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Spirit Attachment?

A few weeks ago I was working late at my job, I was the only person in the shop with my last client. I told her I always get weird feeling in the shop when I’m alone like being watched etc. And she told me she thinks she has a spirit attachment from doing a Ouija board and suddenly we hear a voice slightly to the left like a growl. We both look at each other in shock then we hear a loud stomp.

Nothing else happed the whole time were there but we both have this dread feeling in the pit of our stomachs like we need to leave as fast as possible. I get home a few days later and I am doing something in the mirror in the upstairs of my home, there is a light switch next to the mirror that is switched on. Suddenly it turns off and as I am about to shout downstairs whether my mom did it by accident (because there is also another light switch for the same light downstairs) it turns on again. And then off again. And then on again and off again, not a flicker a solid on and off.

A few days later I was at the fridge in my housecoat and I feel a tug on the hood. like a child trying to get my attention. I have never experienced anything like this before in my home. My mom came in because she heard a scream and she told it to stop it because it was scaring me.

Nothing has happened since but every time I walk into another room I feel as if something is walking directly behind me, and I will have something right in front of me and turn around and it will be gone. And 5 minutes later I’ll still be looking and I’ll go back to the place it was and it will be right there.

What can I do?

Asked by Abigail

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Dreams and Sleep Ouija Boards Shadows

Help Me With My Ouija Board Dream

Hi, I had a dream about me and my little brother playing an Ouija board. I have never saw your touched a board before just saw them in movies.

Well in the dream nothing happened while playing the Ouija board but in the dream a few hours later I was laying in my I decided to pick up the piece that moved around the board and I looked through the center piece that I am guessing let’s you see the ghost or demon’s around you, and I saw a bunch of what looked like ghost standing around my bed and all over my room. When I saw them they didn’t move or anything just stood there…

I don’t know what to do I am terrified of the spiritual world. A few years back in my old house I once saw a black shadow of a man standing in my door way, his presence woke me up that night. As soon as I realized it was a tall man in a hat standing there I started screaming for my mom and dad, the shadow disappeared out of my door way into the hallway, they “my parents” ran in there and being a country people we are of course my dad had his gun and I told them about the man standing in my door way, he checked the whole house and found nothing. My mom decided to sleep with me and my little brother that night.

Years on down the road my mom decided to tell me that she also saw the “shadow man” that he would walk from her bed room to ours which was on the other side of the house. She said when she would get up out of bed to follow him he would disappear.

I don’t know if there are anything connecting the two stories or not. I don’t know what to do I had the dream last night and I had half the dream woke up and had the rest.

Please help me or explain to me what is going on.

Thank you in advance, Ama.

Asked by Whitney

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Are These Signs I Am Being Haunted?

I have had some weird things happening to me, and I strongly believe that it is something paranormal.

Anytime I go through a certain small hallway in my home, something weird happens. At the end of the hallway there is 2 doors, one leads to my bedroom and the other leads to a closet with old kid’s toys and Halloween decorations/costumes, and there is a mirror mounted on the wall.

The other morning, I was walking into my bedroom around 5:30am, I caught my eye in the mirror and it looked like my face wasn’t my own. It was dark, and it could’ve been my eyes playing tricks on me, but it scared me and I ran into my room. Then, that evening, I was in the same hallway, and as I was walking it felt like someone pushed their body up against my back, I turned around and nobody was there, but I felt like I saw a big, black figure faintly, right in front of me.

Then, the next morning, again, around 5:30am, I was going through the hallway and I had a strange feeling wash over me, I stopped in the hallway and waited. I heard 3 slow, distinct knocks; which scared the crap out of me and I ran away.

I have played a Ouija board in the past (not at the home I am at now), and have had a lot of strange experiences. Additionally, my mother (who does not live with me) has told me a lot of paranormal experiences she has had. She explained to me how she always saw the number 666 (e.g. it was in her drivers license number, her house number, phone number etc). Lately, I am beginning to see it as well. For example, today I randomly noticed that I had 666 Twitter followers.

