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Is It Normal To Hear 3 Knocks After A Death?

I just recently heard of Death Knocks and their meaning, eg if you hear the 3 loud knocks means there is going to be a death in the family.

Back in 2002 after my sister passed away I would wake up in the night to three loud knocks. Even though I knew my sister was gone I knew it was her. I’d throw back the covers and race to the front door and throw it open. Nothing, So I’d race to the back door and do the same.

This went on for months almost every night. Is it normal for the knocks to come after a death?

Asked by Vicki

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Hi Vicki,
May I ask how your sister died? And How was your relation with your sister?
I ask these questions because, my mother lost her sister 3 months ago and she had similar experiences. I don’t want to compare yours with my mother’s and I will write more about her experience but first I would appreciate if you give me your answer please.


i never heard of that one to hear three knocks after death or before death meaning there is going to be a death in the family never! but i have heard of this one that death comes in 3s either someone you know or a friend or family when they pass away they tend to come in threes. and that i have come to find out is not so true either it is not necessarily so.

Hmm… after the first or second time, I think I would have told my sister to stop knocking. She already had your attention, she didn’t need to keep doing it.

No, 3 knocks do not mean there is going to be a death in the family. Three knocks can simply mean ‘pay attention’, either to a spirit or a ghost. Three knocks are a traditional way of opening a door, like the ceremony in the Australia Houses of Parliament .. from memory one of the officers of it knocks 3 times, then the door is opened. I think it works the same in the Mason’s ceremonies.

It’s part of popular culture in the songs I grew up with.

It might work this way – first knock you can ignore, second straight after, you realise there’s another knock, and third has your attention.

As to there being three deaths after one person dies .. that’s not true either. Yes, sometimes, things happens in threes, and I tend to look for that myself (tradition or superstition says that about bad luck or good luck), but not where deaths are concerned.

Love & Peace

Hi there I wonder if someone can help me? My mum has recently passed away, the night she had a heart attack, I heard 3 knocks at my back door, my mum was a very physic lady, we had 3 people die in the same week, is the knocking connected please? I’ve heard the knocks before sonia

After my brother committed suicide over 6 years ago, I was sitting in the living room with some other 7 family members and we were actually discussing his funeral which was going to be held the following day. My mother, my cousin and me heard three knocks at the door and I asked my cousin to open it, since I was really tired of greeting people who have come to be there for us in those sad days. One moment later he was back, telling me with a suprise that no one was at the door. I stood up to check it myself, but the stairway of the building was totally empty.
We explained it this way, that his soul came to tell us that he is still okay and that we should not worry about him, that his soul is alright.
God bless you.

The day my daughter died, i was in my bed, around 2 or 3am, there was a knock on the front door, i sat up in bed then quickly in a scared way went to the door, i wanted to open it so bad but something told me not to. i thought it was my daughters spirit on the other side. i held on to the door knob, then let go to look out the window, no one was there. She died May 7th and on October 3rd, almost 5 months later, my dad passed away. So im not exactly sure of the knocks after someone dies.

My granny passed jan 30 and I went to the funeral home this morning and heard 2 or 3 knocks in the trunk of my car some of her belongings are in there.
I really need to know what this means I found her and haven’t been able to sleep please help me.

About 8 years ago during a heavy snow storm my wife and I were awake watching on the TV the effects of the storm. It was around 3 AM when we heard three loud knocks on our rear door. We both jumped up and ran to the door,there wasn’t anyone there. There weren’t any footprints in the deep snow. The snowstorm was so severe power was knocked out in some neighborhoods for several days. We found out that my friend George’s power went out, he ran a portable generator. Both George and his 19 year old daughter had died of carbon dioxide poisoning. The time of death was determined to be approximately 3 AM.

My Dad passed away recently ( <3 RIP ) My Mum had heard the knocks and she is old Irish if you understand what I mean!
I always considered it folk law though. I stayed at my dads to clear his belongings and on my last night sleeping there I woke to 3 distinct knocks on the door. I hesitated as i was alone but checked time. 5am. I didn't answer the door but I felt it was my Dad letting me know he was at peace. I was comforted to hear light rain outside too which has always been a sign of a happy soul.
My husband and son both had dreams of my dad. Our son is 10 so we explained that he should not be afraid when he sees grandad in his dreams. That he should tell him about his day etc I dreamt about him last night and feel that souls try to communicate however they can, we just need to listen!

