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Why Do I Have a Bruise After Lucid Dreaming?

i am not an expert when it comes to lucid dreaming, I have been able to catch myself dreaming and interact with my environment such as changing colors on the wall or continue to fly in the air when I feel like I’m falling. I can tell myself no this is my dream and I want to fly and will get back into the air.

I have had re-occurring dreams and have been able to change the dream around based on what I remember from last time. Recently, I was able to go back into a dream- I remember an empty bedroom and a blue light from the TV illuminating the room a little. I heard a voice yell HEY and I woke up scared. I told myself to go back and I DID- this time I tried not to move and just opened my eyes in the dream to look around. Then I felt a phone drop next to me and go off with lights and sounds and again I woke up. The third time I went back in and this time I heard the voice behind me say. “are you kidding me?” and I realized I was late for work. I have heard voices and seen shadows of people but never interacted. I just took on a watchful approach and left when I was scared.

One night – I remember a buzzing in the air getting louder and faster and then almost like an pulse I found myself dreaming and heard a women say “He’s in! I can hear him now!” Not being used to interacting with energies or spirits I was scared and woke up. This time I wanted to interact a little more and was able to catch myself dreaming again, except this time it was different. I couldn’t remember what my room looked like! I kept waking up in the dark in my old bedroom as a child when I would have nightmares a lot! I kept trying to bring myself back to my room but I couldn’t so I tried to wake up and was hit with sleep paralysis going in and out of my room and my old room if that makes sense?

I was finally able to pull free, I took a deep breath-envisioned a bright light around me and went back in. This time there were more shadowy figures ( I dont know if I cant see their face because I don’t want to or not ready for it yet?) They started talking to me and approaching me. I again became scared and tried to wake up but sleep paralysis made it difficult a second time. I was going in and out and could see snaps of shadows getting closer and one managed to grab me. I yelled and tried to pull as much as I could but couldn’t break free so I relaxed a bit to think and the next think I remember was feeling this hot powerful pulse build up inside me and I looked up at everyone and yelled LEAVE ME ALONE! They all disappeared and I woke up in my own bed.

I looked for things that belonged in my current room to assure myself like the carpet, the dresser, the tv etc. Long story short I now have a bruise where I was grabbed on my arm. It doesn’t resemble a hand more like a blotch of spots, that is tender to the touch.

I also want to say I don’t bruise easily which is why I am concerned. I have gotten hurt many times but never had the appearance of a bruise. What do you think this could be related to or am I attributing something to that place? I don’t remember running into anything and my partner mentioned I was tossing and turning more than usual but nothing out of the ordinary? Any guidance would be appreciated.

Asked by Miguel

Dreams and Sleep

Thoughts And Dreams Of Past Memories

For some reason I have been having thoughts and dreams of my life from younger years to now. Its while I’m awake and dreaming.

The thoughts will come out of nowhere and I’ll think of something that I had long ago forgotten. Or didn’t even want to remember.

It goes back to when I was 3 or 4 up to now at age 63. These are memories I have never thought of until a couple of months ago when this started.

Any reason this is happening?

Asked by Mary

Dreams and Sleep

Frequent Dreams Of A Child

My question is regarding a dream my daughter is having. She lost a baby(miscarriage) 2 1/2 years ago.

Now she is dreaming and seeing this child in her dreams. We didn’t know if it was a boy or girl. And she can’t tell that from the dreams.

She has never dreamt of this child before, but now its frequent.


Asked by Mary

Dreams and Sleep

Evil Fetuses Seen In Dreams

Has Anyone Seen This Or Know What They Could Be?

I have had these strange looking, almost alien fetuses appear in my dreams. They are only about two inches long and an inch wide.

I dreamt once I seen one of them in a test tube (such as a test tube baby) and an evil voice behind me said: “There will be a child born from the very depths of evil.” A few days ago I dreamt I was holding 4 of them at individual times (maybe 5 of them) and acting like they were cute but still afraid of them. I looked at one and it started growing pale and then my skin started to change the same color as it. It was a pasty, grayish color. I then scooped them up and wrapped them in a paper towel and threw them away.

They seem to be barely alive and hardly move. They look up at me with beady black eyes with an evil smirk on their face as if planning something. If anyone has seen anything like this in dreams or think they know what they are, please comment!

Asked by Seth

Dreams and Sleep

Feeling Physical Pain From A Dream

While in the dream state I envision myself touching a handrail and at that time my hand touched the handrail my body was shocked literally.

It hurts so bad I woke up in pain because I felt the charge through my arm and body.

I couldn’t sleep the rest the night what does this mean?

Asked by Peggy

Dreams and Sleep

Dream Haunting Me

I’ve had this same dream more than 8 times within the past 6 months. I know that I’m dreaming and for some reason I NEED to wake myself up. I become surrounded by a big bright white light. As the white light gets closer my body starts to shake and convulse. I try scream but I’m only able to make whimpering sounds. I have to be shaken to be woken up.

The very last time I had this dream (and I had it 3 times in the same evening) as soon as the lights turn off I begin to hear music in my head mixed with a loud ringing sound. My son literally has to shake me for a minute before I was able to get out of my dream. I still have the ringing in my ears and go to sleep 3 more times and every time having be shaken awake and every time being scared.

