and my mom were gone on vacation we had two roommates (not like the dark shadowed figures) and they had gotten into a fight. There seems to be a lot of negative energy around the house. Do you think we need to re-sage? Or am I just going out of my mind. sorry for the long stories and paragraphs.

I have a lot going on, and I’m concerned if this will progress into something worse or its a Residual haunting, a Interactive or Intelligent Haunting, Poltergeist Haunting, Demonic Activity, Shadow Haunting or Shadow People, or a Doppelganger Haunting. Yes I did research and it seems to me to be either a Interactive or Intelligent, A Poltergeist, Demonic, or a Shadow Haunting. Please help me with this kind of stuff. It’s really creeping me out. And yes sometimes I wake up with scratches, or bruises, but I am very clumsy and could have happened before I went to sleep.

Asked by Christine

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I have had paranormal experiences since I was 2 years old. I have seen ghosts, spoken to lost souls in my dreams (always in areas of “travel;”, motels, hotels, etc) and sometimes I have known about natural disasters before turning on the news, from these guests.

I have successfully heard a vocal communication only once, when my Grandmother was going to pass and her mother fought through my consciousness to tell me that she would wait for her and she would be okay. I have had experiences with negative spirits as well, and prayer always helps.

Sometimes I even receive help from the spirits, they wake me up and tell me I’m late, etc. They play jokes on me, pull my sheets, flick me, sometimes slap me to wake me up. It has always been such a big part of me that I have gotten used to it but unfortunately never successfully mastered it. Things have been so quiet lately that I was afraid I ‘lost’ my ability due to lack of use. But all the time now I wake to loud knocks on the door.

My fiancee cannot hear them and usually I just go back to sleep. But last night I heard it thunderously loud, and when I jolted upright at 3:45 am I had a terrible feeling I could not shake and was unable to fall back asleep. I put my crucifix on and said my prayers, enveloping myself in white light, as I have learned to do, and still felt uneasy. Is it something to be worried about?

Do you think someone is stuck or lost and trying to get my help?

I don’t know if I should burn sage or ask for a blessing of my house. What are your thoughts?


Dreams and Sleep

Visions And Vivid Dreams

Very frequently and randomly I get quick very detailed mental images? What are they?

I also have weird vivid dreams. Most are lucid. But thats not the weird part, the weird part are the messages I receive in these dreams and my feelings and thoughts at the time im in these lucid dreams. My most recent one was just last night, I was at my mums house and she was outside on the veranda while I was inside, then in the instant I entered the dream my mum started shouting out that the birds were being crazy, I instantly felt uneazy and frightened so I ran outside to see what she was talking about, I looked up to the sky and seen a sky full of birds flying in a huge oval shape across the sky, my mum then started to say that something dangerous was going to happen, right after she said that, right behind the birds, I seen the sun dropping out of the sky behind the clouds, I ran inside and told everyone to get in the car while I grabbed the keys and it instantly began to get very dark, but I awoke. Does this means anything?

I also had a crazy surreal lucid dream where I had a reoccurring voice in my head that repeatedly told me to ask questions as soon as I entered the dream. Long story short, my nan (in my dream) had told me that lucifer was coming later in that exact dream I was visited by a man in a black cape he had orange hair and a few missing teeth, I asked him for help and he told me I had to find it myself and that I was here for something.

Asked by anonymous

Ghosts And The Spirit World

How To Get Rid Of A Spirit Attached To My Son?

My teenage son has had a presence which he says is pure rage, and hatred in all of his dreams since he was little. He mentioned it last year but became afraid even talking about it and we stopped.

At the time I thought it was aspects of his life coming out in his dreams as anger is not abnormal in teenage boys. But a few nights ago he spoke about it again and explained further. He’s had this thing in his dreams since he can remember. It started out a faceless shadow but it started to look like him.

He said he had an “imaginary friend” which scared him when he was about 5 and that it told him that if he promised to let it stay with him it would be nice to him and protect him. It made him say things to seal the deal as such. I can remember him talking about the bogeyman when he was little.

He became really afraid while telling me this because he wasn’t supposed to tell and feels it is always with him in his sleep. This all worried me but especially when he said he feels its becoming stronger than him.

The night he told me this, things started to move and bang in his room. I don’t know who to ask for help because he’s very afraid to make it angry.

Asked by Jul

Dreams and Sleep

Vision and Dreams What Are They All About?

I have always had visions and dreams, Whitney Houston came to me the night she died, and I would like to know why. In the dream people were looking for her but could not see her but I could she was standing there looking like a doll, I could see her but the people that were looking for her could not see her. My husband woke me up and said she had just died.

When I was about 20 years old my best friend was going out of town, for some reason I told them not to go. I was very persistent in telling him not to go. At the time I did‘t know why I as telling him not to go. But he went anyway and when he arrived he got robbed and he was shot in the head and died that night.

What is this all about please help me?

Asked by lovess12

Dreams and Sleep

Unexplainable Nightmares

Tonight I’m just chilling at home..downloaded a good movie but I still haven’t looked at it since my attention is totally drawn to this interesting website..After reading a few stories I’m not hesitating to share mine and I’m hoping I’ll find an answer to it.

I’ve always been a girl who dreams a lot at night, I can even still remember some weird dreams from the past, and somewhere I read it was unusual to remember a dream for a too long. My dreams are amazingly realistic and usually follow a whole scenario, with my friends, family and myself involved in it.

Those dreams are definitely not nice, or at least don’t give me a good feeling. I try not to pay too much attention and believe that dreams are based on daily life impressions but there is this nightmare which scares me to death, especially the fact that it’s repetitive. It’s a challenge to describe it in English but even in my native language too. I think it occurs when I’m already sleeping deeply, so it’s not one of those short dreams people have when they’re falling asleep.. it comes later in my sleep. It’s like a dream in a dream-suddenly I can’t breath and in my dream I’m sure this is really happening (so for a minute I don’t realize it’s a dream) but at the same time it’s like I’m watching myself from above the bed, and I feel physical pain, something inexplicably scary goes all over my body-legs, stomach, breasts.. then I dream that I’m trying to wake up from it, trying real hard and then I (really) wake up all in cold sweat and strong heart beat. (so in my dream I’m putting efforts to escape the pain by waking up).

It’s so bad that I’m even scared to fall asleep again. But if this nightmare occurs it’s only once a night, not more (thank God!) I got it very, very often. And this is eating me.. cause at some point I’m thinking – when you dream you see images, you don’t really feel anything physically, am I right?

So in brief, in my nightmare I’m observing myself sleeping from above, then the pain comes (it actually resembles to the feeling you get underwater when you don’t have any air left) And I’m screaming to myself “It’s just a nightmare!!” and then for my surprise I REALLY wake up stressed out, sweaty. It is a dream in a dream? And it’s exactly the same every time.

I never had it before in my childhood or teenage years.. I’ve been like this for the last couple of months. I’m a joyful, young girl (22), absolutely love life and enjoy every day of it. But 2011 wasn’t very good to me.. My boyfriend who I really loved left me, my parents divorced, I failed in university, and had to quit.. All those things crushed me, and I dedicated myself to partying harder than ever, drinking more etc., trying to forget.. Frankly my life is now a mess. So anyone.. help?

What could my nightmares be, do you think they mean anything? Do you think there’s a reason for them? I know this site is for paranormal stories but to me my nightmare is extraordinary, and believe me if you’d been through this, you’d agree with me. Well,I guess I wrote a whole novel over here. Thank you in advance for your reply!

Greetings, G.

Asked by Gabriela