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Ascension, the Second Coming and other acts of …

Hi guys,

I have a very serious question, actually, its a number of questions.  It’s directed to all those sincere and intense believers in either humanity’s ascension, or the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, the Warrior Messiah .. only to me, this guy didn’t appear the first time (so how can it be the ‘second coming’?), because Jesus was a man of peace, a man who said ‘put down your sword’ .. not ‘pick it up and follow me’, so who is this warrior that Revelation says we should be looking for (if we are Christian)?

Going by an article in our local paper, the world was supposed to have come to an end 60 times since 1980 – they suggest we do a search of Wikipedia “list of dates predicted for apocalyptic events” or check out the website “A brief history of the Apocalypse” (, which lists various dates between 2800 BCE and 1700.  Thankfully it hasn’t, and the majority of us are still here, although so many people are dying because of the actions of other people around them right now .. we’ll probably wipe ourselves off the face of the earth before anything paranormal gets around to doing it.  Don’t even get me started on gun laws in various countries around the world …

Now that we have gone through another non-ascension astrological event, and Jesus Christ didn’t turn up to throw 99.9999% of us into hell, and people don’t appear to have ascended, either physically, emotionally or spiritually in any way we can prove .. what has it done to your beliefs in either subject?  How are you convincing yourself they are still valid, when we have failure after failure, of them actually eventuating?

Wishing everyone a very wonderful 2013, ascension, second coming, or not .. we could all use a little …

Love & Peace



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Great question, Ama!

I know that this question wasn’t directed at the likes of me, but I would still like to comment ….

My take on the ‘second coming’ is, well, much more liberal than Revelation (which, in my view, was simply idea’s and images ‘borrowed’ from other Biblical stories to scare folk into bending to another’s will.)

The energy of our world and the planets that orbit our sun are changing. It is a natural part of the planetary and solar life-cycle. There appears to be much more supernatural occurences with ordinary people experiencing paranormal activity than they did, say, 30 years ago. Whether that is due to a general trend of being more open minded about the supernatural, or whether there is an increase in activity, is hard to measure. Maybe it is a bit of both? But I beleive it is these flux’s in energy that mark the so called “apocalyptic” events, not a major catastrophy that will wipe us all from this earth.

I believe in the reincarnation of a great leader of old that will help us all understand the true nature of God, the universe and how everything connects together completely and in total harmony, rather than seperated between the spiritual and the scientific ideals. Whether it is the spirit of Jesus or the spirit of another great prophet is open to discussion, but I believe a wise one closely connected to the God-source will emerge soon that will be able to speak to all nations, for all nations, without the boundaries of religious teaching to hinder the minds of those who refuse to see the truth. I also believe this new prophet will come in female form, rather than the tradionial male form depicted in most religious texts.

Jesus, I agree, was a gentle man, not a war-lord. But he was still a warrior. He fought for his beliefs with vigour. He used words and parrables to put his understanding of God across in a clear, concise way to those who wanted to learn. He was prepared to die for his beliefs – a mark of a true warrior.

To that end, Jesus was placed on this earth to save, not to condemn and punish. He taught good humanitarian vertues and so, anyone (even if they were not Jewish or even a believer in the monotheisic concept system) could still find peace with themselves and with God by adhereing to a few simple acts of kindness and consideration towards their peers. Everyone is equal in the eyes of the Lord, after all. So I agree Ama, a warrior massiah is something man has made up – most likely because warriors are considered ‘strong’ where as passive behaviour is (or, at least, was back in the day), considered ‘weak’.

So maybe, the warrior the Christians are looking for, is someone who is strong in character. Someone who has the ability to lead as well as to teach. Someone whom people will listen to and understand. Someone whom people warm to and trust. Someone who makes sense, not tie up the truth with silly ‘red-tape’ rules that are so prominant in most relious teaching. There is nothing in any of that though, that suggests that warrior will go round wielding a sword of hatred at those who do not listen. But rather, someone who is there to help humanity, provided humanity is willing to help themselves.

Happy New Year to you too.


Hey AJ, that’s a great answer – and should be a hope for our future.

You wrote “There appears to be much more supernatural occurences with ordinary people experiencing paranormal activity than they did, say, 30 years ago.”

I have another possibility. What if there are not more ghosts, and other supernatural beings, but that humanity is waking up (or reawakening) to more of its ‘psychic’ senses? The elemental world is certainly attracting more attention now, and ghosts .. well, are they simply more demanding, as the average human has become? They do react from their egos, rather than their better natures. If they had reacted from them when they died, they would have crossed over.

I would love the return of a Teacher focused on Love, but your description reminds me more of the ‘anti-christ’ than one of the good guys. A man, or woman, clever with words, who ignore boundaries of faith, belief and fear. Could be good, could be very frightening – had better be bullet-proof, as I said in another answer long ago and on a whole different paranormal webpage. I would like to see the return of a whole lot of teachers, scattered across the world, in different communities, throughout different belief systems, all with the same message based in Love – not one voice, but many, all speaking the same words, so there can be no doubt about what is meant by their teachings. Then we could reach everyone ..

