Paranormal And Religion

I am a very open person. I have been baptized but my family (and myself) don’t practice any religion. However, since being exposed to the paranormal I am a bit confused when it comes to how religion plays a big part in the paranormal.

I have seen a lot of evidence to suggest that daemons seem to be repelled by religious belief or symbols. So my question is (I know it can be difficult not to be biased, but please try):

“if these entities are becoming weaker by prayer, religious symbols etc does that mean that they themselves believe in those things therefore they are repelled by them?

Or does it mean that your faith in these things are so strong that they repel evil?

Or something else?….

I’ve tried seeking help with my local parish but I am currently in a village in England that is “between priests”…

Asked by Rhi

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Hi Rhi,

The answer is both.

Daemons are not demons. Do you mean demons, which are fallen angels? If not, tell me.

Demons believe in Jesus Christ .. or more specifically, they acknowledge the Christ energy as the manifestation of our common Creator on this planet and in the spiritual planes, and they have to obey commands given in the Christ’s name, because that is part of their programming left over from when they were angels. Love is the most powerful energy everywhere .. people just forget that at times.

Symbolic items (eg crosses of multitudes of different shapes) –

God gave humanity authority over the angels, which also means authority over demons. People like to hold things in their hands, so we created items and empowered them by the belief. Think how much energy is in the beliefs of millions of people since humanity was first created? The symbols might have been adapted, replaced, edited and recreated .. but in the end their purpose is still specific, so the shape really doesn’t matter that much. That’s why they can work for people who aren’t sure about their faith .. if the symbols only worked because of a God they were not sure of, then there would be a lot more harassed people around.

And then there’s faith, which is its own kind of protection. With true faith you need no symbols. God, the Creator, Allah, Abba (not the singing group, the name the angels give the ‘our father’) did not create religions beliefs, nor the symbols that go with it, humans did. The angels taught me, when doing my work, never to place my faith in anything that could be taken from me. So faith is my shield, my sword, my torch .. but in a moment of doubt, I sometimes grab a bible, particularly my well loved one that my Grandmother owned as a small child. Now she was a woman of faith! And then I put it down again and get organised and ‘talk to God’ (my version of prayer). LOL

I hope that helps,
Love & Peace

I am interested to write a comment, although I am not a Christian.

Basically from the beginning of man life on the earth, when Adam and Eve were driven out by God from paradise to the earth, and because of their wrong, while paradise was not a place for committing a sin, God specified some chosen righteous men that were called prophet to guide the next generations of Adam and Eve toward God, just based on orders and guidance of God himself, versus Satan that tried to tempt and mislead humans, as he deceived Adam and Eva previously in paradise.
I can describe prophets as a bridge between heaven and earth or God and man. Those prophets had a high capacity spiritually and intellectually, so not only they didn’t do any major or even minor wrong and acted based on justice and orders of God, they were able to be a major leader for people and answer their various questions about God, heaven, angels, daemons and other paranormal matters, because of their heavenly knowledge and awareness.
Basically five major prophets of God could see and talk archangels and see the angels that were agency for doing various tasks on the earth or in heaven. They also could see Satan, although Satan didn’t try much to encounter major prophet and he avoided the light and heavenly dignity of them.
In all periods of the history of mankind on the earth, God sent 124000 prophet for various folks and nations and every folk were attached to their own prophet that usually was from the same folk. the level of heavenly knowledge of those minor prophets and also their dignity and responsibility was less than the five major messengers, nonetheless they were also the most righteous, pious and Justice chosen human that didn’t do any sin and dependent on their heavenly and spiritually capacity they had a little unintentionally mistakes.
It is not clear that whether the minor prophets were able to see archangels among Gabriel and the other angels or not? But probably the most of the minor prophets were able to meet angels rather than archangels and maybe the minority of those prophets were able to see Gabriel or the angel of dead ( that is an archangel).

So God has explained about some paranormal beings in every era via the religions that had been imparted to people by prophets (please note that some man-made believes that are called religion wrongly are not from God and most likely their contents are false and fictional)

So the right (heavenly) religions had been container of many information about paranormal realities that the most of them have lost in the ancient religions or have been turned into some fictional things.