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Hand Prints On Body A Message From Beyond?

My daughter woke up with a handprint on her abdomen, not hers and I am wondering whether this is a message from beyond?

Me, her mother, I have all symptoms of lung cancer and I am presently being tested for this. Is this a message that we should from beyond?

When she was young you saw shadow people. Does this mean that she is sensitive to paranormal activity? And is someone sending her a message from beyond about my possible cancer diagnosis?

Asked by Louise Granger

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Hello Louise,

How old is your daughter, and how big was the hand print?

It’s unlikely to be a message from your guides or angels, because they like to be far clearer and you are already being checked for a disease I really hope you don’t have! If the hand print had been on your chest, rather than her abdomen, I might consider that a message. Otherwise, how is her health?

Children often grow out of their stronger psychic gifts as they become more settled into their lives. So unless she is still seeing shadow people, or experiencing other spooky things, I wouldn’t worry about her continuing to be oversensitive to the unseen.

Love & Peace

My daughter is 23 and is a nurse .As far as we know her health is fine.The handprint was very clear and red with all five fingers .The hand was much bigger than hers.She lives with us and was sleeping alone.Since I have written you ,it has happened again.
When she was two and three years old she would wake up screaming and I thought she was awake until she stood in her crib ,grabbed the sides leaning into me and screamed into my face that she wanted to see her mom.I still don’t know what this was.I happened often.She would also talk non stop to someone.And I mean very animated ,hand gestures and all. The shadow people stopped when she was about 12 years old.She decided to confront it.She sat up in her bed and stared at it for a couple of minutes.She was so frightened that she peed in her bed.She still remembers that he had a hat and once he held something in his hand.
She still has feeling of being watched and followed but she’s use to it.
As far as my health ,I m still waiting for an exam to determine what’s up.
Thank you so much for your response

Hello Louise,

That screaming, your daughter was caught up in a past life memory.

She could have been talking to her angels. I did as a kid, much to my family’s dismay. So did my daughter actually, such a chatterbox of a kid. 🙂

I recommend you clear yourself, your family and your home with the Invocation, the link to which is at the bottom of the page. The Michael Invocation removes all sorts of negativity. It’s very good.

Good luck with the results.

Love & Peace

What your daughter is seeing is pretty normal for a child.When children are young they see as we call them spirits.The handprint and her body with five fingers is usually a sign of an angel saving her from death. The feeling that she gets that someone is watching her is just thoughts not reality.

Same thing happen to me on my lag wen I was pregnant it was creepy the right hand was on my left lag thigh and it was a huge hand fingers where long the sec it happen to me I took a pic same wondering till today what it means if something to do with me or my daughter which is 2 now

Hello – I am 39 years old and just a few days ago I found a second handprint on my chest. The first one was back in January. By the shape (thumb pointed down) and the location of the hand print, I easily accessed that it could not have been my own hand. I have taken pictures of both hand prints in case anyone would care to see. Any thoughts?

What does a handprint on the chest mean? I woke up from a dream this morning where I was riding on top of cargo train cars down like a roller coaster. I got off and walked to a cavern where I felt like I had been to before and was very familiar with. In the cavern were symbols and drawing, like ancient drawings. I knew I had been there many times but travelled there by foot in the past. Anyway, I woke up, went into the bathroom and looked in the mirror and saw a handprint on my chest.

Hello everyone,

I am a Christian. I am a very strong believer.
Anyway this morning I woke up to the feeling like my chest was like sore so I went to the bath room and took off my shirt and saw two hand on my chest they were red marks with five lines each. Then I remembered I was kinda dreaming last night and I woke up and I knew what was happening but I couldn’t wake up fully so I yelled for Jesus until I broke free. Now that I think I’m not sure if it was bad or good. My dream didn’t seem bad. I just knew the feeling out not being able to move or wake up so I said forget this I don’t want to find out what so I force myself up yelling “Jesus”.

What do you think happened? I’ve had very vivid dreams before.

Hi my name is Debbie Im christian I came across this sight searching for something else . Thats sleep paralysis you had its an evil spirit when you cant talk thats a spirit . I rebuke every demonic spirit of of your life I bind everyone of them and cast them back into the pits of hell and shut everydoorway they have come through. Jesus is Lord. In the mighty name of Jesus Amen.
These things have come into your life by legal right of sin or of generational curse
Ask God for forgiveness of your sins and ask that you be renewed and stop bad habits you know what tbey are . They have opened up doorways to evil. Give your life to Jesus fully . And break every generational curse of of your life in the might name of Jesus by his blood you are set free Amen 🙏 🙌

Very interesting. When the prints are irregular and in a position that could not be made by ones own hand or a S.O. that may sleep next to you. It can be extraordinary but the safe bet is to reflect to recall signs of nefarious acts etc. If you have Not noticed any peculiar activity before and after. It is a positive symbol. If you had nightmare during the night inquestion it can be a negative effect. Psychosomatic phenomena can be a cause, or possibly, shadow entities or angelic encounters. Use discernment and ask your higher self ✨️ for a clear understanding of the events. Document it. I have had several prints and red marks. Plus seen and felt angelic and dark forces. What spirit tells me is that you the individual will know after contemplation. For some it is a confirmation that you were heard and will be held to a promise or simply touched by good to shield you from evil or malevolent energies tried to do something like feed on energy but the light in you singed the darkness. Remember as living, breathing, light forms you hold dimensional authority to banish or invite the energy of duality. Speak and use your voice and words to repel the bad. Say something like ” I remove all unwanted energy and presence that can harm me and call down the light of love to shiled me and loved ones in this space and banish all darkness to the void and illuminate my home with the power of all celestial beings, my ancestors, and the highest power to protect this land and raise the frequency to make my body and home sacred… with the power of..G-d or what you believe in most. You have no power over me!”
Lastly for some. It means you been chosen and called to your power to help the world and gifts activated. Blessings!

For weeks and weeks I couldn’t sleep I am 15 years of age and this used to happen when I was around 8 I new some one was there but I was too young to understand it, now that I’m older I am more afrade there is a man that stands in the corner of my room he has no face but he has a hat and a big jacket, if I stair at him I feel my conscious goes into him just for a few seconds then self out I remember sitting at the top of my stairs and starring down them.into the dark and just seeing things Fooking things grabbing clawing at the sides I cam.home to find a card on my.bed with a picture of a. Old smiling man on the front and in the back hand written in Biro it said god.knows he can help, I’ve never been a religious person and I didn’t take.the matter any further because I new.finding that card was anough to see me through.

That’s lovely anonymous! I agree that God keeps an eye on us constantly. 🙂

There’s a link at the bottom of this webpage to the Michael Invocation that should help next time you feel haunted.