The last and final dream of that night I felt something pulling me across my bed. After the final dream the music finally stopped.

Asked by Melanie

Dreams and Sleep

Questions About Lucid Dreaming And OBE

I was intrigued to get in touch with you and was hoping to ask you a few questions to develop my knowledge on lucid dreaming and OBEs, since I believe I had one last night.

It is a very strange experience seeing as I have never tried to lucid dream or have an out of body experience, and equally have never believed in spirits, poltergeists or possession before what happened to me. I am still really shaken up with what happened and would love to talk to you about what I felt and saw in the night to get your opinion.

I was pulled from my body by what I can only describe as an evil spirit of myself (she looked identical to me but completely pale and eyes black) I was watching myself sat on the toilet with the poltergeist/spirit screaming at me, telling me off and shrieking. The real me was sat gormless staring at it. The lights were flashing between me sat on the loo and evil spirit version of me. I suddenly I woke up in “real life” and I was sat on the loo just like in my “dream” even though I had been positively asleep in bed prior to this happening. I don’t know how I got to the toilet and what I had been staring at.

I am literally petrified because I don’t usually believe in that sort of stuff and it’s not like I’ve watched anything scary or tv recently for it to be in my head or have imagined it, therefore I really think it what happened was real. I’m literally so scared.

Whilst looking in to what happened I also saw that spirits can show up during sleep paralysis too, could this have been what happened? Did I witness an evil spirit visit me whilst I was in sleep paralysis or out of body? Or was I just hallucinating?

Many thanks and I look forward to hearing back if you are happy to discuss things with me.

Amy , age 20 , United Kingdom

Asked by Amy R

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Dreams and Sleep

Dream Or Vision?

I am a Grandmother of 8 and do believe in the paranormal from personal experience.

Last night I had a vivid vision that woke me up from a dead sleep that has rattled my senses all day. The vision was simply my husband and I in a hotel room in Denver Colorado (we visit a few times a year), our room several flights up… a tremendous roar of a explosion along with vibration that took us to the window just in time to see the complete valley floor east of metro Denver collapse into itself… with seconds to only think this was the end and our death would be painless because of the implosion and disinegration of all life….

I have never had anything like this happen before…. any suggestions?

Asked by Kim

Dreams and Sleep

Woken (but not woken) By Tapping On My Neck

I live in a small house with my mum, we moved in around 3 years ago. The other night I went to bed early to start a new schedule of waking up at 6:30 am and going to the gym before work. All went well and I got a good sleep, I woke up once at around 4 am to get a drink but quickly fell back asleep. The next thing I know is that I was laying on my side facing the wall, and I feel 3 very distinct taps on the back of my neck, at first I ignored it, but when I didn’t react I got faster non-stop tapping that started at my neck and moved down my spine.

At this point I felt conscious but I also felt like I was dreaming, I then heard a soothing and caring voice say “Blake, it’s 6:30, you’ve got to wake up”. I turned around and I got embraced by a figure, so I hugged them back, at this point I felt very calm, warm and relaxed. As I hugged the figure, it felt as if my arm was actually around someone, so I asked them, “how is this possible?” and they just responded with, “I don’t know, but you need to wake up”. So I moved the cover quickly off of me, and as if they didn’t want to be seen, they dashed under the cover into the darkness, and I briefly remember seeing a skinny lady with long, blonde hair, then I woke up, exactly as my alarm went off at 6:30. At no time did I feel scared, it was like I knew them and felt comfortable with them.

This is my first experience like this, I spoke to my mum about it and she said I almost described my Aunty who passed when I was young. Experiences exactly like this have happened to my mum 3 times since we moved into this house, except they never spoke to her like they did me, they just tapped her and she woke up.

What do you make of this?

I should also mention that my mum and I encounter strange situations all the time where we’ll think something and then it happens, or we’ll go to message someone (or each other) and they’ll be messaging us at the same time. Just stuff like that.

Asked by Blake

Dreams and Sleep

Dream Of Old Man Giving Me Money So He Could Sublet My House

In my waking life I have a property that was gifted to me by a friend.

In my dream an elderly white haired man, he was brittle face but cleanly dressed in a hat and tweeted suit came to view my property. In the dream there was another person there that I knew like a friend that owned the property before. We took the elderly man around to look at the property on viewing he was complaining in in the dream that the ceiling decoratoration was to white. The property had been newly decorated. The person with said that’s the way we painted it and it could not be changed. Then I found outside on top of the the building we the elderly man was making a lot of people laugh.

We then went back into the property where I asked if the property was for himself or someone else he said himself. He then proceeded to bring out a wade of monies from his pocket for immediate payment of rent. I was not comfortable taking the money from him as I would have preferred he goes through my appointed agency for all the necessary checks. He however forced the monies into my left hand.

I asked he hold on while I consultants with my friends that was with me.

I asked my friend what he thought. He said the old man seemed okay. I said I would be more comfortable the man went through my agency as I had no references of anything to go by. My friend said it’s most unlikely the old man would want to go through the agency route as he would have enough monies to pay the agency fee.

Was till trying to make a decision that’s when I awoke from my dream.

In my waking life my registry papers have not yet gone through so I’m not yet ready to sublet the property do you think the dream is a warning. Kindly help to interpret.

Thanks loads

Asked by Kola

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