Sightings And Voices

I hear very loud footsteps on the roof day and night, they follow me to my room then the whispering starts, more so I’m the restroom.

I see shadow people peeking over the fence corners and through the windows. One day there was one in my living room attached to my bedroom, I could clearly make him out he was wearing a. Cap.

My security cameras caught some scary stuff. Small people walking up the wall to look into my bedroom window. People’s faces looking out my bedroom window that we don’t know, some kind of animal comes out of the wall and stretches up ward to look into bedroom / restroom window, always seems like he is sprinkling something from a bag through the window.

What is going on here? This last workday I saw the shadows peeking in my back truck window coming home from work. Please explain to me what all this Means?

Asked by Ed

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Is My Dad Hearing My Deceased Mothers Voice?

My mother passed away and 4 months later my 22 year old daughter passed away after a life long illness. My Dad was married to my mom over 50 years and misses her terribly, he was extremely close with my beautiful daughter also, he helped me with her her whole life.

My parents moved into a house in 77 and the previous owner committed suicide (not in the home) but his young  children left writing on the garage walls asking why he did it etc…

NOW my dad who’s 84 and a Christian has seen my mom laying next to him in bed and lately he’s hearing talking at night but can’t make our what’s being said.

Is this anything to be concerned about or is it because he still misses them both very much and for the first time in his life he lives alone and his mind just playing tricks on him?

I’d appreciate your input, thank you.

Asked by Julie

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Knocking On Door And Hearing Voices

Just a few nights ago I heard a loud rapid knocking on my front door around 4am. My bedroom is on the second floor so I peaked out my window and didn’t see anyone. My parents bedroom is downstairs only a few feet away from the front door and didn’t hear a thing. I brushed it off and went to bed.

Few weeks later I heard 2 knocks on my bedroom door in the middle of the night…and not shortly after almost a week later and I hear 2 slow knocks on my bedroom again. I’m not afraid, and I didn’t think it’s the death knock or bad luck like the dream books say… But I’m not sure why I’m the only one hearing it and why it went from my front door downstairs to now my bedroom door upstairs.

My mom says it’s my grandpa visiting since we use to share my room when I was a kid and he was alive. She thinks because we are remodeling our entire house he just wants to visits to say he likes the remodel, it could be her just trying to make me feel safe, not sure why he would need to know since he is obviously always welcomed home. Kinda weird idk.

I’m scared because I often find myself waking up to someone talking to me while I’m sleeping… This happens a lot but not recently. The voices would sound like my parents but like I said we sleep on two different floors and my doors locked and closed.. As I wake the voices fade away. Sounds silly but the voice were having very deep and casual conversations with me.

Seems like when I start bringing these experiences up they stop for a while. Lived in this same house since I was 10 and honestly always had very interesting experiences in my room only.

Should I talk to a physchic/medium or a doctor? Or both?

Asked by Simon

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Hearing My Name

Yesterday I spent the day at my cousins house anyways I slept and when I woke at which was at 1 pm I went straight to the kitchen while I was going there I passed my cousins room and it was closed anyways while I walked straight passed it I HEARD HIM SAY “hi Clarissa ” loud and clear like if he was across me but I looked all over cause he couldn’t have seen me his door was closed and he was no where near the kitchen so I saw my brother and asked him if he said hi and he said no atomically I said ” HI (cousins name ) and when I said that my brother said he wasn’t ever here he went to the baseball game I was freaking out I wanted to cry cause I know I heard him say my name I know it was him honestly.

I just want answers on what this could mean, last year I kept waking up at 3 am and it stopped for a while but today at 3:33 I woke up and I knew something was up, please I’m in desperate help, I need to find out what this means my whole family thinks I’m going crazy they don’t believe me.

Asked by Clarissa

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I’m Hearing Strange Voices

I am a 14 year old girl, and I have been hearing voices in my head since I was 8.

It all started when I was in my bed, about to go to sleep. I would hear little whispers, as if 4 or more people were in a room next to me, whispering quietly. It began to scare me because I wasn’t able to stop them like I would my own thoughts. I told my parents and they simply said it was part of my imagination, and I was probably just hearing things because I was scared. Over the years, it didn’t change very much. I would hear them once or twice a week, but I got used to it after a while, since they never did anything to hurt me.

But when I was 13, that’s when things got worse. I began to understand the words they were saying. They were simple things like ‘hello there’ or ‘are you listening?’ at first, but then they began to get more violent and repetitive later on. I told my parents again, and they took me to a psychologist after my third time telling them. I still see the psychologist now, but I’m not on medication anymore since it didn’t work and nothing seems to be helping.

Just a few weeks ago, I walked to school in the morning. I began hearing voices in my head whispering loudly. They were saying ‘pray for me. pray for me please pray for me’ over and over again. Ever since then, I’ve been thinking it’s something paranormal. They’ve been getting a lot worse, especially at night. What should I do?