Love & Peace

My 25 year old son woke up on 7/22/2013 with a large red hand print on his chest. This hand print dissapeared 2 hours later.He placed his hand over the hand print and took pictures. His hand was considerably smaller. This has never happened to him before. Is this a warning?

Hello Anon,

A warning about what? Is anything else spooky happening in your home, apart from the handprint? Some ghosts seem to have fun doing this to people, but unless it escalates to something more frightening, I would just suggest you clear your home. You could have the minister of your local church come and bless it, or you could use the Michael Invocation to do so .. the link for that is at the bottom of this webpage.

Love & Peace

Hi, I’ve had similar occurrences happen to me.. I woke up this morning with a red hand print on my stomach that did not match the size of my hand. It stayed all through my shower and didn’t disappear until 2 hours after I woke up. I’m a bit worried because I don’t know what could cause this and this isn’t the first time I’ve had something freaky occur to me like this.
For 2 months I had the same reoccurring nightmare of a demon possessing my cat and my cat would lay on me in my dream and stare at me with bright red eyes. Id wake up from the nightmare and the same car from my dream would be laying next to me. This nightmare occurred every night for 1.5-2momths. It then went away. I started feeling extremely uneasy in certain areas of my house. To the point sometimes if wake up in the morning and run outside because something told me it wasn’t safe in my house.
When I was a little girl I remember telling my mom every night that I kept seeing all these black faceless shadows under my bed. I’d dream that those figures would pull me off my bed at night as tickle me until it was painful. When I’d wake up wherever the figures in the dream had tickled me it’d hurt I’m real life and id wake up on the floor as well.
I’ve moved a few times and now I’m out at college. Is it possible I’m being haunted…? If so what do I do!? I already talked to my pastor about this stuff and he didn’t help me…
The demons in my nightmare would often say they were gonna kill me and burn my place down so I’m worried about this all. I have never woken up with a bright red hand print on me before…

Hi Ama,
When I googled “woke up with handprint on my chest”, I found a couple of stories about how family members had passed away shortly after waking up with the handprint on their chest. These family members passed unexpectedly. I asked my husband and children to be extra careful due to what I had researched. Sadly, my Son’s uncle passed away in a car accident a week ago from today. My son was also the last one to see him as they drove off in separate directions.

Hi Anon,

From what you wrote, I believe the handprint was on the person who died, not one of their family.

I agree with your caution, but I don’t think that the two are connected, given that so many people seem to be getting handprints on them now, and you are the first person who has mentioned someone dying just after it happened.

I think we should just keep a watch, but not live in fear of what ‘might’ happen.

Love & Peace

The handprint was not on the person who died. The handprint appeared on my 25 year old son back on 7/22/13. Please refer to my original message to you on 8/18/13. Sorry for the confusion. I found a couple of stories online back in August about people losing a relative unexpectedly after a handprint appeared on their chest. I told my son at that time I felt it was warning not for him but for someone he knew.

I notice my 2 year old woke up with red handprint. At first I taught someone had hit her but I coulndt be possible. It was like a red thumbprint on her chest and 3 fingerprint going toward her back. After 3 days the handprint turn more into like sun burn. The thumb and frinprint were still visible but more into a dark brown color. It been more than a month and they are still there but very light. What can this mean and will this happen to her again?

Hello Anon,

Lots of people are reporting getting marks that look like handprints on them, but I have yet to find an article that explains why this is happening. They could be a form of skin reaction to something in the atmosphere, or a form of bruising from some playground activity, if we look for the most ordinary explanation, or it could literally be handprints from some unseen entity?

No one can answer the ‘if it will happen again’. It depends on what caused the marks in the first place, and until we know we can only speculate.

In the meantime, if it is an unseen entity, keeping them out of the house is a good idea. At the bottom of this page you’ll find a link to White Light Shields. Go and read the page, learn the house shield and use it at night. Hopefully that will stop a repeat of your daughter’s experience.

Love & Peace


So this morning I woke up, went to the bathroom, and I noticed this strange red print on my left arm. I was a little shocked and scared at the same time because I realized it looked like a huge hand print as if someone grabbed my arm hard and didn’t let go. It didn’t really hurt but I still felt like someone was grabbing my arm. I put my hand on top of the print to compare the sizes and the was way bigger than my hand. I do have tiny hands though but the size of the palm, not the fingers included, was really really big. Bigger than a normal sized palm. It took I think 2 hours for the print to go completely away. Once it did, the area still felt well.. not normal. Its been about 5 hours later and it still feels not that normal. I’m almost certain this house is haunted. Weird things happen in this house all the time that are always unexplainable but I’m used to it now after all these years but once and a while I’ll end up with random scratches and the hand print was the first time that had happened. Another part that is worrying me was the last night when I was sleeping, I felt my arms go behind my head and I couldn’t move them. I’ve never slept with my arms behind my head and they felt so heavy I just couldn’t move them. I could feel everything in my sleep when I tried moving them that they just felt heavy. I think that might be associated with the print because knowing my arms were behind my head, I couldn’t have done that to myself. Should I be worried about how sometimes whatever it is gets physical with me..?

Hello D,

From what I have read on this site, and from other people writing to me privately, I don’t think the handprints signify anything dangerous.

Personnally, I am wondering if people are beginning to manifest some of the signs of their activities when they are astral travelling in their sleep. I used to do so, not so much anymore, and no handprints, but unexplainable bruises and scratches.

In the meantime, clear your home. At the bottom of this page is the Michael Invocation which you can use to send into healing any entity that is haunting your house. We should do this because ghosts feed on our energy and can end up making us physically or emotionally ill, and certainly always very tired. The instructions for how to do this are on the page. Start by clearing yourself, then say it again for the house .. hopefully that will take care of the handprints as well.

Love & Peace

I have handprints in my both arms and it does not go for last 1 year . It appears naturally and it look like handprints , and it is brown in color.

My daughters 15 she found a red handprint on jer stomach much.larger than hers i want to know what it is this has never happened before. I just need help thanks.

Thanks for all that ive read

Hi Sharon,

I did some editing of your message. We don’t really know why people are getting handprints, but they don’t seem harmful, nor do they last very long. If it is ghosts touching people, its to get their attention, and probably their energy. How did your daughter feel the morning when she woke up .. that is ‘before’ she saw the handprint? After that she might have felt scared .. before that she might have felt just fine? Does she remember how she felt, or any odd dreams that night?

