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Massive Death

While watching the news recently I viewed a story about a co-pilot who took his own life along with his Co-workers and passengers. Many lives were lost all at once and it was clear some of them were not ready to pass peacefully as they were begging and screaming for their lives.

Upon the crashing of the plane all of those who were crossing over may have been feeling not only terror but vengeance or hate toward their killer as he passed with them.
Did they have a moment to express this to him? Would they have been so busy experiencing the transition they paid his spirit no attention at all, as they all separated on their own individual journeys?

If they knew each other well in this life time did they cross over together? I can’t stop wondering.

Asked by Elaine

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Hello Elaine,

The media has a lot to answer for, in my opinion, that they would willingly cause the families of those who lost their loved ones so much pain by sharing that recording with us. Yes, I saw it too, and it broke my heart.

What I do know, from personal experiences, training, and times between lives .. that people in accidents become special cases. Their angels are right beside them, ready to grab them as they fall. They die in shock but they can still see the Light, still reach for it, and for those who don’t do that straight away, there are rescue angels, and people like me, wishing them well, sending ‘helpers’ to find each of them, and make sure they are crossed over, just as we are doing in Nepal right now, after the earthquakes.

As to the man who chose to destroy others in destroying himself, they might be angry with him on this side of the veil, but on the other, where Love and Compassion Rule .. they won’t be. They would be gathered as a group, have group healing sessions, release group karma .. learn and grow from the experience, just as we are expected to learn and grow, to find forgiveness for those who do us harm, and release the ties that anger, fear and pain create between individuals. We don’t know if that man was creating karma or repaying it, in what he did, only those who lived the experience will know. We have to make our own peace with each loss, even if it only touched our lives briefly through the media. We don’t know the outcome of the accident .. not just the deaths, but the ramifications of each of those lives cut short .. or the ramifications that would have followed each lifetime if the people had not died when they did. Karma is very complicated, like a spider’s web, and everyone in that plane was connected by karma somehow, nothing is ever random .. even accidents.

Love & Peace

Sorry, this isn’t much of a reply to the question asked, but Ama, how do you “send helpers” to the people in Nepal if you don’t know their names? How do you cross over people if you don’t even know their names and can’t tell Archangel Michael their names to find them and then to cross them over?
As for the questions asked, I am sure the people on the plane at minimum acknowledged each others emotions towards each other at some point, even if they did it AFTER they had crossed over. But that doesn’t mean they stayed mad or kept the hatred. Once you cross over, you can heal from the pain and hurt and I’m sure love is the answer to their past hatred against the man who led them to their deaths.

In Nepal, I’m not trying to find a specific person, Micle, so I don’t need a name. Every guardian angel knows every other guardian angel, they are ‘one mind’ (a collective consciousness), very handy in group rescue work. I ask my guardian to find the site/s, which I could see on tv, then Find all the spirits/ghosts of the people that have died, and make sure they are crossed into heaven. It’s the same FIND & TAKE commands we use to cross ghosts over, only not as specific. To get to other towns, that might be hidden away, the guardians know where they are .. so we don’t need to. It is enough that we give them permission to help .. then they help.

Love & Peace

So you were basically saying, “Archangel Michael (or my guardian angel), find all the people that died in Nepal from the earthquakes and take them into healing”. Would that work? I find this so interesting! I always wondered what happened to all the ghosts that get left over from natural disasters. I usually get this huge feeling in my heart when something like this happens and I want to help SOMEHOW but I never know how.

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