Love & Peace

Hi Ama

You said: I would love the return of a Teacher focused on Love, but your description reminds me more of the ‘anti-christ’ than one of the good guys.

First off, Jesus was one voice. A single voice in the wilderness. It is only through devotion, time and effort that his voice not only got heard, but also got repeated over and over throughout the nations.

Secondly, the anti-christ would not teach love and humanity. The anti-Christ would literally want to run into that battlefield, sword held high to sever the heads of all the ‘non-believers’.

In my view, it is the foundation of the various religions that give refuge to the anti-christ, not the single voice that resinates above the chorus of chanters that know not what they say.

Besides, who could possibly ignore a being that comes down from the heavens, riding on the back of a ‘bolt of lightning’?? (I’m guessing that is metaphorical for a space ship, something like that described in the book of Ezekiel – lol!)


PS I’ve noticed an awful lot of space debris falling towards earth over the past 10 months or so. It seems, every time I go out into the back yard for a smoke, I see at least one bit burning up in the atmosphere. Some folk have also reported damaged roof’s due to falling space debris that hasn’t completely turned up in the atmosphere during their decent. Never saw this kind of display of constant ‘space fire’ a few years back. Interesting ………

really you have seen alot of space debris like what? like falling meteorites or what? or like particles of the sun falling or parts of mars or the moon falling on to earth as charred pieces of rock and metal? yea me too yesterday a giant piece of smoking smoking and burning piece of rock and metal the size of a small car fell into my backyard leaving a trail of smoke and ashes behind and in space it was awesome i have seen this evcery other day lately so yes i know what you mean but its a good thing it didnt fall somewhere crowded like a freeway or mall or something like that? wow!

Wow, thats scary. When I was about 7 a meteorite landed in a field across the street from our house. It was small, about the size of a football. But have you ever noticed, in most cases of something like that hitting the earth they land in unpopulated areas, the ocean, vacant lots, that sort of thing. I wonder if that is significant?

Hi Robert

I think it has something to do with shifts in the magnetic field around the earth, weakening the earth’s shield against space debris. I’m guessing most of the space debris originates from rocket stages, old satellites, fragments from disintegration, erosion, and collisions just outside the stratosphere.

Scientists are tracking around 19,000 pieces of debris larger than 5 cm with another 300,000 pieces smaller than 1 cm below 2000 km altitude.

Added to that, of course, is natural space debris. Most of these that venture into ‘our’ space get ‘caught’ by the moon but it is not unknown for a meteor to enter earths atmosphere and plummet to earth.

Interesting stuff


There are so many different beliefs that it is confusing to know what to believe. Myself, I believe Satan controls the earth and God has nothing to do with it. But I believe that one day He will get fed up with the way things are going and step in and send Satan off to that lake of fire with about 95 percent of us bad people. Then start things all over again on earth as a paradise with the remaining 5 percent. But who really knows for sure? Nobody has been there and back to tell about it.

Hi Bofferbings,

Thank you for your comment. The question is not so much about ‘what’ we believe, but ‘why’ we keep believing what we do?

On tv, before the 21st December 2012, there was a serious report on a group of some Australians (and about many other such groups around the world) who were gathered together in protective huddles (safe house, towns they thought would be ‘saved’, underground bunkers, etc) getting messages from unseen entities ‘every night’ telling them the world was about to end on that date. I do not know if that group got one, but usually these messages included something like ‘but you will be saved because you are special’ by the aliens, or angels, or some other entities, including demons, who were sending the message. On the 22nd December, did these folk just pack their bags, abandon the buildings and go home? What happened to them then? What happens to their belief system when a disaster that has been ‘predicted’ .. and this ascension message (changing intensely over the years) first appeared a few years after I joined the internet, so late 1999 probably .. doesn’t happen? I know that some religious groups just rework the dates .. even if only by five months, as one preacher did last year from America – but how often is enough before people start to doubt what they are being ‘fed’ by their friendly, but invisible, helpers? The words ‘God told me’ have been said to me far too many times over the years since I had my healings centres ..

‘God? Which God?’ is my usual answer.

So .. the pendulum gave this group of people a message that the world would fall into anarchy and they had to protect themselves and store food and expect the worst .. it didn’t happen – where are they now?

My question to you then, is, why do you believe that Satan owns this planet, and where does that belief come from? Why do you also believe that one day God will step in and turn it back into the paradise it once was? If your belief is based in the Christian Bible, why is it based there? Is it because of your own research over the years, or is it because someone told you the stories that really touched your heart and mind when you were a child? Ascensionists also have strong beliefs. They believe the energy of the planet is either rising, or has been raised, since the ‘alignment’ on the 21st. The truth, however, seems to be that nothing much has changed in the world, if you go by the tv news. Are they now going to pick a new date, say 2025, as one paper reported was the actual corrent year for the end of the Mayan calendar not so long ago? What happens if they decided the Pelaidians, or Acturians or Reptilians, or the Galactic Federation, actually lied to them? Or is the Federation now making excuses .. since I haven’t check any new channellings to date .. for the ascension not happening? Or did I just get left behind, along with everyone else I know 🙂 .. even though we were ‘all’ (humanity) promised to be taken along (for the ride?) Why do we hold on to our beliefs?