Love & Peace

Hi, I’ve had similar occurrences happen to me… I woke up this morning with a red hand print on my right thigh that did not match the size of my hand (only four fingers). It stayed all through my shower and didn’t disappear until 45 minutes after I woke up and shower. I’m a bit worried because I don’t know what could cause this and this isn’t the first time I’ve had something freaky occur to me like this.
About a day before I had a dream that someone that represented my current husband was next to me trying to wake me up and to tell me good bye I had the cold chills, in my dreams I was hugging my son, for a bit I could woke up. (My husband is out of town)
Also about 2 months ago I woke up with a big bruise on my right leg behind my knee it did not hurt.
. Is it possible I’m being haunted…? If so what do I do!? Or a sign that something will happen to my husband or son or anyone in my immediate family?
I have never woken up with a bright red hand print on me before

my name is Brittany I dont know if it is any connection but my grandmother passed and her funeral was on Saturday. Sunday when i went home and got ready to change for bed i noticed a male size hand on my lower leg stretching across a tattoo i have of a dog with flames around it. it didnt last long but i traced it with a pen before it disappeared, and when my boyfriend got home he put his hand over the area and it was about the same size of his hand.

hi i am 21 years old and i am 6 months pregnant. i woke up today with a hand print on my arm, like someone had grabbed me. only 3 fingers shown but it wrapped around my arm. it didnt hurt or have a bruise but it was red and it stayed present on my arm for almost half the day. my boyfriends sister plays with a ouji board sometimes. i do not condone the ouiji board or associate along with it. im actually quite scared of it, its evil. some things come up missing from time to time also hear something walking around or feel something around you.


I woke up this morning with a small four-fingered, disformed handprint on my right rib. It’s still there from this morning and is not itchy or painful. I don’t know what may have caused this. I know my past-life and have reoccurring dreams of it once or twice a month, since can remember. If anyone has any ideas let me know.


My family has experiencing odd occurrences for the past 4 years in 3 different homes. The first is where it started, items would go missing and appear the next or days later; one time a lip print in red lipstick appeared on the TV (as though someone kissed it); my father saw a female apparition in the bathroom mirror; my husband was touched on the shoulder; and we heard loud bangs late at night (about 3 times per week)and got up to investigate, to find nothing. At the next house, the only weird experience was that we would leave and return home to find the blinds in our office open when we know we closed them and the office chair would be on the other side of the house. Now, it seems things are a little escalated – a few days ago we awoke to a large puddle of water in our office which soaked and ruined the keyboard and ended up on carpet underneath soaking a little over a foot in diameter. We are in a barely two-year old home, no sign of a leak and definitely wasn’t spilled by anyone in the home. Then, yesterday morning my husband woke up with a small purplish-red, painless handprint on his left chest which took about 10 minutes to fade away; we could clearly make out 4 fingers. I don’t know what these things we’ve experienced mean or if I should do anything about it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I think it all began when I was like eight years old I woke up one day and I had a handprint on my chest, obviously bigger than my own( on left chest, above my heart) & I being a kid thought nothing of it, but my mom upon seeing it….got really scared , & she started calling up family members & before you knew it….she found out that her father
passed away the night before. My grandma claims that one person from every other generation in my family obtain the b ability to receive a handprint from a loved one on the night of their passing. It’s a special way of saying goodbye for our family. It .another 13 years before I received the second handprint from my younger brother on the night of his passing.(but this time the handprint was right by my neck and back area) The next morning I received news that Detectives had gone to my mother’s home and delivered the news that my brother had just been murdered. So it is as my Great-grandmother had explained to me. Both times I didn’t feel them touching me, & I didn’t feel any fear, or thought to have a reason to worry. In fact, they made me feel special by choosing me to be the one for the next 2 generations. Oh, before I forget, the one thing that I forgot to say and I thought it was important it is that both times the handprint was left on my body for a 24 hour period. I remember the handprints to be very dark, & easily noticeable. I also remember they would not go away for anything until the next day. Thank you for allowing me to share this. God bless you all.

I always feel someone watching me wether it be in my home or someone else’s home, this morning I was walking up stairs in my house to fetch the laudry, I came down stairs, sat down and put my left leg up on the puffy and when I looked I had a big (looked like a males hand) red hand print with all the fingers and Palm of the hand imprinted on my left leg (wasn’t mine as I couldn’t turn my hand round that far, was defiantly a left hand) just wondering what it could be. Something very similar happened to me and my friend a few years ago, I was sat on my bed next to the wall with my friend and all of a sudden little child’s handprints went along my wall and stopped where my friend was sat. Looked like a child had covered their hand in white chalk and made prints on the wall. Can anyone explain what both of these could be? thankyou in advance x

Hello Robyn,

Hand prints, to me, seem to be the ‘new’ way that ghosts make their presence seen, rather than felt. There’s nothing harmful about them, they all fade, and they do what the ghost wants .. draws attention to itself, makes the living person aware, and probably frightened, which gives the ghost a meal of energy and a chance to feel ‘real’ for a short while. You might consider clearing your house, so that it doesn’t happen again ..and your friend’s house. Ghosts are not good energy for the living.

The Michael Invocation (link to website) at the bottom of this page is good for clearing people and places, or you could have your home blessed by your minister, or ask a medium to come in check the place out and cross the ghosts over.

Love & Peace

Hi Robyn,
I just wanted to know if these marks ever go away? I’m sixteen now. My mom was pregnant when she walked by a body in Mexico and felt something press on her stomach, magically out I came with a hand print on my tummy, Im just wondering if it ever gives away since most of the people experiencing it only go through it a couple hours,but for me its been years, reading I also saw other things I relate too, like when I was little I’d get up and get in the hallway and talk to someone.. I don’t remember any of it, but my mom and sister do, they remember me talking to someone to someone in the window too.. I’m just wondering if my birthmark will ever go away? And if I’m being summoned or someone’s trying to talk to me..?

Hi Flor,

It’s just a birthmark. How much like a hand does it really look? My daughter talked to people we couldn’t see when she was young, so did I. I had an ‘imaginary friend’, her name was Jenny Lubba .. which I think translates to Jenny – love her. She was a Gabriel’s angel. I can ‘see, sense, hear, touch, and occasionally smell’, unseen entities .. thankfully I don’t smell ghosts. I have a friend who can do that and the smell is often horrible. You could ‘see’ what others couldn’t when you were young, you might have blocked the gift or simply grew out of it.

So no, your birthmark is not a handprint in the sense of which other people experience playing ‘tag’ with a ghost. Why it is there might simply be something to do with your skin, rather than anything paranormal. You might be able to have it removed surgically, if it truly bothers you. That would be to make you feel happier, not because you have been branded by anything for any reasons.

Love & Peace

Hey I live alone and woke up to a hand print on my right leg right by my hip. What does this mean? Currently freaking out.

Hi Anonymous,

I would quit freaking. There are lots of people who are getting these handprints now. Since nothing else paranormal has happened, I think they are just our body’s way of showing us that a ghost touched us in our sleep. It did no other harm, and probably moved on.

