Devil Worshipers

How do you keep devil worshipers away from your animals, your family and home against their evil curses, hexes and spells?

This all started when I was at this person’s house. First of all, a homeless lady named Amy was talking to this not so homeless lady that lives in a trailer park with us inside of her trailer talking all lewd in front of me, this was when my parents were at home and I was over there with them. All of a sudden Amy talked to this lady I was hanging out with for months now, and her name is Kim. Amy talked about the satanic bible to Kim, and Kim got involved in it with her because she thought it might be real cool to try out black magic of Satan and his band of demons.

We’ve had a Guinea Pig named Bunnie because he looked like a bunny and acted like one, too. We’ve had him in perfect condition where his health was concerned, and all of a sudden, he went down to skin and bones and had maggots crawling from the inside out of him when he was still alive. The next day which was in the noon time was when he died, and we buried him.

A week later after we buried him, we found him and the little cloth that we buried him in on top of the ground, no hole dug no nothing. So we reburied him in our garden and done “The White Shield” with an egg for protection and,”The Michael Invocation,” over our animals and our home for the last few days now for protection also, asked the Lord to help us.

One of the devil worshipers showed up at our door today. What’s your opinion on all of this, and what do we need to do to keep them from contacting us?

Asked by Rebecca

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You should tell them to go to the devil and not to bother you with their nonsense. From what I understand, that devil and demon stuff can be dangerous. If they believe in that garbage, thats their business but to leave you out of it. Associating with those kind of people can be bad for you too. In short, tell them to get lost.

Boff .. I will always love you. 🙂 I don’t think I would quite tell a person to go to the devil, but the words ‘no thank you and go away’, said firmly, can often work.

Hello Rebecca,

My name is Ama Nazra and I am a demonologist. That means I know far too much about many strange things, like demons and Satan and devil worship, but I am a Christian and a Theologian, among many other light, bright activities.

I have read the Satanic Bible from end to end, and mostly it made me laugh. The majority of it is the names of every possible demon, and quite a few inventions, the front 1/3, of a very small book, can be defined as ‘do whatever you like to anyone and don’t care about the consequence’.

I am very sorry about your guinea pig. I love them too. He must have had something wrong with him to get flyblown .. I doubt it had anything to do with magic, but perhaps a cyst or sore. Maggots only consume dead flesh, so they are actually really good for clearing out infected wounds, and were used by doctors in the early days (like civil war times) to do just that. As to him being dug up, that was probably done by someone trying to scare you, flattened earth or not. That just shows lack of respect for both you and your pet. I am glad you buried him again, and shielded him. The love you show there would undo anything nasty that someone tried, and obviously failed to do.

Please follow Bofferbings advice .. stay away from this sort of nonsense, and if you friend Kim is into it .. stay away from her too. With luck she’ll grow out of it. There is nothing to be gained by devil worship, and it really messes up your karma (which means if you do good you receive good, and if you do wrong, life tends to slap you back). Remember the ‘treat people the way you would like to be treated’.

As I wrote earlier, if a person comes to the door that you don’t like, don’t open the door to them, don’t invite them into your house, and ask them to leave your property and not return. You have the right, and the authority (from God) to do this. And just keep doing it until they get the message. They can do you no harm ..

Love & Peace

Today, my dad was getting heart palpitations after seeing one of these devil worshipers and after we said a prayer to God and Jesus about a prayer against witchcraft from the internet with the michael invocation and he was puking a hole lot after that, are we lacking something or doing something wrong? We want our family to be safe from these spiritual demonic attacks over our family household? What do we do to keep our family and our pet kitty to stay safe and to stay away from the harm coming our way, we need desperate help right away. This just happened a minute ago.

He also fainted on my bed, We want to help before it’s too late. Please help? We love you and appreciate you very much for helping us and keeping us safe. Rebecca Reed.

Hi Rebecca,

Put your father in the car, or call an ambulance. A man who is having heart palpitations, throwing up and fainting .. sounds like a heart attack to me. There’s no demons involved. Please get him help.

Love & Peace