Love & Peace

hello ana may i ask if you are or were by any chance a mental patient or are you on any kind of medication or hullucinogens or anything like that? im sorry but i just had to ask reptilians the galactic federation pelaidians and who knows what else did you get all this from star wars?

Hello Robert,

My name is A M A, not Ana. I know its an easy mistake. People often mispronounce it too.

Why is it me that has to be the mental patient, when I am the one asking why people believe what they do? If you actually read what I said, you’d realise that was what I was doing. I personally don’t believe in any of that stuff, except for what I have experienced msyelf.

I would have to guess you’ve never watched Star Wars either, given that the Pleidians, Reptilians and Galactic Federation are not part of their story lines… at least the stuff I watched when I was a kid didn’t include them.

And no, I don’t take hallucinagetics .. I don’t need them. My reality is full of things you ordinary folk can’t see, but luckily, there are lots more of us out here who ‘can’ see them.

Wishing you a gorgeous day,
Love & Peace

i am sorry ana it was not you i was talking about it was meant for the person that was talking about reptilians and palaleidians and some other types of well whatever they are and no i have never really been a star wars fan except when i was a very young kid for a time then i stopped watching after a bit. but please tell me what is a Pleidians, Reptilians and Galactic Federation all about what is it?

hello ama you are right i read your post and comments entirely and i read what you were actually saying so i am sorry but many of the stuff here is really off the deep end like about aliens or reptilians can you please explain it to me not to make fun off but to better understand and i have heard some about reptilians but it was more biblical and also about the summerians when i heard about reptillians

Hi Ama,
I cant say for sure why I believe that,I just feel in my heart that it is true. Im not that familiar with the Bible, but it seems to me with everything that has been happening over the last few thousand years, wars, murders, crime and corruption Satan must be controlling things. A friend of mine who is a member of a fairly mainstream religion was giving me Bible study for a while. Most of their beliefs I cant go along with but they believe Satan controls the world and that makes perfect sense to me. God created the earth for man and it just makes sense to me that He will restore it to the paradise it once was. Heaven dosent sound like a place I would want to be, being here on a perfect earth seems the most logical way to go. Why would a loving God want it otherwise? He created the earth for us. Also what little Ive read of the teachings of Jesus I believe as most people do, that He will return one day and make things right. I also believe there is a passage in the Bible somewhere where Jesus Himself said no man knows when the end will come. Like I say, I dont know a lot about the Bible and Im probably all wet but this is what I believe. It just seems right.

These nuts and crackpots who predict the end of the world are either insane or or out to make a fast buck. Have you noticed that on all those gloom and doom websites all of the ads for survival equipment, generators, food storage items and weird power supply gizmos? Those poor saps who put all that time and money into this craziness are the ones I feel sorry for. Some of them have given up their life savings, homes and family and friends just to follow some idiot or money-grubbing crook into a bunch of BS. Sorry about the crude way I put things, I dont have the knowledge for fancy writing but these are my thoughts.

Great question/topic, Ama!!!

My short answer: It hasn’t changed a thing for me.
I spend my days with computers….a majority of it on Unix/Linux systems. So I’m more worried about 2038 ( 🙂

I will admit, however….I was hoping for the revelation of the next root race….or maybe a new age of enlightenment.

But I’m also a big believer in reincarnation. So any end would be devistating to my path; which is why I’m also not a fan of apocalypse scenarios in general. Unless I intended to be here when things went down…..which would explain my nature a tad, but would still be detrimental to karma if I’m not careful.

Besides….I haven’t had a real vacation in over 3 years. I’d like to go to the beach again before the world ends.


Pardon me. I really don’t have a lot to add except that any Christian believing the words of man, as opposed to the Bible, makes no sense to me at all. Matthew 24:35-36 states that Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.
But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.
There’s nothing there about an exception or two who would know precisely.:)
Also, it seems to me that people of generations past had a lot more ghost stories than they do now. Personally, I believe the reason those people saw so much more was because they didn’t have the kinds of distractions we do now (Electricity, TV, everything else).

Hi Ama

I’ve been doing some research into the Gospel of Judas (fascinating stuff) and, during my cruising around I came across Islam’s version of the second coming (as you do!).

