Help Me Find Out What This “Spirit” Wants

How I found out there is a spirit with me:

It’s been two months now, I had started to see shadows from corner of my eyes frequently. At first there were just sounds around me (more when I’m in my room), like sounds of floor cracking, my bed cracking like when someone sits on it. After those sounds, pens started to roll at me when there was no source that can cause the movement. I was and just sitting at my desk and all the sudden a pen rolled toward me, there I believed there is a spirit.

I was just walking in my house I saw a red cloth floating in other side of my living room I stare at it for two second, I thought it my brother, because he always plays there, I ask if my brother is home and the answer was no.

The sounds happened more often, and things like kitchen hood light, turning on and off by it self when I was around it.

Last night I woke up 4 am from a loud sound from other side of my room, a sound like popping a small balloon, first I thought it’s nothing. I closed my eyes and the same sound happened again.

This morning I can feel that this spirit goes where ever I go in my house, because things around me start moving, even when I’m looking in a direction something in that direction moves for split of second, light things like paper, obviously the spirit wants me to notice him/her.

How can I know what the spirit wants? and how can I help him?

I’m not afraid of ghosts but I prefer a way that is risk free.

All in all, what should I do?


Asked by John

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5 replies on “Help Me Find Out What This “Spirit” Wants”

Hello John,

Regardless of Caretaker’s suggested books, your ‘shadow’ is not acting like a shadow person, which are usually just like flat shadows on a wall, doing their own thing. Ghosts, however, can looks like shadows, or like people without colour or features, or invisible irritants .. and they can roll pens and do like attention, because when you turn your attention to them you feed them your energy .. so, instead of remaining haunted, or trying to communicate with the ghost (which, again, makes your energy their food), I suggest you help it cross into heaven, or a place of healing, where it will find the peace that s/he needs.

To that end, if you scroll down this webpage you will find the Michael Invocation which you can use to clear your energy. Then do a google search for ‘Victorian Paranormal Connection’ and you’ll find the rest of my webpages about things like Psychic Protection. Go to the main site, there’s plenty to read.

Love & Peace

Hello Ama,
As you said, i don’t think it’s a shadow either. let me correct myself and provide more content.
when i said i had see shadows from corner of my eyes i meant i see something moving from corner of my eyes and sometimes i can absolutely confirm that something were there, because when i turn my head more quickly i could still see it moving for split of second before disappears. after some thinking to see if i did anything “evil” related, i found out that I’ve invited evil things into my room or apparently this house and made my room open to all kind of evil spirits. about 5-4 years ago i was searching for some spells to try out to see if they real and found some, so for couple of nights I’ve read the spells out loud, i remember the spells were related to evil spirits like vampires. then i just invite a vampire into my house, because without invitation it can’t enter.
back to the ghost in my room, when my little siblings are in my room i found them to constantly turn their head around and saying something like “there was a big fly there” or “i thought someone was behind me”.
So i did the “Michael Invocation” this morning couple of times, i think there WAS a succubus here and it’s gone now, i slept better and i feel more energized, but the ghost don’t want to leave, for the record it flickers my monitor’s screen couple of times today and some weird behaviors for a monitor(This never happened to my monitor before) and it continuous to make those sound like tapping on objects when I’m in another side of my room, same happens when I’m in the other side. it just go directly behind me make another sound. it’s worth mentioning that there is a full-length mirror in my room.

Is there a permanent shield or protection that don’t let any evil being enter a place?

I’m reading your web pages at “Victorian Paranormal Connection” now.

I’m still having problem with this ghost, it won’t let me sleep at night by knocking on objects…lately it’s been so obvious…

Hi John ,
If you go to the question index on this site you will see my story.
I had the same thing happen to my daughter and I except more harmful.
(After you let it escalate of course )
You need to do a house cleansing, all corners everything that opens all mirrors, doors etc .
You will need to look up th proper way of doing so with sage and holy water .
Look up where to find these items near you.
Another idea is to look up someone who can preform this cleansing for you .
It worked for me so I do believe it will work for you.
My only problem now is that I live in an apartment and so whatever was in my house is also in the building.
It cannot come in but I do hear it in the hallways and above me however it is
No longer affecting my life and I am no longer fearful.

Please let me know if this helps you,
I hope this gets rid of your sleepless nights and brings peace .

Kind regards,

By the way I found these items at a Wiccan store who also provided the service of a home