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Does A Persons Personality Lasts Forever?

Will personality be the same after death?

Asked by Diana

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When a person dies and if the spirit does not find its path to the healing lands and becomes a ghost ( learning from a great friend of mine)which is also called a lost soul then that spirit will have the same personality. If they are mourning for some thing they will still be in mourning. If they were a violent person they will be after death as well. So the answer is yes it stays the same but they will be sad because they are lost regaurdless of how their life was.

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Hi Diana,

And continuing Queenicess’ answer .. being a ghost is an unnatural state. When we die we should cross into heaven. Sometimes we don’t, for a while .. but eventually we all do. In heaven the personality you have now will become part of the large ‘whole’, like one piece fitting back in to create the perfect ‘you’, the best you, the true you – for this personality that you have now is only a small part of the perfect self.

It’s not something to be frightened of. You will be even lovelier than you are now, with less worries and fears. Something to look forward to.

Love & Peace

When we are in heaven, will we still have the same consciousness as before? I mean, right now, I know who I am, where I live and what I do, I know who my family is, I know my city, and many things everyone knows about the surrounding reality. I have memories. Will this all just go away and we shall become something else(” as one”), or will this individual “self” be preserved?

I also read about reincarnation, another thing I fear… I don’t remember any past lives… I also read something interesting about this: that our “past lives” are actually happening as we speak, in a different, but simultaneous timeline… Losing all this(your memories, everything you knew about your current, physical life) would be akin to having total, definitive amnesia, which is a very terrible thing to happen to someone….

Hello Carl,

To answer your questions

.. yes, we have the same awareness of our ‘self’ (our consciousness) but it is also wider, deeper and more knowledgeable. It will include all your previous lives and their associated memories.

.. you don’t need to remember past lives to have a useful life this time around. It is, like all your physical attributes, a choice we make – to have them or not.

.. multi-dimensional lives is also a possible way of looking at the progression of the ‘self’ towards perfection, but they are not ‘past’ lives, they are believed to all be happening in the ‘here & now’.

.. ghosts, spirits who have died and not crossed into heaven yet, can forget who they were and all the people they loved, but once they cross over, every memory comes back to them.

We lose nothing in dying, but as creators, we are supposed to make the best of every life we live, and learn as much as we can .. even if its only a little, for a short time .. before returning to heaven, having a rest, and then starting the journeying all over again. We continue this cycle of birth and rebirth until we have learned all we need to know to perfect our spirits, and then we can come back again .. if we want to .. or remain within the human collective-energy-being that is the actual ‘true self’ .. one entity of which each of us is like a drop in the ocean, every changing, but yet remaining the same.

Love & Peace