Like Christians, Islamic prophesy states that Jesus (Isa) will return at the ‘end times’ – predicted by Mohammed. The biggest difference is this:

From the viewpoint of Muslims, Jesus is to return as a Muslim, and he will break the cross (destroy Christianity). Muslims believe that Jesus will also abolish the jizya, which will leave Jews and Christians with only two options: convert to Islam or die! – Qur’an verse 9:29 calls for the extortion of Jew and Christians. (Jizya)

Jesus’ descent will be in the midst of wars fought by the Mahdi (lit. “the rightly guided one”), known in Islamic eschatology as the redeemer of Islam, against the Antichrist (al-Masīh ad-Dajjāl, “False messiah”) and his followers. Jesus will descend at the point of a white arcade, east of Damascus, dressed in yellow robes — his head anointed. He will then join the Mahdi in his war against the Dajjal.

This particular ‘Jesus’ bloke doesn’t sound that nice a person to me???

Wouldn’t it be funny if Allah decides that Jesus will return in the form of a woman? Islam (and a few Christian’s, I suspect) would be mortified! hahaha!


Ok! I know I’m being a bit naughty doing this, but I found this forum run by the Landover Baptish Church where Brother Percy posed the question:

How will we recognise Jesus when he returns??

He then rumbled on, insulted just about everybody from midgets to the mentally disabled and then …. tee! hee! … drew a ‘lovely’ picture of Jesus …. tee! hee! … as he will look upon his return … tee! hee! … just in case we didn’t think a guy with white hair, flaming eyes and a sword sticking out of his mouth didn’t look … well … slightly different from the norm!! Ha! Ha!

It’s hilarious, and gets funnier the further down the thread you get.

Anyhoooo … thought I’d share, as it made my day!

Enjoy! Oh! And if you’re a faulse Christian (whatever that is!?), homer, Joo, towelhead, jap, chink, midget, dyke, goth or retard, then be afraid …. be very afraid!!

Goodness me – surely they must have got the bit about Jesus teaching us to treat each other equally as we’re all equal in the eyes of the Lord?? Obviously not!


HAHAHAHAHA!!! OMG!!! I peed myself laughing with that one AJ!!!(not really, but I did laugh pretty hard! 😉 ) Who was the brilliant artist who rendered that lovely piece?! The ignorance of that particular group is quite astounding as well!

I don’t normally comment unless I see something that speaks to me and for some reason this question made me think about something. I’ve learned over the years that if we look hard enough we can find signs of the end of time everywhere.
Isaac Newton had a system where he would look specifically at some numbers in the bible and make predictions based on his calculations. Specifically, he said that the Antichrist would appear in the year 2064. Jesus said that the time is upon us and he said that 2,000 years ago. He may have been a man of peace, but he was still a man. When he went to the temple and discovered a bazaar happening within the walls, he went into a rage and destroyed it. He was not immune to anger even though he had a much better grip on it than anyone else. I’ve been reading a lot of Gnostic scriptures, and you should see what St. Thomas of Aquinas had to say about Jesus as a child.
The trouble I have with revelation is that the symbolism depicted means something completely different in the world we live in today. The description of the battle of Armageddon, where the warrior messiah is supposed to wipe out the Antichrist’s legion of warriors instantly sounds a lot like an atomic bomb to me. If you take St. John of Patmos, who wrote revelation, and existed 2,000 years ago and you show him what the world looks like today, how would he describe what he saw to someone else and have it make sense to them? Also, revelation was written in 79 A.D. the same year Mount Vesuvius erupted and destroyed Pompeii. That seemed to many people as a sign of the end.
My great grandmother died when I was 2 and the only thing I remembered her telling me was that if I kept Jesus in my heart then one day he would come for me and we would fly away to Heaven. I haven’t seen anything like the rapture happen yet so I’m not worried about the end just yet.
I believe that nowadays the veil has been lifted from our eyes because we as humans are more willing to believe in what they see instead of writing it off or over rationalizing things. We see because we are more willing to accept.
Heaven to me is eternal life, like we become a part of the energy flow that makes creation possible. In that sense we become all and one. I don’t know if that makes sense. It’s hard for me to believe in a huge castle in the clouds where an old grandpa sits on a throne and watches everything we do. It sounds like a fairy tale.
I also think that Hell is the exact opposite. You would become anti- energy, if that makes any sense. What could be more tormenting than fighting for your existence when you don’t exist. Hell, I guess in that sense, is a paradox. I think the idea of Hell, as it exists today, is an invention of man. There’s a saying out there that we create our own Hell.
My opinions aren’t very popular, and the religion talk has made a lot of people around me angry, that’s why religion and politics are conversations I try to avoid. There are so many things in the bible that contradict each other that trying to find any direct meaning gets frustrating. I have not lost my faith, even though over the years my ideas about it has changed. I still keep Jesus close to my heart and sometimes he’s the only thing that keeps me from going over the edge. The end is upon us, but maybe that end is a new beginning. I could be completely wrong, though.

Hi Jessica,

I am not popular with the bible folk once they realise that ‘theologian’ actually means ‘pick the bible apart’. They expect me to toss quotes around like palm leaves at their feet .. while they ride their donkeys into my house. LOL Oh but I do love them, and their intentions are often wonderful, but I am not deluded by the bible, instead I am inspired .. to poke and question and pull it to pieces.

