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How Can I Contact My Son That Passed?

What is the best way to contact my son that passed away in June of 2016? He was 34 and mentally ill. There is so much that was left unsaid. I miss him.

Asked by Trisha

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Hello Trisha,

You could choose to visit a medium .. who is a person who can speak with spirits and ghosts .. and get them to see if they can contact him so that you can to him.

You could write down all your unanswered questions, and everything you want to tell him, on paper, and then burn the paper. As you do that ask him to come to you in your dreams so that you can have a chat with him that way. Remember, each night as you lay down, to give yourself permission to see him in your dreams. He won’t appear as ill, but even if he does, you won’t be able to mistake him for anyone else. You’ll wake up feeling a lot better if you do see him, but only vaguely remember what was said.

Love & Peace