Death and Life

Is Death The End?

I am having an existential crisis and my only hope of not being a pointless bit of meat floating in space is if spirits are real.

I am unsure if spirits are real, but if they are it means that there is more than this life.

I as, is death the end? Or is there more? Thank you.

Asked by Cameron

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Death and Life

How Can I Contact My Son That Passed?

What is the best way to contact my son that passed away in June of 2016? He was 34 and mentally ill. There is so much that was left unsaid. I miss him.

Asked by Trisha

Death and Life Dreams and Sleep

Help Me To See My Father In My Dreams

I miss my father. and I really dont have any idea how to console myself after his death.

Everyone say that the deceased people come in our dreams… its been a month and I havent seen him.

Please help me to see my father in my dreams. Its very important for me as I have to ask him for forgiveness which I didnt during his life.

Asked by maira

Death and Life

Is There Any Way I Could Talk To My Friend?

I lost my friend 3 months back. He committed Suicide. I knew that he was undergoing pain and torture in his married life and I was helping him through out to bring him up whenever he feels down. He called me just 15 minutes before he committed suicide and unknowingly I couldn’t talk to him at that time. But I never thought of him doing suicide.

And now everyone says that I could have avoided his loss if I had attended the call. This guilty feeling makes me really really bad. And I couldn’t go normally. Nothing could convenience me on this except getting a answer from my friend.

Is there any way I could talk to my friend. Please help.

Asked by Shankalp

Death and Life

Does A Persons Personality Lasts Forever?

Will personality be the same after death?

Asked by Diana

Death and Life

Was Our Daughter Knocking?

Last year on the 13th of Aug 14… The worst day of my life happened. I lost my beautiful little girl she died in a tragic accident…..

After all the commotion and the police said we should go home and we had to leave our daughter in that cold cold hospital we got home and my world ended that day we sat on her bed and then we cried together so many years that’s when we heard 3 hard knocks on the door. My husband just said if that is you come in….

We havent heard knocks since but we do feel her around and sense her perfume…

Is this true or just our imagination?

Asked by Valerie

Death and Life

Predicting Death?

So about five or six years ago my dad got in touch with his dad AND HIS dads side of the family.

I was maybe 13 or 14. About 3 or 4 years ago My dad took me and my sister to see his Aunt who was really sick with cancer ( can’t remember what kind). We probably went there once or twice for maybe 45 min max. I never really liked going there tbh or around people who were close to death all together.

So maybe a few months to a year after that I woke up one morning. I get up and go to the bathroom. So as I’m sitting on the toilet. I pick my head up and say to myself “Someone’s going to die today”.

Keep in mind the words just came out. I just remember hearing them. they came out of my mouth but I don’t know how to explain it it was like I was being told them IDk

So stuff like this doesn’t always happen to me but I wasn’t entirely creeped out so I got up finished my business and started walking down the hallway.

I was back in my bed not asleep but just laying down cause it was still early and I hear my parents up and about. Figuring they were going somewhere I got up and went to their room.

They were dressed and getting ready to leave and I asked them where they were going and they said that my dads aunt wasn’t doing good and they were going to the hospital.

I didn’t tell them what happened earlier because they wouldn’t have believed me and I thought that if I said it out loud it would be my fault if she died. My parents don’t like that type of stuff either.

So they leave and later into the night they call us and tell my sister and I that she passed away. So yeah.

I guess I just want to know if this is normal or okay? Does it mean I’m a bad person or evil? And what is it called that happens to me

Asked by Kayla

Death and Life Ghosts And The Spirit World

Massive Death

While watching the news recently I viewed a story about a co-pilot who took his own life along with his Co-workers and passengers. Many lives were lost all at once and it was clear some of them were not ready to pass peacefully as they were begging and screaming for their lives.

Upon the crashing of the plane all of those who were crossing over may have been feeling not only terror but vengeance or hate toward their killer as he passed with them.
Did they have a moment to express this to him? Would they have been so busy experiencing the transition they paid his spirit no attention at all, as they all separated on their own individual journeys?

If they knew each other well in this life time did they cross over together? I can’t stop wondering.

Asked by Elaine

Death and Life

Is It Normal To Hear 3 Knocks After A Death?

I just recently heard of Death Knocks and their meaning, eg if you hear the 3 loud knocks means there is going to be a death in the family.

Back in 2002 after my sister passed away I would wake up in the night to three loud knocks. Even though I knew my sister was gone I knew it was her. I’d throw back the covers and race to the front door and throw it open. Nothing, So I’d race to the back door and do the same.

This went on for months almost every night. Is it normal for the knocks to come after a death?

Asked by Vicki

Death and Life

Is Cremation OK?

I would like to know if there are any taboos against cremation.


Asked by Frankie