Am I Being Haunted?

Hi, I’m 15 years old and ever since I was little, I have been able to see these… shadow figures? My family and I call them The Shadow People, but I’m not the only one in my family who sees them.

When my mother was little, she also saw these shadows and same with my aunt, big brother and my grandmother. Is my family and I haunted?

A lot of other weird things happen to me, like yesterday morning, I had a hand print of my right thigh. It wasn’t a full hand just fingertips, and it looked like it was sliding down a little. And when I was little, I used to wake up screaming and crying but wouldn’t wake up.

I also experienced sleep paralysis a few times, and when I looked over at my wall, I would see a shadow figure holding me down, but when I looked back, there was nothing above me, only on my wall.

I’ve woken up with scratches and cuts and bruises.

Am I dealing with ghosts? Demons?

Please help, I’ve been trying to figure this out for years.

Asked by L

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I Heard a Group of Children Laughing at Night

I’ve heard a lot of weird noises at night. I’ve heard stereotypical horror movie suspense music play very clearly when I’m the only person awake in the house. I’ve heard weird, sharp gusts of wind that sound awfully similar to a young girl gasping for air. They’ve all made me pause and pay acute attention, but I was never scared by them.

But, earlier, I heard the creepiest noise. For exposition, I’m the only person awake at my house, and it’s about 2:30am. I live in a semi-new neighborhood, and all the kids here are young to the point that no sane parent would let them wander around. My room is in the back corner of the house, so my back windows face a woodsy type area. Not dense at all.

I was writing, and I heard what sounded like a large group of children, dozens it sounded, laughing maniacally around my house. It got loud super quick, and it kept going for a good ten seconds, before getting quiet and disappearing. I was chilled to the bone. I thought that it might’ve been birds or some weird animal call, but it sounded like they were coming close enough to pound on my windows and walls. Is this paranormal? Is it a hallucination? Or are there animals with calls that sound like a group of children guffawing terrifyingly and running towards your home?

If it helps, I earlier watched some true crime and supernatural shows, and I don’t doubt that I’m just scared and skeptical from those. But I’ve never heard a sound like that before, and I genuinely wanted to cry.

Asked by K. Lopez

Dreams and Sleep Sleep Paralysis

Why Do I Have a Bruise After Lucid Dreaming?

i am not an expert when it comes to lucid dreaming, I have been able to catch myself dreaming and interact with my environment such as changing colors on the wall or continue to fly in the air when I feel like I’m falling. I can tell myself no this is my dream and I want to fly and will get back into the air.

I have had re-occurring dreams and have been able to change the dream around based on what I remember from last time. Recently, I was able to go back into a dream- I remember an empty bedroom and a blue light from the TV illuminating the room a little. I heard a voice yell HEY and I woke up scared. I told myself to go back and I DID- this time I tried not to move and just opened my eyes in the dream to look around. Then I felt a phone drop next to me and go off with lights and sounds and again I woke up. The third time I went back in and this time I heard the voice behind me say. “are you kidding me?” and I realized I was late for work. I have heard voices and seen shadows of people but never interacted. I just took on a watchful approach and left when I was scared.

One night – I remember a buzzing in the air getting louder and faster and then almost like an pulse I found myself dreaming and heard a women say “He’s in! I can hear him now!” Not being used to interacting with energies or spirits I was scared and woke up. This time I wanted to interact a little more and was able to catch myself dreaming again, except this time it was different. I couldn’t remember what my room looked like! I kept waking up in the dark in my old bedroom as a child when I would have nightmares a lot! I kept trying to bring myself back to my room but I couldn’t so I tried to wake up and was hit with sleep paralysis going in and out of my room and my old room if that makes sense?

I was finally able to pull free, I took a deep breath-envisioned a bright light around me and went back in. This time there were more shadowy figures ( I dont know if I cant see their face because I don’t want to or not ready for it yet?) They started talking to me and approaching me. I again became scared and tried to wake up but sleep paralysis made it difficult a second time. I was going in and out and could see snaps of shadows getting closer and one managed to grab me. I yelled and tried to pull as much as I could but couldn’t break free so I relaxed a bit to think and the next think I remember was feeling this hot powerful pulse build up inside me and I looked up at everyone and yelled LEAVE ME ALONE! They all disappeared and I woke up in my own bed.