You might like this: if you do a search for me Ama Nazra and ‘the mystery of god’s books’ .. you’ll find my blog on wordpress where I speak my peace .. or pieces .. and you are welcome to comment there. I just dropped in and realised I haven’t written anything since June .. what happened to the month of July? 🙂

Only one point to touch on in your interesting comment to this question .. we have no idea who ‘actually’ wrote Revelation. It’s attributed to a man who might be called John, and he might have lived in Patmos, but there’s no guarantee. I’ve also read that it was written by Jesus himself, after a very long life. That too is possible, though I can hear the christians .. umm.. commenting .. from here. LOL It really doesn’t matter. The vengeful warrior messiah is a complete contradiction to the man of peace the gospels show us. One of the many contradictions. 🙂

Wishing you a gorgeous day,
Love & Peace

Hello and thank you for your response. I usually get a lot of heat for my beliefs on this matter. I’m not used to being able to express myself this way, and I’m not always good at articulating my thoughts to others. I do remember reading somewhere that after Jesus was resurrected he remained on Earth, had a family and a very long life. It was either the gospel of Mary Magdalene, or the Da Vinci Code. So it could be possible that Jesus wrote Revelation. I also know that history is subjective to the person keeping record, and that makes me believe that we only get one side of the story. The warrior messiah is a total mystery to me, too. Does he/she just appear during the battle of Armageddon, or does he/she have to live through tribulation, too? the more I look into it the more questions I have. It also makes sense to me that the warrior messiah could be female. It seems like women are the conduits for creation to take place in this world. I’m not sure if conduit is the right word, but when I was pregnant, I never felt closer to the Lord. I’m gonna end this before it gets too long, but I have one more question. Is there a distinction between the warrior messiah and the lamb of God, who breaks open the seals for the Apocalypse? That was another thing that confused me. That seems like a lot of destruction for someone who lived a life of peace and love.

Hello again,

The warrior messiah is Jesus Christ in Revelation, who first appeared in the OT (the warrior, not specifically Jesus) and was what the Israelites were hoped Jesus would become, to save them from the oppression of the Romans. Instead he taught peace, love and forgiveness, which wasn’t exactly what his followers wanted from him.

The DaVinci Code was a great book of fact and fiction, and I did enjoy it and the movie. It is based on very good research, but, as you said, not all of it is real. I own both and love revisiting them from time to time.

The Warrior and the Lamb are a total contradiction, aren’t they, and yet they are supposed to be that same person? It’s no wonder people get confused, and then choose to focus on the bits of the bible they prefer .. the vengeful God who will come and rescue all the ‘good’ Christians, or the Light soul who wants us to love everyone, rather than focusing on fear. I know who I choose .. its the folks who focus on the hellfire Messiah that I end up getting into discussions with, if they don’t run away. 🙂 They want to be ‘rescued’, but really, none of us is without sin .. literally – and a person must be perfect to pass into heaven, according to some Christian beliefs. I think heaven is going to be very empty under those circumstances .. some of the greatest ‘saints’ that people honour were never perfect.

Love & Peace

Have you ever considered that maybe these apocalyptic events did occur? Maybe not to the extent of wiping out the whole planet but in more of a matter of something foreign and evil gaining control over us all. Or maybe someome or something had descended from the higher planes to stop or reverse the catastrophe, because like you said (ama), jesus was a man of peace and wouldn’t come here to banish us all to hell. So instead he sacrificed himself because he believed in us.
Im not a religious person but im a huge believer and completely self taught. And from being self taught ive learnt that literally nothing is impossible. Time travel, mystical creatures, monsters etc are all very real.

Hi Tanaya,

Perhaps the apocalypse is the collective memory of the human race of some catastrophe that affected them before they came to earth? It’s always possible. Humanity has existed longer than the scientists have discovered so far.

My theology lecturers said that Revelation was written as a commentary (an opinion) on what was going to happy to Nero and his cronies after Jesus returned, “within the lifetime of the writer”. The truth is no one actually knows who the writer was. Some supposed ‘him’ to be ‘John’ of Patmos, who was supposed to be either ‘John, the beloved disciple’ (who might actually be Mary Magdalene), or Jesus himself – by that time both would have been over 100 years old .. or it could just have been someone who knew the books of Daniel, Isaiah and the other prophetic stories very well, and used their imagery to create a bit of imagery of his/her own. Whomever wrote it turned a gentle man into a vengeful one .. so I doubt the person ever met Jesus at all (.. but then neither did Paul, and it was him and James who really created the Christian churches we know today).

It’s all fascinating to me, but not something to be worried about .. humanity is sending itself to hell just fine right now .. perhaps its time we reassessed everything and dumped the ‘organised religions’ for something that actually is based in ‘love and peace’, and a lot less based in ‘my stick is bigger than your stick’ or ‘I have nuclear weapons’?

