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Spirit Attachment?

A few weeks ago I was working late at my job, I was the only person in the shop with my last client. I told her I always get weird feeling in the shop when I’m alone like being watched etc. And she told me she thinks she has a spirit attachment from doing a Ouija board and suddenly we hear a voice slightly to the left like a growl. We both look at each other in shock then we hear a loud stomp.

Nothing else happed the whole time were there but we both have this dread feeling in the pit of our stomachs like we need to leave as fast as possible. I get home a few days later and I am doing something in the mirror in the upstairs of my home, there is a light switch next to the mirror that is switched on. Suddenly it turns off and as I am about to shout downstairs whether my mom did it by accident (because there is also another light switch for the same light downstairs) it turns on again. And then off again. And then on again and off again, not a flicker a solid on and off.

A few days later I was at the fridge in my housecoat and I feel a tug on the hood. like a child trying to get my attention. I have never experienced anything like this before in my home. My mom came in because she heard a scream and she told it to stop it because it was scaring me.

Nothing has happened since but every time I walk into another room I feel as if something is walking directly behind me, and I will have something right in front of me and turn around and it will be gone. And 5 minutes later I’ll still be looking and I’ll go back to the place it was and it will be right there.

What can I do?

Asked by Abigail

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2 replies on “Spirit Attachment?”

Hello Abigail.

There might be something following you around. People do collect entities from ouija boards, and they do transfer from one person to another .. so I would ask if you use any form of energy shielding for yourself, to protect you from this problem. Being followed around is not an unusual problem, having had it happen many times over the years. Ghosts are everywhere, as are other entities. I would suggest two things – if you go to church ask your minister to pray over you to release whatever is around, or you could follow the link to the Michael Invocation (under ‘pages’ down below) and use that to clear both yourself and your home. Your mother might like to say it too. And tell us how you go, in a few days, to be sure that it is gone.

Love & Peace