Sightings And Voices

I hear very loud footsteps on the roof day and night, they follow me to my room then the whispering starts, more so I’m the restroom.

I see shadow people peeking over the fence corners and through the windows. One day there was one in my living room attached to my bedroom, I could clearly make him out he was wearing a. Cap.

My security cameras caught some scary stuff. Small people walking up the wall to look into my bedroom window. People’s faces looking out my bedroom window that we don’t know, some kind of animal comes out of the wall and stretches up ward to look into bedroom / restroom window, always seems like he is sprinkling something from a bag through the window.

What is going on here? This last workday I saw the shadows peeking in my back truck window coming home from work. Please explain to me what all this Means?

Asked by Ed

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how small are they? Approx 2 to 3.5 or 4 ft in hieght? I only ask because this sounds very familiar to my own experiences. Have you taken any photos out in your yard at dusk? if not take a couple and watch natures behavior each evening for a while. Example at dusk each night I go out at that time Deer will come into thw yard and near me and look at me (and more things) but I will stop there for now. I have gotten answers to my questions finally but for a time I was becoming bery worried.

Let me know if you can recall anything or if you begin to notice anything.
I have aome VERY clear photos and aome are upsetting to others.

If my suspicions are correct you are dealing with Elementals. The reasons can vary from the simplicity of location, to the person, to some other presence that makes it necessary for them to be there to bring back balance.

This can all of course be reasoned as nothing more than my own personal beliefs by others but I am only trying to offer you some possibilities to consider and not trying to push my ideas of truth upon anyone else.

Hi Ed,

I like Ioni’s answer. I think you are seeing nature spirits (elementals) too. They aren’t harmful, just curious, as are shadow people. They have a habit of borrowing things, which might be returned to you, if you ask nicely .. in unexpected places, like a hairbrush in the fridge, or in the middle of a newly made bed.

Keep a journal of your adventures, and don’t think yourself crazy. There are more beings on this planet than the average person realises, and some people, like you, are blessed with the ability to see them.

Love & Peace