Love & Peace

In my opinion, a majority of humans (past and present) have chosen evil and continue to do so. If we hadn’t, wouldn’t we have learnt our lesson from the first messiah? If we had, there’d be no need for a second coming. I think evil is something that some people just absorb like a sponge and they become these master minds behind all these evil plans like nuclear weapons and wars and tv, and working silly jobs from 9 to 5/ 7days a week to slowly damage ones own self and obtain their free will. We gradually forget who we are without realising and become these products of business. We shouldn’t worry right? But I worry all time about people and animals and earth and the things that are being done to it. It becomes so overwhelming sometimes that I just cry. I’m not generally a sooky person but if anything upsets me it’s definitely that. I’m only really young and the thought of having to live in a world so cruel makes me want to just hide in a box until it’s over and done with. Sorry about the vent.

I definitely agree with you in dumping the organised religions, if only people knew what their real intentions were.

Not ‘choose’ evil, Tanaya, more that its easier to be thoughtless and unkind than it is to think of others and spend time and energy in not being selfish. Fear has a lot to do with it. Yes, we live in a violent world, but we always have, and we always will. Humanity is just one of the predators on the planet, not the greatest one either, although we have a habit of thinking that we are cleverer than even Mother Earth herself. And so, when the world strikes back, we are surprised and hurt, if not killed .. just look at all the earthquakes and trouble that is happening at the moment.

There are very good people in the world, all around you. The nasty ones are not the majority, it is more that the good ones are the quieter ones, that do not need to be ‘seen’, do not need to satisfy their egos by being frightening, or to empower themselves by hurting others. It is not easy to deal with the nastiness when it happens, when you are easily hurt, but if you learn to not take their words and actions personally .. its a tough life lesson, but one worth working on.

Sometimes we have to work ‘silly’ 9/5 jobs to pay for food, rent and other necessities .. which is why getting a good education is vitally important. Then you can choose a job that isn’t silly, but that will satisfy the part of you that needs to achieve, and perhaps even help the world in the process. That’s up to you. Give it your best shot. I have never stopped. I just signed up to study a ‘business and marketing’ yearly course .. and I am 52 now.

It’s up to us to keep trying to change our world for the better, no matter how hard it seems at times. It takes courage and strength to remember, and keep living, being the best person we can be, in the face of so many challenges – but you can do it, and so can I, it is, and always will be ‘our choice’.

Love & Peace

I understand what you’re saying. Thats close to the response I get from anyone with whom I share my opinions with. I think im just difficult to understand.

Well choosing evil could be as simple as people signing up for the army everyday knowing the worst case scenario and preparing themselves to “protect” and “kill”, that to me shows evil already, thats signing up to kill someone. I see all these kids fantasizing about being in the army all because of video games like “cod” and to make it worse schools completely support and entice it. No one can tell me otherwise, I see what I see, and feel what I feel and the future isnt looking good at all with the path we’re travelling down.

Hi Tanaya,

I agree about the army, and the path we are on, but not everyone signs up to kill people. If we have a war, my daughter intends to sign up, but not to fight, to work behind the scenes. Tell me, would you fight for someone that you love, or would you just stand there and let them die? While war will never be an acceptable choice, in my opinion, I will protect my family, and my extended family .. maybe that is just because I am older now, and don’t see things in ‘black’ and ‘white’ anymore? I don’t know. I just won’t let the world fall apart if I can help in some way to hold it all together.

Love & Peace

If it was a case of my town or country being invaded, absolutely. My family would be in the midst and id have no choice but to fight. But would I send myself into it? never!
They’re fighting in command of higher people that’d never dare put themselves on the “defence” line or any of their own family members so why the hell should we? After all the wars are their fights, not ours.

Who is ‘our’ and ‘their’ .. the queen’s grandsons have both been to war. My first husband was in the Australian Navy, my second husband is a Vietnam veteran. Did I love them any the less that they went and fought for the freedom of others, in wars that were not our own .. no .. I respected their choices. Do I think our governments are appalling for dragging us into other people’s wars .. YES. But how will I feel if a terrorist killed some people in Melbourne, where my daughter lives, or Taree in NSW where my son lives? A war that affects anyone in humanity needs to be stopped by ‘everyone’ in humanity .. I am more inclined to wish we had better trained assassins, that could quietly take out the troublemakers, or give the various leaders a sword each and let them battle it out one-on-one, rather than involving my children, or anyone else’s. But then the stronger or more clever wins .. perhaps that would be a good thing, but it depends on the character of the winner.

It’s a complicated subject Tanaya. And heartbreaking.

Love & Peace

I’m referring to the 13 families when I say ‘their’ and when I say ‘ours’, I mean humans, the ones that havent been descended from pure evil. And as for the royals signing up to the army hahahahaha its a big joke, I hope ama, that you dont believe every single thing you hear from those evil things. People have questioned why they dont fight and to shut people up they threw them in. But if a war was to strike, I bet they’d be the first to be rescued or better yet, theyd know when a war would strike and would completely avoid or abandon the situation all together.

