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Looking For Answers About A Spirit Board

Hi Ama, I am the only christian in my family and believe very much in Jesus, angels & demons and have seen and heard things I’ve never told anyone.

My husband is friends with the couple across the street, they live there with their 14 year old daughter. She had told me a month before we went over that her parents and her play with one of those spirit boards, I warned all of them about it but they wouldn’t listen, fast forward a month, my husband and I go to a party there, everyone is having a good time, we are all in the same room, when I hear a deep loud growl near me, I wasn’t scared, just looking for an explanation as it kept growling around me, I looked around the room as I sat there, like is anyone else hearing this? And no one was.

Each night I plead the blood of Jesus Christ on our house and my family. I have no interest in going over there again but my husband doesn’t believe in any of that stuff, and he goes over to have drinks with them.

Can it follow him back across the street to our house? And how can I make sure it doesn’t attach to him ?

Asked by Sondra

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Hi Sondra,

You cannot stop an entity from attaching to another adult. If they allow it to happen, there’s little you can do. In the meantime, because of your calling on Jesus to protect your home, I don’t think you need to worry about the entity coming for a visit. It sounds as if its found fertile ground where it is, so it will probably stay there.

You can ask your husband not to play with the ouija (spirit board) while he is over there, just for your own peace of mind. But if you nag him he may just do it out of defiance, so mention it once and leave it at that.

In the meantime, are your neighbours good people? Sometimes people are haunted for no reason apart from fooling with dangerous toys, and they shouldn’t be written off because of it. Perhaps, one day, they will wake up enough to realise there is a problem .. but truthfully, the problem might have been in the house long before they got there .. so remain friendly and take care of your own energy when you go there.

Two links below might help. One is to the Michael Invocation and the other to White Light Shields .. use the shields when you go to their home and you won’t bring anything home with you. The instructions for both are on their webpages.

Love & Peace