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Help Me To See My Father In My Dreams

I miss my father. and I really dont have any idea how to console myself after his death.

Everyone say that the deceased people come in our dreams… its been a month and I havent seen him.

Please help me to see my father in my dreams. Its very important for me as I have to ask him for forgiveness which I didnt during his life.

Asked by maira

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I have had dreams of my loved ones that passed away, but it was a long time after they died.
I’m still waiting to have a dream from my Son, who passed away Nov. 2014.
You will get your dream when your loved one thinks the time is right. Sometimes if it happened too soon it is too painful for us.
Just keep your Memories alive and cheerful!


Hi maira,

Do you have any grief and loss support groups nearby?

I am sure your father will get the message if you ask for his forgiveness. If he crossed already to Heaven, he already forgave you anyways, or will forgive you when you ask him because he is his loving self again. I doubt anyone in Heaven refuses to forgive anyone.

Maybe you could write on a piece of paper asking for your father to visit you in your dreams and ask him for his forgiveness there. Maybe you could write down everything you wanted to tell him on the paper, asking for his forgiveness as well, and maybe ask that you remember the dreams when you wake up, and then when you are done, fold the paper up, leave it under your pillow for 3 nights, and see what happens. He’ll most likely get the message.

Nancy is right though, you might have to wait when your loved one thinks the time is right. And sometimes, our emotions may be blocking our loved ones from visiting us through our dreams.

You could also try forgiving yourself and loving yourself unconditionally. I know forgiveness is such a personal thing, but sometimes the best thing we can do is really forgive our own selves instead of looking for someone else’s approval.

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