Sorry, Tanaya, that wasn’t what happened. Prince William and Harry were both in war zones, fighting the way they had been trained. Perhaps other royals don’t, but those two did.

And I have no idea what an evil ‘thing’ is, apart from a closed mind.

Love & Peace

Hi,I know this is like a four year old thread, but couldn’t resist commenting. I am from India and born into Hindu faith. The Hindu books of cosmology and creation talks about three forms of God – Brahma the creator (equated with the big bang), Vishnu the nurturer, and Shiva the destroyer. It is said that the time period on earth is divided into several Yugas (epochs) and during each Yuga, Vishnu comes in once or twice as an Avatar (yes, this is a Hindu word that means incarnation). Ten Avatars are documented – Matsya(Fish, the first vertebrate life form), Kurma(literally Turtle, representing the reptilians/amphibians and beginning of life on dry land), Varaha (literally wild boar, representing prehistoric mammals like Etelodonts), Narasimha (a cross between a lion and a human, which I think represents the early, hairy humans), Vamana (literally Dwarf, a small but powerful person), Parashurama (the anti-Kshatriya sage), Rama (the central character of the epic Ramayana), Krishna (The great motivator connected to Bhagwad Geeta), Buddha (the prophet who wanted to end all sufferings), and Kalki (the dark fiery warrior who will destroy all evil). This last Avatar, Kalki, is yet to arrive and it is said that Kalki will mark the end of Kali-Yuga (the present evil time).
I know, this is markedly different from the Abrahamic religions where the human evolution is credited to a single pair of humans – Adam and Eve. And it is more closer to Darwinian concepts of evolution.
Thus said, I am not a religious person, but surely worried with the way we are going today, destroying the world’s forests, forcing the glaciers to melt and pushing every single person into the jaws of consumerism. Ending with a prayer used by both Hindus and Buddhists and much relevant in this age,

“Asato mā sadgamaya
Tamaso mā jyotir gamaya
Mṛtyormā’mṛtaṁ gamaya
Aum śāntiḥ, śāntiḥ, śāntiḥ”

Lead us from the deceit to the honest reality
Lead us from darkness to light
Lead us from death to immortality
Aum peace, peace, peace!

I’ll put my two cents in here and give you an alternative view of what the Second Coming of Christ and the resurrection of Christ really is.

Christ is a mind set, more specific enlightened soul. In the days of the old before the bible was ever created, before there was a Roman Catholic church, there was a Jewish separatist sect known as the
Essenes for which Jesus the Christ of Bethelem exiled to Nazareth was a member and a fairly high
ranking official from within that group.

Christ, more specifically, Of the Christ means to be, “of enlightenment”. Jesus; of enlightenment, Christ isn’t his last name but rather a title of someone who’s obtain the highest honor within the Essene order. The second coming of Christ is interpreted as Jesus physically coming down to save us from the evils of the world, however, that wasn’t the original teachings.

The second coming of Christ is upon us right now, everyone has this ability, whether or not they want to admit to it or not, whether they think it’s demonic or not, sacred or not. What Jesus was attempting to do with his followers was raise their vibrational rate. What this means is, they find their higher purpose in life, it was more about spirituality than religion. Jesus of the Christ, was working on an energetic level to help you learn to protect yourself from negative influences and entities.

One of those skill he was teaching is called, “discernment”, understanding from a gut and soul level, if something is off, that is what is known as a part of intuition. Most people believe that intuition is a product of our own mind but actually, it’s a part of your soul and psychic ability, everyone has it. Jesus
was teaching his followers on how to use their abilities, hone them and how to shield themselves from negative entities, such as demon or shades.

The second coming of Christ has already happened but don’t dread, it’s the end of the world as you knew it to be before but not “THE END”. As interesting as the Bibles are, they where never meant to be read word for word, there is a secret in the text encoding. Granted, when you read from Psalms to get rid of the demons, it’s not the actual words that get rid of them. It’s the vibrations of the words your speak and your psychic intention which amplifies what you speak which makes it incompatible for the negative entities to hang around for too much longer.

Negative entities feed on negativity which happens to have vibrational frequencies closer to their own. That’s why they cause all the negative thoughts because your body is nothing more that a biological power source for your own soul, however, negative entities try to hijack this power source for their own and ends.

Ever wonder why it gets cold when a spirit is near by? Here’s another way to look at it. Cold, dry air has more mass than warm air does. Cold, dry air can also conduct electricity and electro-magnetic energy more easily than warm air. It can also be ionized a lot easier than warm air. The air must be ionized for the energy to have a pathway to be drained from you, that’s why it gets cold, they’re making it happen purposely. Also, what happens when your cold? You shiver! What happens when your in an ionizied field? Your hair stands up on end and you feel weird, the higher the ionization the more strange you feel.

