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How Can I Do A Safe Planchette?

My mom have died over 6 years ago. We all forgot her but suddenly she is coming in my dreams. We don’t know why did she die. We just know that it was a suicide. Some says “she had a relationship with someone and your(my dad) dad had knew that… that’s why” but I don’t believe this my dad also think that she had a relationship with someone but nobody knows the exact reason.

I am having nightmare I can’t sleep in peace… so I want to do a planchette to call her I want to know the exact reason of her death none of my family members has believe in ghosts or spirits so they have ignored me.

I am going to use an Ouija board so how can i use the spirit board? Can i use alone? Does ouija board works during the day? How can i make it safe and successful?

Asked by tiku

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Everything I have read or experienced connected with a ouija board tells me it is not anything to mess with. Demons etc. are just looking for a chance to jump through the door it will open and either possess you or create chaos in your life. My son died suddenly away from home. It gave me such a shock that 16 years later I still miss him and wonder what happened to him. I only have a part of the answer – his heart burst more or less but I don’t know if someone hurt him, or if he was alone when he died and it seems the longer he is gone the more questions I have. Just know that your mother is going through a healing and when you see her in heaven she will be perfect and you will have all your questions answered. That doesn’t mean you cant talk to her friends, read letters and journals and maybe even talk to this mystery man that you and your father are aware of – but please leave the ouija board alone. It will bring only chaos and you will not find any peace because of it.

Hi tiku,


I hope you haven’t after you sent this question. Ouija boards are dangerous, thy connect to a place called “the Void” where ghosts and other nasty entities hang out. If your mom is a ghost and hasn’t gone through healing yet, just ask Archangel Michael to “FIND” her and “TAKE” her into healing. After that, she’ll be resting in heaven and she can come back and visit you in dreams and give you pleasant dreams instead of nightmares.

Later in the future, maybe you could find a good psychic medium and ask them if they could help you contact your mother for you. You could also write a note on a piece of paper asking your mom to visit you in your dreams, but do this ONLY after she has crossed over into heaven, so help her cross over if she hasn’t and then ask her to visit once she’s in heaven.

Hello Tiku,

I agree with Robbie that ouija are not safe and not a good idea to use as a way to connect to your mother.

If you could please tell me what happens in the dreams when she appears, perhaps we can work out why she has suddenly appeared? Does your father have a new wife, by any chance?

Love & Peace