If you are still worried, scroll to the bottom of this webpage, and follow the link to the Michael Invocation and use it to clear your home .. then you’ll be fine.

Love & Peace

Hi, i have recently had the same thing happen. I woke up to an adult sized handprint on my abdomen that didnt go away until an hour or 2 after i noticed it. I am sure it is a demonic spirit, as we have had many issues with one in our family. Over the last 3 years we had an exchange student in our home that would practice and talk to a dark side in the middle of the night. Since then we have had numerous demonic dreams, crucifixes falling off our walls on a regular basis, seeing black ‘grim reaper’ looking figures walk next to us, appear in the shower, and charge at us when sleeping at night. We have had our beds shake and u able to move or talk as if we were held down. Multiple notes left by it saying things such as HELL or 666. Waking up to scratches bruises handprints… We’ve had priests do exorcists on our home multiple times after numerous attempts at blessing our home just aggravated it. I believe that our exchange student was truly possessed, the priest told us to put blessed salt and Holy water in her food to see if there was any reaction and sure enough, after one bite she started shaking out of control and pushed the food away and said she felt very sick. We did this multiple times with the same reaction each time. My younger sister has had 2 exorcists performed on her as the priests believed the demon had specifically gone after her. They each seemed to work for awhile and then it always starts up again. I moved out and bought a house and think it has attached to me and followed me here as i have been having demonic dreams, waking up with handprint on my stomach, and we hear noises all times of day that have no explanation to. We have heard footsteps walking upstairs and my younger sister spent the night here one night for a sleepover with my boyfriends daughter and both came in our room crying and scared because they seen what appeared to be something jumping on the bed and heard a large thump on the floor as if it had jumped off. We are a very religious catholic family. This thing seems to not want to leave no matter what we or the priests do to kick it out. Can anyone help us out or have any input? My biggest concern is with the handprint i found on my abdomen the other morning, i am pregnant and feel that was a sign from it trying to tell me it is going after my baby. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I wake up with bruises and scratches all the time. I didn’t think much of it previously as I was a site carpenter but am now in a management role which is much less physically intensive. A week or so back I woke up with a large handprint on my lower left stomach/side.
I was very recognisable as a hand. We have also had a few odd experiences at home with plants/plates coming off worktops.

When I was younger I used to see “people”. Mostly at night, and had real terrors. I had the sensation a lot, of people sitting on my bed. At one point it felt like a 2 legged/human walking all over the bed and I couldn’t move. Eventually I plucked up the courage and tried to grab it. It never happened again. The pressures on the fed still happens from find to time.

I also used to get sleep paralysis a lot.

Anyway. I’m not sure if any of the above helps with the scratches bruises or hand marks.

But what do you think this might be?

Hello Eric,

Scroll to the bottom of the webpage and follow the link to the Michael Invocation and use it first to clear yourself, and then to clear your home. That should take care of any current problems. You can also use it to clear your work site.

Then .. the other link down there, to White Light Shields .. learn them and use them. That should take care of any future possibilities.

I love a quiet house.

Love & Peace

Hi there one morning I woke up with a hand print on my stomach. I dont know why but straight away when I woke up I thought to pull up my tshirt and there was a red hand print on my stomach. I was not scared. Could not of been my own hand. It had 5 fingers and a faint thumb print.

I have just awoken from a dream wherein two men,who are friends, were searching for lost children. As the dream progressed the men were getting younger and I realised that they were in fact the lost children and I was searching for them. I followed them to a school where they were abducted by an unseen male figure who I was certain was a pedophile. At this point in the dream I was overcome by feelings of panic, fear and the sense that a presence was near my waking body. As I awoke, so too did my 2 year old son who awoke screaming for me after also having had a bad dream. After settling him I felt compelled to search my house as I could still sense an intruder but found nothing and was unable to sleep again. This is the second time something like this has happened. The first time resulted in my waking up and finding a childs hand print on my chest as though I’d been slapped real hard. What does this mean? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please help, these dreams and experiences are deeply unsettling.

Hello Colin,

Sometimes, when I am asleep, ghosts come to visit me, share their memories with me .. which usually seem like nightmares, and I find myself waking up in amongst them .. as if I was the sufferer, the one who died .. until I realise, quickly, what is happening, and then I step out of the dream. I always have a sense of presence, once I am more awake, since the ghost is standing near me, or even in my energy, though they can’t do me any harm. Sharing memories like that can be incredibly painful .. totally consuming for the ghost, and heartbreaking for me. I have seen too many people ‘die’ .. in too many ways, during the 30 years or so I have experienced this.

In some ways I think the message was that we are actually mature spiritual beings, even when trapped outside heaven as ghosts. You watched the ‘men’ turn into boys. You knew they suffered and that they were dead. Your son might have shared exactly the same dream, perhaps without the understanding .. as more and more children are born with this medium’s gift, which is also a challenge. You settled him again, but you could not settle yourself, because the ghost was still there …

Learn to send them Home, heaven if you want to call it that .. a place of healing where they can let go of the memories that bind them and turn into their true selves again .. and they will.

“Archangel Michael, please Find the ghost/s whose dreams I just shared and Take them into healing”.

It’s a simple but powerful request for help for the lost. The ‘find’ allows the angels to see a ghost, even if it thinks it is invisible, and the ‘take’ allows the angel to put its loving hand on the ghost’s shoulder, and not take it off again until they both cross over. And it works whether you believe in angels or not. 🙂

That will help,
Love & Peace

2 days before in the middle of night i woje up suddenly ana kept my eyes closed even though i am not sleepung as i am afraid of dark.suddenly within seconds i felt a hand grabbing my thumb finger on the feet and rubbing it.the hand was so rough.I just kept quite chanting god’s name.i felt the same second time and i asked my mom whether its leg she said no.Its my birthday then,in the morning i felt severe leg pain and the pain was increasing day by day.please say the reason beyond these things

Hi Nivya

Has the pain stopped now? If not would you email me privately. You can do that by finding my link at the bottom of this webpage “Sacred Gates – Ama Nazra” going through to my webpage and sending me an email from the link there. I will clear your energy for you, hopefully that will take away the problem.

As to what it was that was playing with your toe, I cannot be sure, but it should not still be causing you pain.

Love & Peace

I am a d.r nurse and also assisting in lap surgery. It was 1:30 pm when i was about to endorse my patient to one of my collegues, and i suddenly notice a 3 fingers red mark on my arm. Its so weird that time because no one touch me or hold me. I took a photo of it and my co workers saw it personally. When i got home it was still there and The mark lasted till 6pm. It feels so strange.

