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Is Cremation OK?

I would like to know if there are any taboos against cremation.


Asked by Frankie

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Hello Frankie,

Which religion do you belong to? Each has its own ‘rules’.

As to taboos – not that I know of. In my opinion, it is a good clean way of deposing of dead bodies, also makes them into great fertilizer. My mother plans to be spread among her rose bushes. I would like to be spread among some trees.

The Christians did teach that, at the 2nd coming of Christ, the perfect (sinless) believers would be ‘resurrected’ in the bodies the died in, so burial was necessary .. but if you think about what happens to bodies after you bury them .. suddenly we have what looks like zombies, if not just bones or dust. So, once modern science destroyed the myth that Christian bodies were always perfectly preserved awaiting the ‘day’, cremation was no longer a problem. Yes, there are some ‘preserved’ Christian bodies (usually caused by the chemicals in the soil they were buried in, or the climate), and a whole lot of bits of them under glass (mostly bones), since those bodies were often chopped into pieces so that the blessing they provided could be spread all over the Christian world. How they are going to be resurrected I am not sure.

The ancient Egyptians also preserved their bodies, by taking out the soft tissue organs (brains, heart, etc) and putting them in jars. Then they used chemicals to dry out the flesh, and wrapped the husk in bandages. You can find plenty of these corpses in museums all around the world. Not one of them has got up and walked again, that I know of, and they are not waiting the second coming of Christ. The ancient Egyptians did this so that the KA, their spirit, would have a home to return to, and continue to look like that person in the heavens .. but they do anyway, having ‘met’ a few spirits of dead ancient Egyptians over the years.

In my opinion, cremation, on a planet of 7+ billion people, with very little land left to grow food, or house people, is a very good idea. Other religious groups have done it for thousands and thousands of years .. its a good example to follow.

Love & Peace


Thank you so much for your thoughtful reply. I was raised Catholic but have often wondered if there would be any consequences of cremation, in a metaphysical sense. It seems like the logical choice but over the years I had heard some conflicting information but you have reassured me. Thanks again, Ama.

I see no harm in this method of how to deal with the body after death. I am so against the coffins and the all of the stuff they pump into your body after you die. Also the body is only a temple that houses the soul and if reincarnation is real then we dont need this body any more because we come back in a new body and also the bible dont say that when you rise that you will have that same body you died in I plan on being cremated as well I do not want to be placed in the earth she houses enough dead bodies in her soil considering how long people has been on earth and how many has died. I really do not think that it harms any thing for so many reasons one and the main one is that the soul can not be destroyed so there it is. Although Ama did a much better job explaining it

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