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Ouija Board Three Stick Figures?

What does it mean when a Ouija board spirit draws three stick figures and some scribble scratch? Is this some sort of evil spell?

Please help me to know what this means, I can’t find ANY INFORMATION about this subject at all.

Thank you and God Bless!

Asked by Lakeisha

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First of all you should never play with a Ouija board until you know every thing about them and what can happen. The next thing seems like you may have opened a door to three spirits and that door needs to be closed. I do not really know how to close that door but it should be closed as soon as possible if it is not to late. I would do lots of research on the subject and fix this matter. NEVER PLAY WITH A Ouija board EVER

Hi guys,

Lakeisha, when a person uses an ouija it acts like a door between the physical plane, where we live, and the astral plane, where a lot of lost souls (ghosts) and other negative beings exist. I agree with Queenicess about never using the board, particularly if you have no real understanding of how it works.

You wrote that a spirit from the board drew figures and wrote some scribbles. Unless you can actually read and make sense of the writing/message, it is not a curse, its just scribble. The entity could just have been trying to describe his/her own situation, or what trapped it between heaven and earth. My question to you has to be – how do you know the entity wrote it .. did it happen in front of you, or did you just come across it after using the board? More information would be helpful in understanding what you experienced.

In the meantime, is anything paranormal happening in your home, where you used the board, if it wasn’t there, or around you in other locations?

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

Ok I used an iPhone app called “Contact Paranormal”. It did that three stick figures and some scribble scratch then it wrote out “Touch”. After that my forehead was tingling then burning and inching! I looked in the mirror and I had a big long wiped scratch across my forehead. It was so tender and sore it took about three weeks to come down and start healing! I still have a dark scar from that. I was in my garrage when all of this took place and at times I feel someone is in here with me like I’m being watched and a feeling of a little fright. So I decided to download the app called EVP maker and let me tell you when I played back the recording it was growling deep demonic loud growling and talking and some other noise in the background like it was coming through a portal and beeps it was really really weird I listen to a couple of EVP recordings online and those have nothing on what I have on tape I am a little bit scared and terrified I don’t know what to do oh my god what have I done!!!!!!!

Hello again,

I looked up the toy you were playing with and can see that its a lovely invention to scare people with. I wouldn’t pay any attention to it, and delete it from your phone, if you have not already done so. It’s not an ouija it’s a computer program.

And then scroll to the bottom of this webpage and follow the link to the Michael Invocation, and use it to clear your home and then yourself, and that should take care of the problem. Whatever might be hanging around wouldn’t have come through the phone, but it might have been hanging around anyway. The Michael Invocation will take care of it.

I do wish people wouldn’t play with these things, but remember .. they are created to ‘scare’, and in most cases everything people get from them has been programmed in.

Love & Peace

The words ‘cross the divide’ (that’s the correct spelling) are not on this webpage, but they might mean crossing between the physical plane (here on earth) into the heavens .. the doorway between is said to be ‘on the dividing line between the two’, hence the words.

Love & Peace