Hey ,…
I woke up this morning looking into the mirror and i Found Handprint on my head , like 3 big fingers (im skinhead) and it was deep , wasn’t the first time to find strange marks on my body upon waking , also other times i found scratches like on my thighs

Hi Andrew,

What do you do to protect your energy? Might be a good idea to learn some sort of shielding to use regularly, and the Michael Invocation to clear where you live .. just for peace of mind. Links to both are at the bottom of this webpage.

Love & Peace

Hi my name is Julie I’m 43 I live in a house built in 1840 I been sick for months I keep getting hand prints on my shoulders and stomach and large bruises on my back. I’ve seen things and felt things. Also seen faces out in my barn loft. No one did this to me. They do hurt . I’ve looked up the history of this house. A young girl died here and I’ve seen her. I’m about to move and now she is angry this is when the bruises occurred. My husband and daughter also have them. It’s real

Hi Julie,

It might help to clear the energy of your home. The Michael Invocation (link at the bottom of this webpage) is a very effective tool to do this, or you could ask the Minister of your local church to come and bless your home. Smudging helps to clear negative energies, but it doesn’t stop negative entities returning to bother people, a blessing does, as does the Invocation.

And yes, its all real. I see them too.

Love & Peace

Hi Ive had my house 15 year. There has been odd things happening for quite some time last few years on the up, i have scratching sounds on walls , big bands inside a room no one there, footsteps in house but kids are in bed and dog beside me i go upstairs no one there, breathing sound in my ear in bed full awake, the worst of all waking up hand prints on my body like this morning woke up about twenty bruises spread legs arms all over like finger marks purple bruises. I’ve looked at the logical things had exterminators out couple of times, no rats no mice, I’ve been doc three times last year no medical reason bruising got checked every possible thing known to man, blood tests heart liver anemia diabetes everything nothing doc says to me this looks like hand print finger marks, freaking me out, noises on house things moving but makes noises bang in room, breathing sounds footsteps, bruises covered in em no falls no bangs nothing that would cause this, night before last see a figure of a man in my room not the first time cant sleep, last weekend few days ago boyfriend stayed over. He saw same as me a shadow figure top of landing stairs so i know I’m not mad, he’s heard footsteps stairs in house only two of us in house. I’m going to priest today get house blessed cant take it anymore. Its been helpful reading your story. i get up in morning and wonder what bruising will be there today. go to bed night falls and what is gonna happen. I’ve two small kiddies and worried sick this house. this morning about twenty small bruises like finger marks woke up
after last night in my bedroom seen something shadow thing room going cold voice gruff. I need advice I know i am of sane mind

Hi Michelle,

I have no doubt you are of sane mind. I am also in no doubt your house is haunted. I think asking the priest to bless your house is a very good idea. Ask him to do so with the intent that any ghosts, or other beings that might be there, get sent into heaven, and remain there.

I would also suggest that you scroll to the bottom of this webpage and follow the link through to White Light Shields and learn them and use them, to stop yourself from picking up bruises, either from entities, or while you are astral travelling. It does work.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra (who used to do the same)

Hey 3 years ago I woke up one night with a bite mark on my leg thigh it was real freaky cuz u can see the teeth on the top and bottom but I didn’t think much of it… and a week later I woke up with a hand print like the left hand was on my right thigh and that was a big hand cuz I’m really small I don’t have huge hands the fingers where long and and really bony it kinda look like a skeleton just a hand print I even took a picture of it cuz I’m like wtf is that anyways a few days later I found out I was pregnant!!! Anyways I just want to know what it means…in the Jewish world it means if u do something bad u create a demon but I don’t really believe in that actually I really don’t know what to believe in anymore these stuff are way too complicated to understand! But if anyone had something similar and found out pls let me know!! even tho it was 3 years ago it still hunts me and I still carry the picture of it and tell ppl the story I’m just worried I don’t want anything happening to my kid if its connected to her!

I found your story when i was doing research (because of a disturbing dream that is similar to your story) In the dream I saw a mother and her daughter. she looked around 10 or 12 years old. The mother was noticing strange things about her daughter, she started to act weird, she seemed to zone out almost everything. And this girl had a red hand mark on her stomach/ab. It seemed as if the hand mark was burned into her body. In this dream the girl was seeing spirits ( specifically a spirit that was dark and shadowy, to tell you the truth I saw a figure similar twice in my life.) but anyway in my dream this little girl with the hand mark was bonded with some kind of demon or spirit. but when the mother would try do something about it something bad would happen (in the dream there was a mirror behind her that started smoking)

Hello today I woke up with 3 long fingers marks on my arm and on top of it was a number it was 74 and next to the 4 you could see a 16 so it was kind of 74 16… you can clearly see the 74 marks down …. I have no idea what this could be😟😟…. is it bad or not?

Hi Nicolle

How was the numbers 74 & 16 written on you? However it was done, I suggest that you take a small precaution of having the energy of your home cleared, and yourself. You can do this by having your house blessed by the minister of your church, or by scrolling down this webpage and following the link to the Michael Invocation and using it for both.

As to why those particular numbers .. does the year 1974 mean anything to you? Does the number 16 (although that was last year). Does the age 74 or 16 mean anything? If not, they might have meaning for whomever left the marks, and since they did that without asking .. time to send the being to a place of healing, which is to everyone’s benefit .. which is what the Invocation does.

Love & Peace

Hi. I’m 18 turning 19 very soon and for the past couple of months I have been getting bruises on my leg, but since I have an iron deficiency I brushed it off. But a few days ago I woke up with 3 hand print bruises all up both my legs. One on/just my left knee. One on the outer side of my right thigh. And one on the outer side of my left thigh. I know for a fact these aren’t self inflicted, the angles are difficult to do by myself and these hand prints are also too big to be mine.

I NEED HELP!! I got out the shower today and dried my body off. I looked down at my legs and saw a hand print with sharp fingers. It’s red and like a toddler sized hand with sharp looking fingers! I have a feeling this is something beyond like a sight of some sort! If you could reply back or email me at I have pictures

