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I Heard a Group of Children Laughing at Night

I’ve heard a lot of weird noises at night. I’ve heard stereotypical horror movie suspense music play very clearly when I’m the only person awake in the house. I’ve heard weird, sharp gusts of wind that sound awfully similar to a young girl gasping for air. They’ve all made me pause and pay acute attention, but I was never scared by them.

But, earlier, I heard the creepiest noise. For exposition, I’m the only person awake at my house, and it’s about 2:30am. I live in a semi-new neighborhood, and all the kids here are young to the point that no sane parent would let them wander around. My room is in the back corner of the house, so my back windows face a woodsy type area. Not dense at all.

I was writing, and I heard what sounded like a large group of children, dozens it sounded, laughing maniacally around my house. It got loud super quick, and it kept going for a good ten seconds, before getting quiet and disappearing. I was chilled to the bone. I thought that it might’ve been birds or some weird animal call, but it sounded like they were coming close enough to pound on my windows and walls. Is this paranormal? Is it a hallucination? Or are there animals with calls that sound like a group of children guffawing terrifyingly and running towards your home?

If it helps, I earlier watched some true crime and supernatural shows, and I don’t doubt that I’m just scared and skeptical from those. But I’ve never heard a sound like that before, and I genuinely wanted to cry.

Asked by K. Lopez