Death and Life

Is Death The End?

I am having an existential crisis and my only hope of not being a pointless bit of meat floating in space is if spirits are real.

I am unsure if spirits are real, but if they are it means that there is more than this life.

I as, is death the end? Or is there more? Thank you.

Asked by Cameron

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Cameron! The death is not the end! Start reading/listening the books/audiobooks (on topic of spiritualism). Also find the books written by Robert Monroe. If you like them learn about hemisync and binaural beats. Don’t be in hurry, be patient and silent. Don’t believe anyone except your heart. When your consciousness is ready to ask very concrete questions seek wise people. Again, how do you know if the answer is right? Your heart will know. And the main sign will be your inner smile and acceptance, sometimes tears.
If you consider your life circumstances unbearable get out to nature and pray under the night sky as much as necessary for assistance. Use your own words, cry if you feel powerless. Just let “them” know you need “their” guidance. Don’t accelerate the events or relationship. From now on direct your attention to your inner world, word of your thoughts. And read! Read as much as possible about spiritualism (start with Ancient Greek/Rome philosophers who discussed ideal and material). If it’s too complicated go to Dolores Cannon and her videos on YouTube. It’s a quick fix for you but not enough for real strength.
I feel your pain…

Hi Cameron,

Ghosts, spirits, angels, demons and elementals (nature spirits) are real. I know this having been haunted, on and off, for the past 55 years. I also know this because I have past life, and between lives, memories that I was born with. When I began to speak, as a tiny child, I spoke 3 languages – Australian (I was born here, as were both my parents and neither speaks French), French, and another language recognised as coming from the Mediterranean countries. I still understand French, though having never heard it in my growing years, I don’t speak it. I also have a number of friends in this lifetime, that I shared past lives with .. and we didn’t invent the stories we all know about those lives.

Death is not the end of human existence .. its just a door we step through, from life to spirit to life. When I die, in this lifetime, a whole bunch of us are going scuba diving as spirits, because most of us don’t like sharks. It’s a joke among us, though I am sure we will. Spirits can come and go from our realm, but ghosts (also human but not yet crossed into heaven after their bodies died) are trapped here. And thousands of people, or millions really, can talk to ghosts, spirits, angels, demons and elementals. The smarter ones stay away from negative entities.

Your body is your vehicle for your spirit in this lifetime. It’s chosen by you to help you learn the lessons you have chosen to experience in this lifetime. After all, this is a ‘material’ world .. and being able to touch is one of the important gifts we share here.

Love & Peace

For anyone who may be interested I have added links to a few books by Robert Monroe below Cameron’s question