Asked by Sam

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The Voice That Is Calling My Name

Sometime when I walked on streets or studying in the classroom, I heard a voice that calling my name on my back. But when I turn back, nothing was there at all. And the voice starting to get stronger and stronger lately. I kinda freaked out so I don’t know what to do.

Can you help me? Can you give me some kind of ritual so I can find out where is the voice come from?

If you have it, I will be thankful. Oh and sorry for my bad English.

Asked by Trung


Possessed For Over A Year Please Help

It all began a little over a year ago when I was conducting Evp’s in my home and using a spirit box. I was getting class A evp’s and hearing things being said with my own ears. I was hearing some very disturbing things and became afraid and began trying to bless my house with blessed healing oils, I didn’t know what else to do. Then suddenly I was attacked, it felt like someone hitting me hard and a bunch of voices in my head suddenly and telling me “don’t bother, that’s not going to help” to what I was busy doing. I was scared to death and it began to control my thoughts.

Days later it became noticeable and my husband called 911 and I was admitted to a mental hospital.. I underwent voices and hallucinations and a voice telling me it was from my deceased loved one which led me to try and converse with it. It fooled me really badly.

A year later I am doing better, I have come to know and realize it is not my friend in my head but a demon. I stay close to God and Jesus now as I just wait this out, I can see things are getting better for me so I feel that it is hopefully leaving.

I am so tired of waiting for this jerking to leave me alone and get my sane life back. Is there something I can do? I’ve visited priests about this but they don’t believe me and end up telling me to pray, in which I do. Please help me in suggestions as to how to repel and be rid of this thing.

Also, we have since moved to a new house, you would think that would help but I’m worried about where this thing will go after it leaves me. I keep telling it that if it follows the devil than may it go to hell bit that just seems like wishful thinking only at this point, I’m so scared and tired of it please help. Thank you!

Asked by Kimberly

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I Keep Hearing A Man’s Voice, What Is This?

For the months that I have lived in my home, I keeping hearing a man’s voice, as if having a conversation. I never hear the other person, nor can I make out what exactly he is saying, but it just seems as though he’s talking to someone he knows.

I have searched the house several times when alone to be sure no radio’s, TV’s, computers or anything else is on that can be making the noise. I’ve asked the other residents of my home if they have heard it, but everyone said no.

I should mention I have also heard other small things: little bumps in the night, footsteps, and knocking at my bedroom door when no one is around, but I have always shrugged them off.

I don’t know what I am dealing with, nor am I afraid of it. I am unsure if I’m just being paranoid.

If anyone has information or tips, let me know.

– A sleepy person

Asked by Peanut

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Yellow Lights Calling Out My Name

When I was younger I saw yellow bright hollow lights calling out my name repeatedly any ideas what this being was?

When I was little around 6 years old  my cousins spent the night, I was sharing a bed with one of my cousins I slept facing the door to enter my room.

While I was awake at night the door cracked opened and there was hollow yellow circular lights calling out my name repeatedly, they were aligned constantly coming through the door. Everybody in my room was asleep. I just kept staring at them and I was so scared my heart kept racing because I never saw something like this before so I hid under my blanket until I fell back asleep. That’s just one of my experiences.

I’m 19 now and I still think about it occasionally. The lights were coming through my door and were medium in size hollow circular yellow lights just repeating my name over and over.

This is the first time I’m asking this to people online I never wanted to because I thought nobody would believe me I’m not crazy I just want answers.

Asked by Stefanie

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Footsteps Voices And A Shadow Man

When I was in kindergarten age I was always afraid of going out in the hallways of my house at night because I could hear footsteps down the hallway near my door. Now before you start saying anything here’s some information:

1. My dad goes to work at night

2. My mom takes medicine to sleep and I know what my mothers footsteps would sound like

3. Sometimes my door would slightly open

Now that that’s cleared up let’s continue. One night I could hear the footsteps coming from my basement and going down the hall to my room. Once they stopped my door opened enough that I could just walk through and I saw a man standing there. He looked like a shadow but he was hard to see because he blended in so well I don’t know how I saw him. Then I saw him walk back down the hallway and I don’t know what made me do this but I followed him. I followed him to the basement door but that’s as far as I went because my biggest fear was my basement, it gave me this feeling of disturbance when ever I was down there and tended not to go there. So after a minute of standing there I just hurried back to my room and went to bed. What does this mean?

A couple of years later I was in this basement and fell into this sort of trance while hearing to voices, one was a boy and one was a girl. I think I was able to say something and have them respond but I wondered if maybe they had something to do with the man?

Even now I still get the feeling that something’s behind me when I’m done there and I one time I heard a sigh come from under my bed and someone breathe on me. What does this mean?

Asked by Kittenmit