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Orbs And Spirits – I Need To Know What Is Happening

When I was around 3 years old, I have always had contact with ghosts and spirits. Now I’m in my late teens and I still see shadows and even see things move, but I guess I’m kinda used to it.

A while back, my friend and I were just messing around and recording ourselves around my room. When we played back the footage we saw this huge white orb fly up across my room behind me. For the first time in a while I was slightly freaked out. I’ve done my research and nothing has happened since.

Lately, I have been seeing these shadow figures. Some even appear to be like animals. One time my mom was driving me home when I saw this thing race across the street. I screamed because I thought she hit someone but no one was there. I’m not sure what to do. And I’m very cautious to spirits because I know they could be good or bad.

Just need to know what’s happening here because it’s messing with my head haha. Thanks to anyone who has answers.

Asked by Anna

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Hi Anna,

Huge white orbs .. can be created by all manner of things, some of them simply reflected light from various sources. Was it a dull colour, as most large orbs are, or did it have a thick edge and appear to have a bright light inside it?

As to seeing shadow people, my husband does that all the time. So do thousands of other people, they aren’t any problem. The ‘idiots’ that run across the road in front of a car, might well be a ghost that died that way. Ghosts relive their experiences, until we cross them over, so that they can let go of their lives and move on. Yes, is scary when we see them .. I used to drive taxies at night in a medium sized country town (in Australia) and there were one or two regular ‘runners’ on the streets on certain nights. I even picked up one lady (ghost) waiting at the taxi rank, and took her, and the living passenger, to his home. It became normal.

If you allow yourself to, seeing these beings will stop being frightening. You have to decide that its just a gift you have and let go of the ‘fear of the unknown’ that is often associated with it. By doing that you won’t jump so often when spooky stuff happens. It was probably ‘normal’ for you when you were three, so let it be again. It can also be fun. You can spook your friends with it, but not too much .. remember, ghosts were people too.

Love & Peace

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