Light / Flame Rings In The Forest?

Okay so I’ve tried to research this on my own and I’m unable to come up with anything related to this phenomenon.

A few weeks ago myself and a few of my closest friends were in Northern Pennsylvania staying at one of the guy’s family cabin. We have a steel target set up about 50-60 yards from the front porch and my best friend and I were shooting at it with BB guns after dark.

As we were taking turns shooting a bright orange ring of light appeared to the left of the target. It was completely stationary and lasted long enough for me to turn around and see if one the other guys was playing with a flashlight or something. No one was. Then it faded away.

At first I thought maybe it was a spark from hitting something metal but there was only the steel target and it was a missed shot (there’s a distinctive ping when you hit the target) My friend and I didn’t say anything at first thinking it was our imaginations then we both looked at each other and said “Did you see that!?” at the same time and we both described the same thing.

We walked up the hill to the target and couldn’t find any logical answer. We then spent several minutes trying to purposely miss the target to replicate what we saw. My friend then saw it again in a different spot and described it as being a different color, this time bright yellow.

Now bear in mind that we were on a private mountain, we were the only ones up there for miles. I understand that this may not be paranormal at all but I can’t find an explanation and I can’t stop thinking about it. It may be worth mentioning that He and I have seen several strange things together over the years.

Any information is appreciated. Thank you!

Asked by Neil D.

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Ascension, the Second Coming and other acts of …

Hi guys,

I have a very serious question, actually, its a number of questions.  It’s directed to all those sincere and intense believers in either humanity’s ascension, or the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, the Warrior Messiah .. only to me, this guy didn’t appear the first time (so how can it be the ‘second coming’?), because Jesus was a man of peace, a man who said ‘put down your sword’ .. not ‘pick it up and follow me’, so who is this warrior that Revelation says we should be looking for (if we are Christian)?

Going by an article in our local paper, the world was supposed to have come to an end 60 times since 1980 – they suggest we do a search of Wikipedia “list of dates predicted for apocalyptic events” or check out the website “A brief history of the Apocalypse” (, which lists various dates between 2800 BCE and 1700.  Thankfully it hasn’t, and the majority of us are still here, although so many people are dying because of the actions of other people around them right now .. we’ll probably wipe ourselves off the face of the earth before anything paranormal gets around to doing it.  Don’t even get me started on gun laws in various countries around the world …

Now that we have gone through another non-ascension astrological event, and Jesus Christ didn’t turn up to throw 99.9999% of us into hell, and people don’t appear to have ascended, either physically, emotionally or spiritually in any way we can prove .. what has it done to your beliefs in either subject?  How are you convincing yourself they are still valid, when we have failure after failure, of them actually eventuating?

Wishing everyone a very wonderful 2013, ascension, second coming, or not .. we could all use a little …

Love & Peace