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Is Something Following Me?

My family has recently just moved into a very old house. (over 100 years old) I have noticed a ball of light around me. The orb is small and yellow-ish. I can never look straight at it, but it will float around me. I won’t see it all the time, but it will follow me. I will see it in my bedroom, when I’m on the school bus, when I’m out shopping, etc. I also see the orb when it’s dark (Like when I’m laying in my bed at night). I’ve never seen these orbs before I moved here and I am wondering what it could be.

I also have been seeing shadows in my room (only in my room which is located in the basement). I’ve seen them on my ceilings, in my mirror, and also just standing behind me. I’ve read about shadow people, and I think that is what they are. They are just plain black figures-without eyes. They don’t do anything, they just are creepy. I haven’t seen them anywhere but my room, and they don’t seem to follow me. Is there any reason why I’ve only seen them in one place?

Asked by Ami

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Hi Ami,

It could be that you have caught the attention of some of the beings on this planet that most people do not see. I have never heard, or read, a negative story about an orb, or shadow people. I have read stories about shadow entities, but not the ‘flat on the wall’ type visitors that might simply be getting on with their version of ‘life’, even if they do tend to make us feel a bit creepy. What are the shadow people actually doing, apart from being there, or passing through (around here they pass through, or just appear to be doing their own thing). The orb could be an elemental being (fairy), some people believe they could be angels (I don’t). Neither is harmful, fairies are mostly just curious .. and you have a gift called clairvoyance (clear vision) that allows you to see them. If the rest of your family can’t, they might not have that psychic ability.

You have a choice. You can scroll down to the bottom of this webpage and go to the Michael Invocation webpage and use it to clear yourself, and then your home. That will take away anything unfriendly, but if the orb is still about, then you’ll know you don’t have to worry about it. In that case, tell it to buzz off, quietly and politely. If it is an elemental it might do exactly that. The shadow people can be ignored, as they don’t interact with humanity, they just appear to us these days .. because we are more sensitive these days, not because they haven’t been there forever.

Love & Peace


The shadows don’t seem to do anything that I’ve seen. They just seem to watch me, or do their own thing.
As for my family, i don’t think they can see them, and if they can they have not said anything.
I’ll make sure to clear myself and my house.

Thank you very much for answering my question.

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