Azrael Angel Of Death?

Hi I wanted to ask a question about information that was told to me during a reading I had done. She had previously did a reading for my friend and told her what Angels were assigned to her in this life. So I asked her if she could tell me what Angels were helping me and she said that she was getting the name Azrael. She said she had never heard of that Angel, I had but didn’t really know anything about the Angel. So she did a search and said interesting Azrael is known as the Angel of death.

Angel of Death by Evelyn De Morgan, 1881

Immediately I was like WHAT freaking out haha, but she stopped me and said no it’s not that, so are you a medium? I said well I am pretty sure that I could be and I have done divine communication or received messages, but I’ve had a fear that I can’t explain why every since a young child of being able to see spirits so I think and have been told that I’m blocking my abilities. She then told me well he’s with you because you are have the ability or are suppose  to help spirits cross over and he’s with you to help you when you start.

After leaving I started to worry because I just had always heard of Michael being the Angel that assist in that kind of work. Now I’m a little worried that she may have been inaccurate in the reasons this Angel was around me, and that I may be about to die in the near future.

So my question is can the Angel Azrael or would this Angel be around a person for the purpose of that person having the ability to assist souls cross over that are stuck here? Most importantly if the answer is no then could her seeing this Angel with me mean I’m near death?

Asked by Danielle

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An artistic depiction of the angel of death. Painted in 1881 by Evelyn De Morgan, née Pickering (1855-1919). Source: (found inactive 2006-10-27) Alternate source:


Fallen Angel Following Me?

Okay, I have been trying so hard to come up with reasons, but I just can’t. Long story short, I have had what I believe to be a fallen angel following me for a while now (why I think he is a fallen angel is because one “dream” I had, he approached me & big black wings appearing out from him). Another reason is because a few nights ago I asked for help from an angel and saw “Arakiel” well, when I looked it up I found out Arakiel is a the 2nd fallen angel from the 20 watchers out of the 200 angels that fell in the Book of Enoch.

This has been going on for about 4 years by the way – He is always handing me a red rose too, and fallowing me while talking to me occasionally. I’ve always rejected him, but he is still here. Recently my earrings have been disappearing, and I have asked my family member by they haven’t touched them.

At first I thought it was just my fault, until I took them out before showering and when I came back out of the shower they were gone. I know for a fact that no one had been in there besides me because I had the door shut and locked.

I have now “lost” about 3.5 earrings (.5 because one was stolen out of a pair). Please help me understand the situation…

I have ALWAYS been extremely sensitive to spirits and demonic/angelic beings as well, but this case genuinely puzzles me. Please help! I appreciate any comment with advice!

Asked by Emalee


Angels, Spirit Guides And Their Help

Can an angel or spirit guide ever stop working for you? As in, if you had asked them to never help you again in your life, even by saying “permanently stop helping me”, will they HAVE to do that? Will they stop working for you? Will God have to obey that command if you asked God to stop helping you?

Asked by Micle


Angels And Crystals

Hi! I was wondering, can angels or even Archangel Michael or God stop a crystal from working? I had some paranoid moment in my life and for some reason I think I asked them to not let my crystals work (which I took back later and asked them, even recently, to allow my crystals to work). I don’t remember very well if I had asked them to make them not work “permanently”. Even if I did, can angels stop crystals from working? I’m assuming, no, because they can be used in healing and for positive things.

I really want my crystals to work, they were the main thing that stopped my panic attack a while ago when I first tried them out.

Asked by Micle


How Do I Contact My Guardian Angel?

So I’ve heard that everyone has a guardian angel. I was wondering if we can see our guardian angel and actually talk to them?

I just want to know is it possible to contact them, and if yes, then how?

Thank you in advance

Asked by Shreya Pandey


Is It Possible For An Angel To Write A Message On A Napkin?

A napkin of mine was written on with a fine black ink pen with this message: “Nahhh. Yea. u won’t believee! Keep Believing!”

My boyfriend passed away and then shortly after dimes were appearing everywhere, I’ve experienced power surges at interesting times and a door at my work was pushed open half way by nothing. I was in doubt of the first signs, thinking it was just a weird coincidence, then this napkin shows up on my kitchen table. I’ve asked EVERYONE in my life that was in my home in the last month if they wrote the mystery note, but NO ONE has claimed to have written it. The handwriting is a little old fashioned, and the very strange part is in the word “believeee” At first I thought that the letter e was added twice at the end of the word, but when I looked very closely and examined the word there is actually a code in the last 5 letters of the word, which reads ovtto. Some of the e’s were slightly written differently so that they would resemble either an “o” or a “t”. The e before the “v” if you examine it more closely could be an “O” because of the way the loop swoops up very close to the top of the letter barely connecting to make a cursive O. The “v” is written very narrow and small as if it doesn’t wish to get in the way, and the “i” is dotted with a circle to bring attention to the e that looks like an o. The two letters that look like scribbly e’s can’t be made out look like the letter t and the last letter looks very much like another o.