I haven’t heard 3 knocks, but I heard a story about my grandma Phyllis and it started out where my mom Carolynn, my aunt Pam, my great grandma Mabel, and my grandma Phyllis were clearing out stuff from the attic of my great-great grandma Landrum, who died recently at that time, and my grandma Phyllis had picked up the brush that my great-great grandma landrum had used before she died, and Phyllis had passed out. then, she woke up instantly, and she said to Mabel, “you get in here Mabel!” and Mabel said, “what, Phyllis?” and Phyllis said, “I ain’t Phyllis, Mabel, you know who I am!” and Mabel said,”you are Phyllis!” then Phyllis said,”I am your mama! now, you get in here!” and Landrum had been speaking through Phyllis. then, when Phyllis put down the brush, Landrum couldn’t speak through her, and they stored the brush somewhere and I think it got thrown away. but it was weird that something like that happened to my grandma. if you can explain this, please help! I don’t understand how that happened.

My dad pass away on Dec 2017. Recently i keep hearing someone knocking on my back door almost every day. When i went out and take a look, there are no people. I even installed a cctv and monitor but we didn’t manage to capture.There was one time, we try to stay outside just to hear the knocking sound but we didn’t hear anything.
My dad used to sleep near the back door. He usually sleep around 11.30pm. And that is around the time i heard the knock.
Could it be my dad who is knocking the door? Are he trying to tell us something?

4 days after my Dad died we returned home one evening. Within a few minutes there were 3 loud knocks on the front door. Thinking perhaps it was a neighbor that saw we just got home, however, when I went to the door nobody was there. I believe it was my Dad

3 months after my husband died I was at our family cottage and each night about 1030 I would hear 3 loud knocks. I was alone at the cottage. I would get up and look and there was no one anywhere. Later in the month a good friend came to stay at the cottage and we had gone to bed before 1030. We were sleeping in the living room and her dog was on the floor. Something woke me up and I got up and turned on the light and it woke my friend and her dog up. We were sitting there talking and again 3 loud knocks around 1030. I immediately looked at her dog and the dog just sat there. She did not even move. My friend said the dog barks at any kind of knocking. The knocking continued every night until my niece with kids came up. I just felt like it was my husband letting me know he is ok. We always said whoever goes first let the other know there is something on the other side. We just never knew what or how that could happen so never said how we were going to do that. I also had a butterfly land on me for the first time ever. It sat on my hand for the longest time. I just found it really interesting that the dog did not react. Like he could not hear it. It was frightened at first but after so many nights it became comforting. I also had a dream of my husband and it was so real. I could feel his hands and arms around me. He was comforting me and I asked what is it like there and he said it is the same. I said but I am not there and the dream immediately ended. I just feel like the knocking was my husbands way of letting me know he is still here with me. And I still think about the dream when I asked what it was like there and he said it was the same. I have given that a lot of thought.

Hi Deb,

I think it was your husband too, and as you quietly settle into your new life, the knocks should gradually fade away. The dream sounds wonderful. If he wants his spirit life to be like his living life, then yes, it will be ‘the same’, only better. There is no fear in heaven, no loss, no pain, only love and peace and healing, which he will find himself getting more and more comfortable with as time passes, just as he wants you to feel safe and comfortable as you continue ‘living’ your life.

Love & Peace

My dear father passed a few weeks back. My mom and I both heard three knocks on the back door and no one was there. At least I have a witness since my mother heard it too.

My mother passed Feb. 19 early this morning I heard 3 knocks on her bedroom door. 3 months and one day after her death. Haven’t dreamt of her yet. But I been systematically reorganizing the house.

Hello Donna,

I highly recommend the Michael Invocation with a prayer to your guardian angel to FIND your mother and then TAKE her into Heaven.

You might feel the energy shift and she will protect you and send more angels and a gift to you.

She just told me you are a medium.

All the best,


My husband passed away in April 2018. About 2 months after he passed away, I was at my cottage and every night for several nights at 1030pm there would be 3 loud knocks at the door. No one was there. One night a friend was with me and 1030 came and 3 knocks. The strange thing is her dog was with her and goes crazy if there is a knock at the door. The dog acted as if he did not hear a thing, yet my friend and I heard it loud and clear. Before my husband died we had said that whoever dies first has to let the other person know they are still with us but we had not a clue how. I knew when I heard those knocks that he was telling me he is still with me.

My friend passed away and about 4 days later I was home alone watching tv at like 1 AM and all the sudden i hear three knocks. I checked the security cameras because I was scared because it was late. Nothing. So I got scared and rolled over and tried to go to sleep. About 10 minutes into trying to fall asleep my bedroom door SLAMS shut. It was definitely him no doubt, especially after reading all of these i’m so happy.

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