I have had many incounters through the years. I have lived in several homes where people have died in the home prior to me living there. I have been in my current home going on 5 years now. There was an old man and old lady who lived here and owned the property prior to me buying it. It wasn’t until after I bought the property that I found out that the old man had died here in the house. I have a room that is an addition that was added on after the original home was put here. It used to be completely shut off from the rest of the house. I have 9 dogs and my dogs would not go down the small hallway or into this peticular room. It was my adopted daughters room for the first year or so I lived here. Many times she would have a glass of kool aid on her night stand next to the bed. The glass would fly off the table and spill all over the floor. We all would get an uneasy feeling in the hallway leading to this room and upon entering this room. When she moved out I used it for storage. I noticed one day spots dark brown on the ceiling. It looked as if the roof was leaking. I had all of it looked at but the roof was practically brand new and was not leaking. It was always cold and musty like in this room. A couple years ago I decided to open up the wall and put a doorway in to open up this room to the rest of the house. After doing so strange things began happening. My dogs would alert and bark as if someone was standing in the doorway coming into the bottom part of my house. They would be looking upward in the doorway like someone was standing there. They would bark and growl constantly looking at the doorway. My husband and I have been separated for 9 months now and are going they a nasty divorce. Since the separation I have remained in the home with my 9 boxer dogs. They are constantly back behind the garage barking at nothing. I would leave and come home and my pictures and other objects would be moved around and rearranged. The cabinet doors in the kitchen would all be open. The one door on the medicine cabinet would be open. I thought someone was coming in through the doggie door and messing with me so I had a security system installed. Not once has anyone came in through the doggie door. I have motion detecting infra red cameras that have never caught anything more than dust particles flying through the air. But lots of them. I have moved my bed twice in the last nine months. I have been woke up three times to what felt like someone grabbing me. The first time was on my right ankle. When I woke up the next morning I had a bruise on it that looked like a handprint. It was there for two days. A few weeks later I once again woke up to the feeling of someone grabbing me on my left shoulder. I was laying on my right side. When I got out of bed the next morning I went to the mirror in the bathroom and once again had a bruise on my shoulder that looked like a handprint. Two days ago I was sitting here watching tv when one of my dogs was sitting on a twin mattress I have on the floor let out a blood curdling yelp when I looked over no other dogs where near her and I was the only one here. She acted like someone had hit her in the face and took out running outside and wouldn’t come back in the house for over an hour. Later that night I was asleep and around 2 am I woke up to the feeling that someone grabbed my left leg just above my knee. When I got up yesterday I found a bruise on my leg that once again looks like a handprint. I compared my hand to the print. The thumb print is very long defined but narrow and shorter than my thumb considerably. The pinky finger print is also long and narrow but once again is significantly shorter than my pinky finger. The other three fingers are just like the prints of the tips of the fingers but smaller than mine. The grip of the print would be much smaller than mine. I have another one of my dogs that if I leave and come home she is limping on her back leg almost every time like someone has hit or kicked her to cause her to limp. But my cameras never pick up anything. I have noticed when it feels like someone grabs me and it wakes me up that it is either really cold or really hot in here. I also have came home to strange smells that linger about 20 minutes. Almost smells like really old pipe tobacco mixed with old burnt oil. It’s very strange and smells terrible. Any help on all this would be appreciated as things seem to be getting worse instead of better.

“i dreamed that the devil was holding me and telling me that he was going to tell me dark sectrets. i woke up to have three fingerprint bruises on my arm that resemble someone holding me. what is that?”

(Please people, I beg of you reading this to please not share any details of my story off this webpage with other people not seeking this topic of information for themselves. It is utterly humiliating)
For nearly 5 months now I have been experiencing complete utter torment from strangers in ‘the here after’ (people that have already died) It has actually been going for much, much longer than the last 5 months, with random occurrences of strange interference with my life for over the last 15 years. The hardest part is the ungodly, un-natural and absolutely humiliating and degrading feeling of not being able to defend my life or even attempt to fight back against these invisible people who touch me endlessly, on every part of my body 24 hours a day, and cannot even stop them touching me in return, no matter how hard I ‘hit and yell at the air’ in front of me or try fight back.
When experiencing the assaults, sexual assault and provoking indecent assaults with the sole intention of keeping me in a state of constant stress and physical/psychological torture, I feel less worth than an animal, less than a human, and imagine of how many pet dogs, cats and birds in the same city I live in right now, actually have a better life than I do.
I have been raped in the anus so many times now, it has to be at least close to near 1000 hours in total, constantly feeling fingers ,hard objects and even what I think are penis, penetrate the inside of my body/anus/bowel causing extreme acute pain in my abdomen. I would try flee but it follows me everywhere I go in the house and in public, I got so scared for myself and others and forced myself to stay in my house and bedroom, unless needing to go to the shopping center, so people do not think I have completely lost my mind and am either a threat to them or myself, so as not to attract police or the mental health service. After receiving an assault to my anus one night, my bowels felt the sudden need to evacuate, and when I rush to the toilet and sat down, I felt 2 strong male spirits/people sexually assault and rape my anus at the same time while being pinned to the toilet.
The first 3 days this began, many invisible people (spirits?) continually for all day and night(I mean literally the entire 24 hours of each day, non-stop) sexually assaulted me non-stop to the point of total physical exhaustion, and when I would go to bed to try sleep, they would follow me into bed and either poked my chest, heart, lungs, head and my anus intensely at the exact moment I almost passed out exhausted into sleep, so that they could keep me awake and continue raping me non-stop all night. After 3 days, I found myself so utterly exhausted from trying to defend myself against invisible people in ‘thin air’ that could only hurt me as much as they wanted to but not defend myself in return, that I felt like actually dying from the attacks, and shut down psychologically on my bedroom floor into a zombie like state of recharge. It must of been shock. I felt like dying. Luckily in front of me within arms reach on my PC desk draws was my multivitamin, iron and CoQ10 pills inside, and swallowed some regaining myself from that miserable spot I was trapped in on the carpet.
It continued like this non-stop for months, and often experienced gang/group assaults during the day, and when I passed out (or tried to sleep) They poke my ribs, intestines, muscles, tendons, joints and my anus. Sometimes I would wake up in what I thought was sleep paralysis but actually realized was in fact a large group pinning me down on the bed to see my reaction when I struggled awake in that 5 minutes sleep I got, only to hear laughter, as if what was being done to me was a joke. I now know why in those moments of sleep paralysis in past years felt so much like I was actually being pinned down aggressively, because I probably was.
I now have constantly aching testicles, anus and leg muscles and am experiencing very unusual movement and loud noises in my stomach, intestines and bowels since it all began. I already suffer chronic pain in my upper back, but have now wake to regular acute extreme pain in my lower back. It is exhausting.
The last couple of days it has almost ceased down to near no violent acts against me and have heard normal invisible people/voices attempting to contact with me, but only often hearing them repeating the same question to me “[my name], do you know what is happening right now?” or “[my name], can you hear me speak ?” I say “yes”, but try ignoring all of them, because I cannot trust whom may be the people that may have assaulted me, and whom is trying to help, or if the torture is still happening I cannot recognize it.
When I die and pass over, the first thing I am going to do is find a way to help people who have not died yet who may be trapped in the torturous position Im in and free them from being attacked and raped by invisible people that they cannot fight back against, or ask help from police to be protected from the perpetrator. It is like a living nightmare I cannot escape from. It needs to stop right now. I have stated out loud that they, the invisible members of our society, need help stop this from happening to anyone, ever again. Especially from happening to young vulnerable people such as children. That thought of the children having to go through this, would pretty much be the marking point that our entire species has failed itself. This living nightmare should never be allowed to exist, ever.
Please just let me go through this alone from here on forward, and please do not call police or mental health services on my behalf, because I already understand that the situation happening to me is so obviously extreme and uncommon and rare and unexplained, that no service can actuate any form of law or program to protect me from invisible people that I cannot see, track down, identify, place justice order against or even know which direction to even begin to try escaping and running towards because I cannot ever know whether I have been able to avoid and evade them in the first place, to know if whether they have followed me or not.