This is sort of unrelated. But today, my friend was driving me home to my town. She told me how every time she drives into my town, the song “Lost Boy” by Ruth B comes on the radio. I didn’t believe her. But sure enough, when we drove into my town, it came on the radio right away. It freaked me out a little.

Are these signs? Am I being harassed? I am debating on contacting a trusted medium I know. Any advice is appreciated!

Asked by Jessica

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Nightmares And Paranormal Activity

I’ve been having nightmares every night for the past nine months. It started when I began noticing little things around me change. I lost my best friend to cancer three years ago last February, and last summer (around the time I started noticing things change), I decided to try and talk to him. I was desperate and needed to know he was there. I started talking to the air, meditating, practicing little spells I found online. I looked into white magic and mediums and psychics: anything, just so I could talk to David again. It was around that time that I started giving up on the light stuff and wanted to go deeper: I pulled out a Ouija board I had found in the attic a few years before and decided to settle this. I was going to talk to him.

Nothing seemed to happen when I did the ritual. I was by myself, yes, but I followed everything from greeting to ending the ouija board ritual to the T. I was let down, but I didn’t know what I expected. I started noticing little things change shortly after like lights flickering, cold spots in the room, the feeling of a presence, hearing small distinguishable sounds like footsteps/coughs/whispers, but never being able to pinpoint where they were coming from (as if they were coming from my own head). I thought it was him trying to talk to me. I was elated.

But then the nightmares started. Horrible, vivid nightmares of death, abandonment, blood, drowning, stabbing, cutting, screaming, murder, fear, helplessness, pain, suffering, hate. All of the terrible things in the world you can imagine, stuffed into night after night of waking up in a cold sweat, convincing myself it wasn’t real.

Besides the small things I notice during the day (e.g. shadows out of the corner of my eye, the sounds/presences/cold spots I was hearing and feeling, general paranoia, etc), the nightmares have been the worst and biggest indicator of them all. My religions teacher noticed something off about me when she saw the bags under my eyes, and gave me a pendent of the Virgin Mary to “protect me”. She had no idea what was going on, but I feel like she felt something. I knew she felt something around me, and from the minute I put the pendent on, I felt a heaviness in my chest. As if something in my body didn’t want any religious article on my person.

The nightmares are relentless and only get worse with time. The more I notice what’s going on, the more it happens. I’m frightened. Was it because of the ouija board? Did I bring something evil into my life? What is happening to me? Will the nightmares get worse? How do I stop this?

I feel as though I brought something into my life. Not necessarily from the Ouija board, but from somewhere. I don’t know. Something is around me, near me, in me, I don’t know. But it speaks to me through nightmares, subtle images out of the corner of my eye, paranoia, and my fears. I’m so afraid, and I think whatever is doing this to me thrives off of my fear. Someone please help me figure out what this is.

Asked by M Kathy

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What Is Living In My Land?

I would always played in the 40 acres next to my grandparents house. I always felt a warmth a love in there that I sometimes didn’t even feel at home. I have always felt an motherly female energy in the woods and called her ‘mama’ one day, I was driving on a four-wheeler in the woods, when I got heat stroke. I was trying to get back to the house before a passed out but ran the four-wheeler into the gate. I stumbled off and tried to open it but I passed out before I got the latch undone. I remember that I fell forward before passing out onto the gate. When I woke up, I was laying on my back, several feet behind the fore-wheeler and facing the woods and felt perfectly fine. No one was there to move me. That was a year ago.

Just a few weeks ago, my friend got out a Ouija board at my grandparents. We cleansed the room an then used it, asking the spirit. It said it wasn’t from the area and we asked what brought it here. It repeatedly spelled out ‘m-o-m-o’ I suddenly asked it it meant mama and it went to yes immediately. I just blew it of until a day later, we used it again. It was a different spirit but said again that ‘mama’ had brought it just to talk to us.

We asked some more things and it was just going to random letters. I than asked what ‘mama’ felt torts me. it stopped completely and then spelled out plainly ‘L-O-V-E’.

What is ‘mama’?

Asked by Sarah

Ghosts And The Spirit World

Could Using A Spirits Name Cause It To Haunt You Again?

Could saying or spelling aloud the name of a spirit who has haunted me cause me to be haunted again?

I did something pretty dumb earlier this year, by using a ouija board by myself at home, and it resulted in haunting. Actually, I think it just made a haunting that was already happening much stronger. Anyway, my friend performed a purification spell using a crystal necklace I had, and it seemed to ward things off a little, but it did not completely go away until I had gotten rid of the board, and performed my own purification spell to get rid of a curse I believe had been cast upon me.

Tonight, I was explaining to my boyfriend about how I was haunted. I was afraid to say the name of the spirit in my own house, so I waited until we were somewhere else, but still couldn’t quite say it, so I spelled it. My question is, could spelling or saying the spirit’s name cause me to be haunted again?

Asked by Ally

Ghosts And The Spirit World

Who Is She?

When I was young my sister cousins and I found my grandmothers antique Ouija board in an old trunk at our cottage. I can’t remember specifics but I remember weird things would happen. We would try to summon our grandfather who had recently passed. When we asked for proof that the spirits were there certain objects around the cottage would shake like the TV. That’s when my grandmother took the board away Locked it up and hid it. But I got my parents to get me one. Again I don’t remember specifics but I remember my friend and I “communicating” with some “evil” spirits and again things would rattle and shake and we didn’t play it much after that. But I have always seen glimpses of someone there, being scared as hell, but when I looked again they would be gone.

Once I was sitting on my porch when I was young, probably around 7. I was looking across the road at my friends house. I saw this young women probably around 18 and she had long blonde beautiful hair, very pale complexion, a long white dress almost like a petticoat. She was just sitting there, smiling at me and rocking in the rocking chair. I didn’t feel scared per se, not like other times I have seen a figure. I looked away, looked back at her and she was gone and the rocking chair had stopped rocking.

I can slightly recall something happening like this before but not confident enough so say.

I’m now 27  and a few weeks ago I saw the young girl again. I went to a ski resort with my bf and his family. One night I woke up from a nightmare and being really scared I didn’t want to close my eyes and go back to sleep. So I turned over to my side and standing in the bathrooms doorway was the young girl, looking just as she did 20 years ago. She was standing there just staring at me. I wasn’t scared or uneasy at all this time, in fact quite the opposite. I looked away, I looked back, and she was gone and I drifted off to sleep.

I have no idea who this girl may be or what she might represent to me.

Now, something off topic but on.

My bf and I like to go to this certain steak house, for dinner. Twice that I’ve been there, in a row, I have tripped down the stairs in the exact same spot, in the exact same way. was weird to me but figured it was a coincidence. So this last time we were there (which was the second time I tripped on the stair), we were upstairs at the bar waiting for our table to be ready. There was a couple beside us, they got up and left , but the girl left her purse there. I couldn’t believe she so easily left her purse to the point that I was ragging on her to my bf about it. We were then called to our table. We went downstairs, I was still going on about that lady leaving her purse and how could she not be more careful. Then I overheard the waiter talking to the table beside us. He was giving them the history of this steak house( it’s an old mansion). I heard him tell them that the young woman who lived there died in her bedroom, which is now the women’s washroom. I thought it was interesting what he was saying but didn’t think anything odd about it.

Then a few minutes after that I went to get my phone out of my purse and realized my purse wasn’t with me. My bf went and checked upstairs at the bar and lo and behold it was there. I left it in the exact same spot as the last girl did. I couldn’t believe it. I went home and Googled the steakhouse. I then come to find out, it’s on the top of the list of haunted houses in Canada. A lot of people have claimed that a lot of weird things have happened to them in the women’s washroom (which is where the woman died). Also the maid hung herself at the staircase and apparently people have claimed to see a little boy playing on the stairs as well as looking down at people eating their dinners. I’m now convinced it was the little boy who tripped me on the stairs both of those times and who knows about the purses; also a weird happenstance.

I want to get my old Ouija board and see if I can figure out who this girl is that I’ve seen now a couple of times in my life.

Asked by Lisa

Ouija Boards

When Is A Good Time To Use A Ouija Board?

When is a good time to use the oujia board? I tried one dark afternoon when it was stormy out but it didn’t work.

Any suggestions?

Asked by Lil