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I Burned A Ouija Board

Ok so once it was about noon – 3 and I was with my cousins, we were about 14-15 and one of their friends were there too, anyhoo we drew up a Ouija board on a piece of paper am done lit a candle and used a old TV lens with tape over it for the piece that moves.

Anyway why happened was that we talked to a 3 year old named Conner that died and he said he was nice and we said goodbye 3 times and then to make sure we burnt the “board”, I didn’t hear any screaming and I haven’t noticed anything happening around the house, in fact noises have seemed to have completely stopped.

Can anyone explain why that would happen, or at least tell me if burning it is ok?

Also I make a new one out of wood and I wanted to know if there was another safer way of disposing of it.

Asked by Zach

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Some years ago My wife and I used one with my daughter and husband. Roy and I couldnt get anything out of it. The next day my wife and daughter were using it and they felt something weird and scary in the house so they promptly threw the board in the stove and burnt it up. That was about 20 years ago and nothing has happened yet. Whatever they felt must have gotten burnt up with the board.

Hi Zach,

Burning the new board to ash is the best way of destroying it. Do it now, before anything nasty decides to visit you and your friends.

As for Connor, I am hoping that you set him free to cross into heaven, if he was a ghost hanging around in your home causing ‘noises’. Letting him communicate was perhaps all he needed to do, so that he could.

Some ouija experiences can be like yours, but in the end, you really are taking a change that something truly horrible will lie to you and your friends, attach to your energy, and cause you harm. The ouija is dangerous and always will be. I’ve spent the last 30+ years helping people solve problems created by the board, which acts as a doorway between this dimension and the void .. where nasty entities hang out.

Love & Peace,

I agree with Bud, whole-heartedly. Don’t make them, don’t use them, don’t screw with them. Burning them doesn’t always get rid of the baddies.