I know this is crazy, but my boyfriend’s name is Otto, so it seems as if his name was included in this message to let me know it was from him or about him. He wants me to “keep believing” that he’s around and not doubt it? I keep this napkin note in a plastic baggie and show it to others who do see what I see in the word “believeee” I even asked a friend when pointing to the letters what they looked like to them before telling them what I was thinking and they would say “that is an o, and the letter after v is a t, and the last letter looks like an o.” So, it isn’t just me that sees his name!

Is it possible that an angel came down to comfort me with this message? The handwriting is not Otto’s.

Asked by Maria

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Ascension, the Second Coming and other acts of …

Hi guys,

I have a very serious question, actually, its a number of questions.  It’s directed to all those sincere and intense believers in either humanity’s ascension, or the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, the Warrior Messiah .. only to me, this guy didn’t appear the first time (so how can it be the ‘second coming’?), because Jesus was a man of peace, a man who said ‘put down your sword’ .. not ‘pick it up and follow me’, so who is this warrior that Revelation says we should be looking for (if we are Christian)?

Going by an article in our local paper, the world was supposed to have come to an end 60 times since 1980 – they suggest we do a search of Wikipedia “list of dates predicted for apocalyptic events” or check out the website “A brief history of the Apocalypse” (, which lists various dates between 2800 BCE and 1700.  Thankfully it hasn’t, and the majority of us are still here, although so many people are dying because of the actions of other people around them right now .. we’ll probably wipe ourselves off the face of the earth before anything paranormal gets around to doing it.  Don’t even get me started on gun laws in various countries around the world …

Now that we have gone through another non-ascension astrological event, and Jesus Christ didn’t turn up to throw 99.9999% of us into hell, and people don’t appear to have ascended, either physically, emotionally or spiritually in any way we can prove .. what has it done to your beliefs in either subject?  How are you convincing yourself they are still valid, when we have failure after failure, of them actually eventuating?

Wishing everyone a very wonderful 2013, ascension, second coming, or not .. we could all use a little …

Love & Peace




Guardian Angels and Nightmares

I hope I didn’t do something stupid (as I have a strong feeling that I did) So I really wanted to communicate with my guardian angel and I have read people’s articles that says they ‘asked’ their guardian to show some signs of presence and the angels did show the signs. (Guess what?) I did the same, just around noon, but by the time I went to bed, I didn’t remember what I had ‘asked’ for in the day.

I had a horrible dream, something was trying to get inside our house (something bad like in horror movies) and I was locking all the doors and windows, I was so scared as it had threatened to enter our house (it actually sent us a small note to threat that wrote ‘its your turn now’…something like that, don’t know if that’s funny) and of course I woke up very scared, confused! and later when I was thinking about the dream and trying to figure out the reason behind it (one of the few nightmares that I wont forget 4 a long time)

I suddenly remembered the angel thing, and after that I don’t want to meet my angel. I know they are there with me, I believe in them (though I automatically remember god when something good/bad happens) but I don’t want to ‘try’ anymore after that incident!

However,my question is – was it a ‘coincidence’ (I don’t believe in the word) as nightmares are not uncommon to me or did I do something wrong?

Asked by shreesa


Angel Experiences?

I’ve recently started getting into speaking to my angels a couple months ago and at first (as many people told me to try) I asked my angel Michael if he could leave me some kind of sign that he’s with me. Some people ask for feathers and what not but I told my angels that they know me better then that, I need something more then just a feather (especially since I have so many cats, a feather isn’t something unusual).

And so one day I was praying for a sign and my boyfriend comes home early from work, shouting for me to come outside and when I do I see this white dove just sitting a couple steps from me in my neighbors driveway just staring at me. I looked to see if it was hurt but… it wasn’t, just sat there and stared. I thought it was weird but then realized how hilarious it was because I knew my angel sent it.

Now a days, they always leave me pennies with the heads up everywhere I go! Sometimes feathers here or there but my question is, has anyone else had any experiences from their angels? big or small? oh and I always make sure to thank them. I love angels.

Asked by Lisa

Angels Demons

Do Guardian Angels Help You In A Sinister Way Or Do People Also Have Guardian Demons?

I am not really a Religious person. I don’t classify myself into any religious group, but I do believe in God, rightfully so after a few occurrences in my life that have made me believe in God.

So, I believe that a Guardian Angel is there to help and support you, to protect you from evil and harm through God’s will.

However, I have had numerous incidents where some people have tried to cause me harm (not physical harm). Incidentally, all those people were harmed after their attempts. One lady I know who tried this, a previous colleague of mine, was hit by a bus after she accused me falsely of theft to other friends and colleagues of mine. Now, I don’t believe in coincidence. Everything happens for a reason. More and more incidents like these happen to me all the time.

Now, would a Guardian Angel harm another person like that for my sake? Or is there another other power behind these actions?

Asked by Gabi