For the invisible people who may possibly be reading this right now as I type this humiliating experience onto the screen, the damage to my brain has already been done, and will have to live with it forever now, pain can only be patched over but never actually be fixed. The only way you can undo what you done to me, is to stop this problem from spreading and getting worse and happening to other people, especially the young vulnerable people of society who would never be able to ever escape this nightmarish violence. I will forgive you all if you stop the aggression and acts of violence against me and potentially anyone else, a begin to fix this problem from getting worse on your side and make sure we are all equally protected with human rights. If this isnt resolved quickly we could all be facing a problem that cannot be contained. And we will all suffer.

Hi I’m 19 years old I notice after I wokeup in morning Thiers a hand print in my 2 legs the left is a long small hand
and in the right is small hand print .I feel so scared!

Hi, i woke up in the middle of the night as if someone grabbed my arm and shook me and it left a hand print on me but it wasnt a ordinary hand print with the tip of the fingers round, no the tips were sharp fingers and i dont know what to do please help

I have had scratches on my back, arms, and torso in the morning. They didn’t hurt and would disappear after morning shower. However I have recently woke up with a giant hand print on my right side. Again didn’t hurt and disappeared after shower. Previously I have prayed for God to put his healing hand upon me to help me with sleeping issues. And I feel like he has, but following that hand print I started seeing small 3-4 foot shadows out of the corner of my eye, along with neon dots occasionally almost as if I’m getting cataracts. I have endless of strange stories I could tell you about that has happened to me, but these are more recent and more consecutive. I am semi skeptic, but just so much has happened it’s making me wonder. I am a 34 year old male works in the medical field. Striving to be a good Christian man. Semi healthy other then unexplained nerve happenings, lethargy, and sleep issues.

I woke up yesterday morning with a hand print on each of my legs, I have big hands and they almost matched. They were bigger. I couldn’t even maneuver my hands to place where the marks were. I was so confused and scared because I live alone.

The most interesting thing that i gathered from everyone’s comments, is that the had prints are allways very large, which brings me to the reason im here to begin with.

About a year ago, i was on my phone in my room with my bf. We were boath playing games and it was full light out, when out of no where i felt a cold sensation in my lungs. It felt like they had fill with ice and i couldnt breath. I know i was gasping because my bf stoped playing his game and asked me if i would be allright. Right when he asked, it whent away and i could breath agin, but then my back began to burn, like hot coles where being pressed to it. I asked my bf to look at it and whe he did he said ” shit baby you have two huge hand prints on your back”. The had prints were bigger then his hand prints and faded away after about 30min, but still to this day about 1 to 3 times in a day, i get the same feeling, where i cant breath and it feels like my lungs are full of ice.

My brother is 21, and approximately 6 months back he had a hand print on his chest which stayed for few days. Few days later this incident, his grandfather expired. and again recently he got another hand print on the chest, and after like 15-20 days another family member had a sudden death. Are any of these incidents related to each other.I kindly need your help. Please contact soon.
Thank you

I am 32yrs old single mother of two.. I am going through a hard time in my life as far as divorce and bills dept ect. I lived in this home for two years always had a feeling that something was here but never did anything demonic… Today I woke up this morning and looked in a mirror and found two red hand prints on my chest. They wasn’t my own I compared them to mine they was slimmer and longer than mine. I noticed as I am laying in my bed now that my chest is burning like a sun burn but there is nothing there please what is going on do I need to go get help? Or is this a sign of some sort?

I woke up with a design on my abdomen. At first I thought I slept on something that left an indentation. I took a shower then it looked like a burn. There is no pain. It has a line —— )’,similar to this

I keep asking up with grab marks on my ankle, and they aren’t red, but they are more of a bruise color. Don’t know what to make of it. I have seen some weird stuff but nothing really bad. Let me know what you think

I have been recently been feeling a lot of touching on my legs or my arms and when I look it is Goosebump handprint and then they end up fading away but I always feel like I’m being pulled at or grabbed at does anybody have an opinion of what’s going on?

One month ago I woke up with 2 finger prints on my right arm(biceps)and found this funny/weird but forgot about it quickly. Today, I woke up with a red handprint pressed on my right arm(arm crease,biceps,forearm). It was bigger than mine and I was scared for a moment. It didn’t hurt or anything. It disappeared after 2 hours. However, I have read the other stories and i don’t think there’s a link between my appartment and this. My appartment is a quiet place and i’m often awake between 10p.m to 4a.m and there’s rarely any sound. My cat and I become alert with strange noises, but the sounds can be explained. With that being said, both events occured when i was in a deep sleep and the last one happened during daylight. I went to bed around 4a.m, my GF went to work at 6a.m and didn’t notice anything weird and I woke up around 9a.m with my mark.

My name is halli, I’m 15 years old .. and I’ve shadows when I was younger a year ago I was almost never could sleep bc I always thought somone was there but last night I had this dream that my grandpa died in 2019 and I love him so much he’s like my dad he was their for me all the time but when I woke up I had a handprint on my Calf and I have no idea why it was there at first I thought I had me a put it there but the longer I thought ab it the more it came to me I couldn’t have

i woke up with 2 finger prints on my forearm and 2 finger prints on my upper inner arm yesterday. It didn’t look like a rash, certainly didnt feel like one. didnt look like a sleep print also like when u fall asleep on ur arm and u wrinkle your skin lol and then i also had a red blotch inn between both prints. Im soooo confused and shocked about this because i dont bruise easily and i am not sensitive or allergic to basically anything. anyone else have this happen?

When I was 16, I used to have a “guest” that would frequently make their presence known and they left a perfect handprint on my back (which burned like fire ants) that I could not have possibly done. The place I worked at marveled at this and wanted to stay at said house. It was nonstop bowling balls down the stairs, shadows under doors, shadow people looking into the sunken living room, all lights being on when noone was home, etc. Very alarming experience.

