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Was Our Daughter Knocking?

Last year on the 13th of Aug 14… The worst day of my life happened. I lost my beautiful little girl she died in a tragic accident…..

After all the commotion and the police said we should go home and we had to leave our daughter in that cold cold hospital we got home and my world ended that day we sat on her bed and then we cried together so many years that’s when we heard 3 hard knocks on the door. My husband just said if that is you come in….

We havent heard knocks since but we do feel her around and sense her perfume…

Is this true or just our imagination?

Asked by Valerie

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Dear Valerie,

I am very sorry for your loss.

If you had written there were only the knocks I would say that it was possibly your daughter, but with the sense of her presence, and the perfume .. it is more than likely that it was her.

As long as the sense of her presence feels warm and safe, she’ll be visiting and keeping you company as you grieve. If its cool or cold, or you are having nightmares, then she might be staying because she feels you need her to be there, when she should be in heaven, finding the peace and healing I know she would want to share with you.

If the energy does feel cold when she’s around, tell it’s ok for her to go now, that you’ll be just fine. Let her go, so that she can come back as that warm energy I know she can be when she visits.

Love & Peace

Thank you for getting back to me….. And yes I have told her to go and dance with the angels even though we are all missing her so very badly… Her spirit feels warm and cosy as if we are still together and as the days go by we are adjusting to our new life without her…. It is so hard!!

Then she’s a spirit and a visitor, which is lovely. Perhaps, if it helps, you might think of her as living in another country .. or just at the end of your fingertips. You are always in her heart, as she is in yours. Keep talking to her. You might not hear her answers, but she’s always part of the conversation.

Love & Peace

Valerie, I’m so sorry for your loss. I hear knocks periodically and usually get a visit shortly after. 🙂

You don’t have to live without her, she’s there, just in a different form. Getting used to living in the new reality is difficult but not impossible. Thank you for sharing your story. <3

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