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Haunted By Ouija Board Ghosts?

Two of my friends might be getting haunted by a ghost. Two months ago they played with the Ouija board at their house and they have been having weird things happen ever since.

They feel as if they are being watched. Just two days ago they almost got stuck in an elevator at our school. The lights started flickering and it started shaking.

I had played Ouija with them at the school with the same board. They are going to the house for a sleepover tomorrow where it started and it has started getting worse. Coincidence?

Asked by Anonymous

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Hi Anonymous,

The elevator stopping and the light flickering is more than likely an electrical problem, not a ghost one.

What sort of weird things are happening in the house where they used the ouija?

In the meantime, scroll to the bottom of this webpage and follow the link to the Michael Invocation and get your friends to use that to clear their home .. and then get rid of the board. Cut it in pieces and burn the pieces. Don’t just throw it in the trash for someone else to find, or hide in a cupboard .. because they can act like a lure on a fishing line, and draw you back again.

Love & Peace