What Is This Vibration In My Body?

When I was filled with the Holy Spirit I felt a sort of vibration all through my body that lasted a short while, and each time I was “refilled” the vibration lasted longer until I always have (or just am aware?) of this vibration. But I notice it more at certain times now, like when I sit close with my husband while watching the TV.

Can you explain more about this vibration, what causes it and anything else you can tell me about it?

Asked by Mary


Paranormal And Religion

I am a very open person. I have been baptized but my family (and myself) don’t practice any religion. However, since being exposed to the paranormal I am a bit confused when it comes to how religion plays a big part in the paranormal.

I have seen a lot of evidence to suggest that daemons seem to be repelled by religious belief or symbols. So my question is (I know it can be difficult not to be biased, but please try):

“if these entities are becoming weaker by prayer, religious symbols etc does that mean that they themselves believe in those things therefore they are repelled by them?

Or does it mean that your faith in these things are so strong that they repel evil?

Or something else?….

I’ve tried seeking help with my local parish but I am currently in a village in England that is “between priests”…

Asked by Rhi


Devil Worshipers

How do you keep devil worshipers away from your animals, your family and home against their evil curses, hexes and spells?

This all started when I was at this person’s house. First of all, a homeless lady named Amy was talking to this not so homeless lady that lives in a trailer park with us inside of her trailer talking all lewd in front of me, this was when my parents were at home and I was over there with them. All of a sudden Amy talked to this lady I was hanging out with for months now, and her name is Kim. Amy talked about the satanic bible to Kim, and Kim got involved in it with her because she thought it might be real cool to try out black magic of Satan and his band of demons.

We’ve had a Guinea Pig named Bunnie because he looked like a bunny and acted like one, too. We’ve had him in perfect condition where his health was concerned, and all of a sudden, he went down to skin and bones and had maggots crawling from the inside out of him when he was still alive. The next day which was in the noon time was when he died, and we buried him.

A week later after we buried him, we found him and the little cloth that we buried him in on top of the ground, no hole dug no nothing. So we reburied him in our garden and done “The White Shield” with an egg for protection and,”The Michael Invocation,” over our animals and our home for the last few days now for protection also, asked the Lord to help us.

One of the devil worshipers showed up at our door today. What’s your opinion on all of this, and what do we need to do to keep them from contacting us?

Asked by Rebecca


Do All Religious Practices Have A Dark Side?

Back with more questions that just come up. I realize that some religions, like in Africa, have religious practices that are good and can be used for negative reasons.

I know Voodoo and some other religions can be used for good and bad, but are they the only religions that can do those or it applies to all religions, except Christianity?

Asked by Alex

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What Is The Difference Between A Soul And A Spirit?

This is a question I have wondered about since I was a child. I have my own ideas and I have had people who tried to explain to me what they thought it was according to their church or beliefs.

I read in the Bible about souls and spirits but it just didnt seem clear to me. I used a concordance and read everything I could find with the words “soul” or “spirit”. The words seem to be used interchangeably almost.

I dont really comment or anything like that but I do read these questions and stuff a lot. I am hoping that someone could explain to me what the difference between a persons soul and spirit are – in a way that makes sense to me.

Thanks for reading

Asked by Dani


Is Suicide A Form Of Murder?

Was wondering… I was taught that suicide is a form of murder to ones self… I don’t really know but this is my question…

If one was to commit this act… and I will be honest and tell you why I am asking… the young men who has gunned down innocent lives and then take there own… young children bullied and see the only way out is take their own lives… is this murder? Is this against Gods plan?

Asked by Lisa

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Ascension, the Second Coming and other acts of …

Hi guys,

I have a very serious question, actually, its a number of questions.  It’s directed to all those sincere and intense believers in either humanity’s ascension, or the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, the Warrior Messiah .. only to me, this guy didn’t appear the first time (so how can it be the ‘second coming’?), because Jesus was a man of peace, a man who said ‘put down your sword’ .. not ‘pick it up and follow me’, so who is this warrior that Revelation says we should be looking for (if we are Christian)?

Going by an article in our local paper, the world was supposed to have come to an end 60 times since 1980 – they suggest we do a search of Wikipedia “list of dates predicted for apocalyptic events” or check out the website “A brief history of the Apocalypse” (, which lists various dates between 2800 BCE and 1700.  Thankfully it hasn’t, and the majority of us are still here, although so many people are dying because of the actions of other people around them right now .. we’ll probably wipe ourselves off the face of the earth before anything paranormal gets around to doing it.  Don’t even get me started on gun laws in various countries around the world …

Now that we have gone through another non-ascension astrological event, and Jesus Christ didn’t turn up to throw 99.9999% of us into hell, and people don’t appear to have ascended, either physically, emotionally or spiritually in any way we can prove .. what has it done to your beliefs in either subject?  How are you convincing yourself they are still valid, when we have failure after failure, of them actually eventuating?

Wishing everyone a very wonderful 2013, ascension, second coming, or not .. we could all use a little …

Love & Peace




Atheism – Does It Really Exist?

I’ve been cruising around some religious forums and discovered quite a few posters proclaiming to be atheists, arguing against God’s existence.

Do you think it is inconsistent to the concept of atheism for someone who “lacks belief” in God to actively work against God’s existence by attempting to show that God doesn’t exist?

Are they just trying to prove that lack of existence to themselves because, deep down, they’re not really sure?

What truly defines an atheist?

Asked by A J Ryder


Why is Spirituality Important?

Hi guys,

I’ve been thinking about this one for some time. Why is being spiritual important? Why is God, by any name, important to some people, ignored by some, and denied by others? How do we benefit from having spiritual beliefs – in things like Spirit, angels, elementals, love, hope, faith, peace, or charity… to name a few? Why is forgiveness important to a spiritual person?

Wishing everyone Love & Peace Ama Nazra


Is Heaven and Hell Real?

Is Heaven and Hell real? If they are then we need proof.


Asked by Paul M