There is an electro-magnetic field around your body for which is known as the aura, it’s the interface between your mind, body and soul. When you are under siege by any number of problems, not just negative entities, it causes dark spots in your aura which allows other bad influences to occur. Your aura will automatically be filled with whatever is nearest to it unless you explicit don’t allow certain frequencies to interface with it, such as lower spectrum energies. Jesus was teaching people how to heal and patch their auras, too.

This is where spirituality and science meet, they’re one in the same just different view.

I look at it from both sides, scientific and spiritualistic endeavors.

The second coming of Christ; what is it? It’s people awakening from their slumbers and realizing we are more powerful than we previously thought, Jesus was pointing us in the right direction. The second coming of Christ was to touch God and communicate directly. You don’t need a church to talk to God, you don’t need to call yourself a Christian because it’s redundant.

People of the Christ mindset don’t need all the pomp and circumstance, they do good deed because it makes they feel better. Granted, the Christ mind set isn’t for everyone and not everyone feels good helping people or giving stuff away. That doesn’t make those people evil, just not ready.

Jesus lead and taught by example, he was not a violent man, nor did he want war. The reason why we have war is because of peoples’ greed and they hijack religion for their ends. In the days of Jesus,
there was no Bible nor churches. They would sit and pray in same groups of people, in their homes where they were comfortable.

Jesus was a purist and pragmatist, no business is to be conducted at a holy temple, he saw merchants
doing this as predatory and out of line. For example, even if it’s for the best intentions, bake sales at church are frowned upon, since that too is supposed to be a holy temple and place of worship.

The one thing Jesus has in common with all the great teachers of the world, they were all enlightened and wanted their followers to be respectful of them and their neighbors, to follow in their footsteps when they too became enlightened.

We all can be like Jesus, of the Christ, he wants all of us to reach him, not just call on him in our times of need but to be our own divine connection to God and The Source.

Just something to think about…

Hi Ama,
As you know, i struggle with the bible. Especially the Trinity. The Father, The Son, and The Holy Ghost. Jesus cannot be the son. As i understand Jesus was supposed to be God in the flesh on earth. Some say the word son is used as a figure of speech, a part of God
and not actually his child. But when it’s said, that God gave his only begotten son to us, it sounds like he does have a child. So which is is it? Tom.

Don’t struggle with the Bible, Tom. It’s a lovely book of myth, magic, science fiction, and people’s beliefs created from legends thousands of years older than the civilizations it was written in and for.

I also have issues with the Trinity. Just to start with is the gender bias. He, he and he. If humans were created in God’s image, then God had to be both male and female (either hermaphrodite or more than one God, which is mentioned in the bible too). The version we find in the Uniting Church in Australia is God, Jesus and a female Holy Spirit (not a ghost). That sort of works for me. As to Jesus being ‘son’, well.. truthfully, I believe that every person on this planet is a ‘child’ of the creator (progenitor), son or daughter. Creation happens when male and female creative energy meets and mixes. In the case of Jesus, if he was of the House of David, which he had to be to become the Messiah, then he had to be a physical son of Joseph, because Mary didn’t come from that ‘line’. So no, physically he was not a God’s son, but spiritually ..

Do you know what channeling is? One form is when the spirit of one being takes over the living body of another, usually for a brief time, to pass on messages of many kinds. I believe that when Jesus was baptised the Christ energy .. AKA Holy Spirit .. connected to the human Jesus and between the two of them created something/one wonderful. It explains why, in Mark and Matthew’s gospels, Jesus is recorded as saying ‘father why have you abandoned me’ when hanging on the cross. (Mind you, Matthew was based on Mark’s gospel, so Mark recorded it first). The Holy Spirit/Christ left him because he had to die as a human to fulfil the prophecy of letting the ‘prisoners of the devil/satan (whomever)’ free, or ‘waking them up’ .. which was remarked up in Matthew 27:52. Must have scared the heck out of the living, all those long dead ‘saints’ suddenly wandering around, if it really happened .. and did it give rise to zombie legends, or the story come from people’s confusion and fear about death. (How dead was dead in ancient times, when someone woke up from a very deep coma).

I think we have to be kind to the Bible, and its writers. They wrote from their understanding of the world, for the people of their cultures and time period, and found paranormal explanations for events we now ascribe to volcanic explosions (Sodom and Gomorrah) .. and the parting of the Red Sea turned out to be a tidal wave. It is wonderful how myths are created from our attempt to understand the natural world. I don’t think any of them thought about a groups of cultures 2000 years later, who might interpret their words in often very odd ways.

That being said, I still believe in God and Jesus, because I have personal experiences with both. Whether another person believes in them or not I don’t think is that important. An angel once said to me, ‘Ama, it does not matter if they (humans) do not believe in us, because we believe in them’. God loves you. S/he gave us the right to choose our own destiny .. free will means we can question everything without being punished. It’s how we learn.

Love & Peace