I looked for things that belonged in my current room to assure myself like the carpet, the dresser, the tv etc. Long story short I now have a bruise where I was grabbed on my arm. It doesn’t resemble a hand more like a blotch of spots, that is tender to the touch.

I also want to say I don’t bruise easily which is why I am concerned. I have gotten hurt many times but never had the appearance of a bruise. What do you think this could be related to or am I attributing something to that place? I don’t remember running into anything and my partner mentioned I was tossing and turning more than usual but nothing out of the ordinary? Any guidance would be appreciated.

Asked by Miguel

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Something Keeps Tugging My Shirt

I have had this going on for about a month now or so. Something is constantly pulling my shirt always behind my right shoulder.

Just recently it seems to be starting to play with my hair and also things on my lap. I have actually seen my shirt moving back from the corner of my eye a few times.

Not sure what is going on but I don’t feel like I’m in danger I’m just very very tired and I can sleep for very long periods of time. I get up for a few hours and I’m wanting to go back to sleep.

I don’t think anyone has died recently around me. I’m going through some bad times in my life right now could it be something trying to help me? What do I do about it? Thank you for time

Asked by Nicole

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Finding Shards of Glass in My Bed

For the last few weeks I’ve been finding pieces of clear glass in my bed. This even happens if I’ve just changed the bedding.

The pieces just seem to appear from nowhere.

What is the meaning of this type of thing happening?

Asked by Claire J.

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I Noticed a Hand Print On My Husband’s Back

Hello my name is Dionna. One morning I was talking to my husband and noticed he had a perfect print of a hand on his back. He didn’t notice anything off and was not in pain. So we was wondering what it may be?

He thought it may have been is mother. Because it was small like her hand. She has past but he did say that he had a dream about his grandmother the night before.

We just want some answers really.

Asked by Dionna

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Three Taps on My Body

I feel the sensation of three taps on my body this has happened twice. The first time I was about to go to sleep then I feel three taps on my left shoulder but sleep in a hammock and my cousin and brother was on the ground then the second time was today I got into bed and I feel three taps again but on the right side of my back and this time I was in the bed and my brother was sleeping on the hammock facing away from me I’m only 15 years old what does this mean?

Asked by Ezra

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Sound of Glass Shattering

Would there be an explanation for hearing the strong sound of glass shattering?

After walking through the house, everything was in perfect order. Nothing unusual.

Asked by Lulu

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Shattered Glass

Ghosts And The Spirit World

Did I Really Talk to My Dead Parents?

Hi, my name is Jeanette. Thank you for letting me post here as I am really in need of some advice on a paranormal matter.

I recently downloaded one of those free spiritbox apps on my phone in hopes of contacting the other side and maybe even my deceased parents…

So I took this video in my kids’room last week and I’m still completely shocked! I did not know what was on the audio until I reviewed it afterwards.

The audio is a bit distorted, but if I turn up the volume I swear I could hear answers and replies to my inquiries…so I went through the video and added captions at the bottom to display on the vid what I think I am hearing.

I was hoping that some more experienced ears than my own (i.e: all of you, lol) can help me gain some insight and perspective?

**Btw, please excuse the cleanliness of my kids’ room as some days I just cant keep up with 4 kids lol**


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Is it Possible to Sell Your Soul to the Devil?

Hello, I’m 11 years old and yesterday I was watching a video where a guy was teaching how to sell your soul to the devil. My mom told me to go to sleep and I got this weird dream.

I was sitting in the floor in my classroom and I have a classmate called Nicholas and I saw him with all the materials you need to sell your soul and I asked him “are you doing a ritual?” and he said yes I asked him “you are selling your soul?” and he said yes.

Is it really possible to sell your soul to the Devil? What did my dream mean?