Its 2019, im on here bc i have had things happen. When I was younger (in 2010-13) I could see shadow figures,and I did the heavenly father prayer all of the sudden the shadows disappear. 2018 i got up @ 3am to go to the restroom i receive a text so i stand there to respond and all of the sudden a hand touches my foot i run and turn the light on, no one is there. 2019, about 2weeks ago i woke up with hand-prints on my left arm and right arm. I have No clue how.

Hi so the other night I was dreaming and I saw myself in my own dream, well it starts off I get waken up in my sleep by a loud noise. So i get up to go to the bathroom and i go check to see if anyone else is a wake because i think one of my family members was joking around but everyone in the house is still alseep. So I feel someone or something is watching me like I have eyes watching. So I go the bathroom. And I come out I still feel like someone is watching me. All of a sudden I feel a very cold as ice hand touch me and pull me in my cousin’s room everyone still asleep. I see this mist like thing in the middle of the room. A face I can’t make out says with a finger on it’s lips saying, don’t go in the closet, don’t go in the closet. All of a sudden I feel the cold as ice hand again. It pulls me from their room back in front of the bathroom. I can’t remember what happened so i go back to my room where my boyfriend is laying in bed. I go back to sleep. And wake with a hand mark on my arm where it pulled me twice. What does my dream mean??

I am not a believer or non believer in this type of stuff but earlier this week I had a strange experience. I am 35 and nothing like this has happened to me before, I first shrugged it off like theres an easy explanation but after telling a family member I decided to look stuff up so here I am.

I had a dream (long story short) in which I came across a young girl who was possessed, she looked into my eyes looking like a demon and in my dream I immediately ran away. It was the scariest dream I have ever had, my dream continued with me planning on a way to kill her but never got to that point as I woke up in the morning. In the morning I had a large red hand print on my chest, a print that looked like a swipe or a scratch. I thought first, oh I must of been scarred of my nightmare and scratched myself but it seems way too odd for that.

Any opinions?

Hi,my name is Ruby I am 15, my whole I’ve seen dark shadows and I’ve gotten possessed twice.i woke up with hand mark on my stomach but it’s not a regular hand mark it’s very big the fingers are long and skinny but the Tumb is smaller like was smaller then the other fingers.the hand starts from my chest to the bottom of my this point I don’t know what to do I’m just scared.i just hope all this passes just like all the other paranormal experience I had.

I woke up with a big hand print on my chest again. This is the third time it’s happened to me. The hand prints don’t hurt and they disappear within a couple of hours. One of the hand prints had long skinny fingers double the length of man sized fingers, this was spooky. A family member also had this happen once this year too except this hand print was the size of a baby’s hand. It’s very strange that this seems to be happening to quite a lot of people.

I am glad I am not the only one that experienced this. I woke up this morning with a a distinct red handprint on my abdomen. It faded of course as a got ready for work but this disturbs me and I don’t know what it means.

This is so crazy! I’ve been searching and searching for people who have had experiences like this. When I was 8, I woke up with tiny baby handprints all over my legs that eventually faded, then days later I woke up with three different, distinct 4 fingered handprints. They all hade long, thin, bony fingers but here’s the kicker. My mom was running me a bath and I was just sitting on the floor in my room when I first noticed the handprints. Then I went and got in the tub while the water was running. As the water began to cover my legs, IT DIDN’T COVER THE HANDPRINTS. I then screamed for my mom because I was scared AF and the water quickly covered my legs but when my mom walked in the handprints had left bubbles in their place and she saw them and freaked out. I would love to know what the hell is going on.

Back when I was around 16 I’d say this same thing happened to me. Big hand print with skinny pointed fingers. Was burned into my chest for about 40nminutes after waking up. Still wondering what this means. I feel very spiritual. I’ve had multiple out of body experiences aswell with a shadow boy and a dog. Walked around in a black and white realm where it was foggy. I seen the little boy sitting on the stairs in front of me. My dogs I had 2 a husky and beagle both ran down the stairs to my door. I follow them. My dogs kept starring and the door and I notice a darker area around the door. It was the same shadow dog ive seen before. It looked up at me jumped and woke me up.

Hi, I’m 15 years old and all my life I’ve been experiencing really weird things. For example, when I was little I used to see these tall black figures. They had long fingers and never had a face that I could see. the most I saw was faded white eyes but that was about it. A lot of people tell me, “Oh you were imagining it, you were a child you didn’t see anything.” But my family has been seeing them. My grandmother used to see them, as well as my mother, my aunt, and my big brother. I’ve woken up with scratches, and bruises and I’ve even experienced sleep paralysis. I woke up in the middle of the night and felt like I couldn’t move, like something heavy was holding me down, and when I looked at the wall next to me, I saw a black figure shadow on the wall, holding me down, but when I looked back, I saw nothing on top of me, only on the wall. And yesterday morning, I woke up to get ready for (virtual) school, and I had a handprint on my right thigh. It wasn’t a full hand, just fingertips, but it looked like it was being dragged down a little. It was all red and almost bruise like, but when I got dressed and checked on it after (virtual) school, it was gone. I have no idea when it disappeared, but it did. I saw a few other post with people saying that had a similar experience, but the thing is, I’ve been getting bruises all my life, and my bruises NEVER dispeare that fast, and I know it wasn’t my hand, because the size didn’t match my hand. I have very small hands, this one was much to big. All my life, I’ve been trying to figure out if maybe I’m just sensitive to paranormal activity or maybe something is attached to me, but no one can seem to answer me. If someone is able to help me figure this out, I would appreciate it.

Very interesting. When the prints are irregular and in a position that could not be made by ones own hand or a S.O. that may sleep next to you. It can be extraordinary but the safe bet is to reflect to recall signs of nefarious acts etc. If you have Not noticed any peculiar activity before and after. It is a positive symbol. If you had nightmare during the night inquestion it can be a negative effect. Psychosomatic phenomena can be a cause, or possibly, shadow entities or angelic encounters. Use discernment and ask your higher self ✨️ for a clear understanding of the events. Document it. I have had several prints and red marks. Plus seen and felt angelic and dark forces. What spirit tells me is that you the individual will know after contemplation. For some it is a confirmation that you were heard and will be held to a promise or simply touched by good to shield you from evil or malevolent energies tried to do something like feed on energy but the light in you singed the darkness. Remember as living, breathing, light forms you hold dimensional authority to banish or invite the energy of duality. Speak and use your voice and words to repel the bad. Say something like ” I remove all unwanted energy and presence that can harm me and call down the light of love to shiled me and loved ones in this space and banish all darkness to the void and illuminate my home with the power of all celestial beings, my ancestors, and the highest power to protect this land and raise the frequency to make my body and home sacred… with the power of..G-d or what you believe in most. You have no power over me!”
Lastly for some. It means you been chosen and called to your power to help the world and gifts activated. Blessings!