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Spirit Attachment?

A few weeks ago I was working late at my job, I was the only person in the shop with my last client. I told her I always get weird feeling in the shop when I’m alone like being watched etc. And she told me she thinks she has a spirit attachment from doing a Ouija board and suddenly we hear a voice slightly to the left like a growl. We both look at each other in shock then we hear a loud stomp.

Nothing else happed the whole time were there but we both have this dread feeling in the pit of our stomachs like we need to leave as fast as possible. I get home a few days later and I am doing something in the mirror in the upstairs of my home, there is a light switch next to the mirror that is switched on. Suddenly it turns off and as I am about to shout downstairs whether my mom did it by accident (because there is also another light switch for the same light downstairs) it turns on again. And then off again. And then on again and off again, not a flicker a solid on and off.

A few days later I was at the fridge in my housecoat and I feel a tug on the hood. like a child trying to get my attention. I have never experienced anything like this before in my home. My mom came in because she heard a scream and she told it to stop it because it was scaring me.

Nothing has happened since but every time I walk into another room I feel as if something is walking directly behind me, and I will have something right in front of me and turn around and it will be gone. And 5 minutes later I’ll still be looking and I’ll go back to the place it was and it will be right there.

What can I do?

Asked by Abigail

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I Burned A Ouija Board

Ok so once it was about noon – 3 and I was with my cousins, we were about 14-15 and one of their friends were there too, anyhoo we drew up a Ouija board on a piece of paper am done lit a candle and used a old TV lens with tape over it for the piece that moves.

Anyway why happened was that we talked to a 3 year old named Conner that died and he said he was nice and we said goodbye 3 times and then to make sure we burnt the “board”, I didn’t hear any screaming and I haven’t noticed anything happening around the house, in fact noises have seemed to have completely stopped.

Can anyone explain why that would happen, or at least tell me if burning it is ok?

Also I make a new one out of wood and I wanted to know if there was another safer way of disposing of it.

Asked by Zach

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Looking For Answers About A Spirit Board

Hi Ama, I am the only christian in my family and believe very much in Jesus, angels & demons and have seen and heard things I’ve never told anyone.

My husband is friends with the couple across the street, they live there with their 14 year old daughter. She had told me a month before we went over that her parents and her play with one of those spirit boards, I warned all of them about it but they wouldn’t listen, fast forward a month, my husband and I go to a party there, everyone is having a good time, we are all in the same room, when I hear a deep loud growl near me, I wasn’t scared, just looking for an explanation as it kept growling around me, I looked around the room as I sat there, like is anyone else hearing this? And no one was.

Each night I plead the blood of Jesus Christ on our house and my family. I have no interest in going over there again but my husband doesn’t believe in any of that stuff, and he goes over to have drinks with them.

Can it follow him back across the street to our house? And how can I make sure it doesn’t attach to him ?

Asked by Sondra

Dreams and Sleep Ouija Boards Shadows

Help Me With My Ouija Board Dream

Hi, I had a dream about me and my little brother playing an Ouija board. I have never saw your touched a board before just saw them in movies.

Well in the dream nothing happened while playing the Ouija board but in the dream a few hours later I was laying in my I decided to pick up the piece that moved around the board and I looked through the center piece that I am guessing let’s you see the ghost or demon’s around you, and I saw a bunch of what looked like ghost standing around my bed and all over my room. When I saw them they didn’t move or anything just stood there…

I don’t know what to do I am terrified of the spiritual world. A few years back in my old house I once saw a black shadow of a man standing in my door way, his presence woke me up that night. As soon as I realized it was a tall man in a hat standing there I started screaming for my mom and dad, the shadow disappeared out of my door way into the hallway, they “my parents” ran in there and being a country people we are of course my dad had his gun and I told them about the man standing in my door way, he checked the whole house and found nothing. My mom decided to sleep with me and my little brother that night.

Years on down the road my mom decided to tell me that she also saw the “shadow man” that he would walk from her bed room to ours which was on the other side of the house. She said when she would get up out of bed to follow him he would disappear.

I don’t know if there are anything connecting the two stories or not. I don’t know what to do I had the dream last night and I had half the dream woke up and had the rest.

Please help me or explain to me what is going on.

Thank you in advance, Ama.

Asked by Whitney

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How Can I Do A Safe Planchette?

My mom have died over 6 years ago. We all forgot her but suddenly she is coming in my dreams. We don’t know why did she die. We just know that it was a suicide. Some says “she had a relationship with someone and your(my dad) dad had knew that… that’s why” but I don’t believe this my dad also think that she had a relationship with someone but nobody knows the exact reason.

I am having nightmare I can’t sleep in peace… so I want to do a planchette to call her I want to know the exact reason of her death none of my family members has believe in ghosts or spirits so they have ignored me.

I am going to use an Ouija board so how can i use the spirit board? Can i use alone? Does ouija board works during the day? How can i make it safe and successful?

Asked by tiku

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Ouija Board Three Stick Figures?

What does it mean when a Ouija board spirit draws three stick figures and some scribble scratch? Is this some sort of evil spell?

Please help me to know what this means, I can’t find ANY INFORMATION about this subject at all.

Thank you and God Bless!

Asked by Lakeisha

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What Is It That I Could Be Dealing With?

So about 12 years ago my family bought a house in the country real old house well we always knew something was in the house, but it was just minor things. well my parents are selling the house now. Things have been getting strange.

My dog is being locked in rooms he’s scared to go in the house. Things are moving and my mother says she hears strange popping sounds. The cat wont even go inside.

Well growing up I used to play around with Ouija boards and just do stuff I probably shouldn’t have done…

I plan on going there this weekend me and some friends have some alright cameras and equipment… and I guess the question is what is it that I could be dealing with?

Asked by Sabrina

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Haunted By Ouija Board Ghosts?

Two of my friends might be getting haunted by a ghost. Two months ago they played with the Ouija board at their house and they have been having weird things happen ever since.

They feel as if they are being watched. Just two days ago they almost got stuck in an elevator at our school. The lights started flickering and it started shaking.

I had played Ouija with them at the school with the same board. They are going to the house for a sleepover tomorrow where it started and it has started getting worse. Coincidence?

Asked by Anonymous

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Ouija Board Spirit Keeps Telling The Time

What does it mean when a Ouija board Spirit tells you the exact time of day when you ask what is their name?

And then whatever you ask the spirit just keeps telling you the time what does that mean?

Asked by Lakeisha

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Is This A Ouija Board?

Someone mentioned they use it on a website I am on.

It says in the description that Doreen Virtue used Ouija boards and that just sounds like trouble to me.

Angel Guidance Board

Angel Guidance Board
Asked by Micle