My 5 Year Old Sees Shadow People

I work third shift, and when I walked in our house the other night, my husband and five year old were laying on the couch. I asked my husband why, and he said my child woke up screaming bloody murder saying a guy with crazy hair and beard was trying to hold his hand. Let’s just say this creeped me out.

After he woke up I asked him about it, and he said and I quote “there’s something wrong with our house, there’s shadow people everywhere.”  He’s never even heard the term of shadow people, and I didn’t even know it was a thing until I googled it.

Fast forward to this afternoon, I was talking to my mom and she was asking me about it. I told her about the one time I had sleep paralysis. I had just had my first child, who is now 10, and I was laying on the couch when something woke me up, and all I felt was fear, while the couch was shaking uncontrollably and I couldn’t move at all. I had no idea about sleep paralysis at the time, my husband explained it to me after I told him what happened.

Anyways, after I told my mom about that episode, and she said I may have a spirit or something following me. Well when she said that, I remembered this picture my sister in law had taken of me two years ago that she swore had orbs on it, which again, I had no idea what those were.

I’ve never felt intimidated or anything weird like that, but I have seen shadows out of the corners of my eye, and I do have crazy dreams from time to time.

I’m just wondering what could possibly be going on? Am I just hallucinating thinking this could all go together?

Asked by Michelle

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Hi Michelle,

Crazy dreams can happen naturally. They can be caused by cheese, also fevers, worry, pregnancy hormones, and menopause symptoms. I am only writing this to show you that not all crazy dreams are paranormal, some are simply hormonal or emotional.

It does sound like you have a ghost, but it doesn’t sound like its following ‘you’ around particularly. It might like the whole family. That your son is capable of seeing them is just a fact of life these days, so many of our children are born far more aware than we are. And holding hands might have been friendly .. or it might have been a way for the ghost to take energy .. either way .. I suggest you have the house cleared.

You can do this one of three ways

1) have the minister of your local church come in and bless the house .. and the block its on.

2) have a medium come in and talk to the ghost and cross it over .. not just have a chat, tell you about it and go away again. You want someone who does ‘rescue’ work. There are quite a few on the internet now, and a whole group of us on facebook. Look up Spirit Rescue or spirit mediums. You’ll find me among them.

3) or scroll to the bottom of this webpage and go through to the Michael Invocation and use it to clear the house yourself, which works really well for me, and thousands of other people all around the world for the last 18 years.

Technically there’s probably nothing wrong with the house. There are shadow people everywhere. We have them here in our house on a regular basis. My husband sees them all the time. I don’t. What I ‘see’ is nasty, dangerous and difficult energy beings, which means the shadow people are none of those. Sometimes they are curious about humanity, and sometimes they are simply doing their own thing. The house clearing might shift them, otherwise check with your son, at an appropriate moment, to see if they are noticing him too .. you’ll probably find they aren’t. They are just present, or not.

Orbs are not harmful and, in my opinion, have very little to do with spirits. They can be caused by the flash of digital cameras reacting to moisture in the air, dust or insects flitting about at night. They can also appear when there are ghosts. They can also appear when there is a lot of emotions floating around in a house .. because I really think they are created by the living, and have always been created by us, it was just that we couldn’t see them with the modern technology we now have .. like so many other weird looking entities that have started appearing to people. It’s not that the entities are new, its that humanity is finally waking up to a ‘wider’ reality .. whether we want to or not.

If the problem continues you can contact me through my link below and I’ll clear the house for you.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra