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What Is It That I Could Be Dealing With?

So about 12 years ago my family bought a house in the country real old house well we always knew something was in the house, but it was just minor things. well my parents are selling the house now. Things have been getting strange.

My dog is being locked in rooms he’s scared to go in the house. Things are moving and my mother says she hears strange popping sounds. The cat wont even go inside.

Well growing up I used to play around with Ouija boards and just do stuff I probably shouldn’t have done…

I plan on going there this weekend me and some friends have some alright cameras and equipment… and I guess the question is what is it that I could be dealing with?

Asked by Sabrina

One reply on “What Is It That I Could Be Dealing With?”

Hi Sabrina,

It sounds like a ghost. If you capture some good footage, or photos, we have a sister-site on Facebook you might like to share them with.

Ghosts get attached to families too, sometimes literally. When you get to the house perhaps you can go into your room and sit down and ‘tell’ the ghost that your family has to move, for whatever reasons, but that you are sure the new owners will be wonderful.

Otherwise, scroll to the bottom of this webpage, and follow the link to the Michael Invocation and use it to clear whomever is in the house .. because every ghost should find healing, and as this one is obviously getting agitated .. it might be better not to hand it onto the new owners .. or the haunting could stop the house selling. I don’t know where you live, but I believe in America if a house is haunted that has to be advertised when the house goes on the market.

Love & Peace