Ghosts And The Spirit World

I Saw a Ghost Face to Face

I saw a ghost face to face. We stared at each other for a few seconds, maybe 5 or 6, then she disappeared. She was dressed conventionally, skirt, blouse and sweater. Her sweater was periwinkle, very pretty.

She had her head down at first, as if she was in deep thought. Walking and thinking. She seemed more substantial than I expected, although I could still see through her.

I was 72 years old at the time and had never seen a ghost before. It was a very reassuring experience for me. If there really are ghosts than many things could be real too. And it proves the afterlife.

Now I believe in God wholeheartedly, with no reservations at all. I don’t fear death at all. Thank you for your informative q&a, I have learned a lot


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Is There A Darker Force Watching Me?

My partner has seen a dark shadow over me numerous times and I have seen the same when I was sleeping. I asked it to go away and it did I have not seen it since, he tells me he can always feel a dark energy around me and when I get angry he says he feels it most. I didn’t think much of it until he had a bad accident for a second time, what was strange about this is all of these accidents happen directly after he extremely upsets me.

I thought about it further and the same thing happened when my previous partner had upset me. Come to think of it bad things happen to people often after they upset me. I always feel like something is protecting me.

My partner suffers from many nightmares involving me and a dark figure but nothing ever happens to me. I have never gotten involved with the paranormal apart from seeing a few things when I was younger so I was wondering if someone could help me shed some light on the situation.

Asked by X

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Need Answers On a Possible Demonic Attack

I have a question about an encounter I had. I had severe abdominal pain and put it off for a week. I went to the Emergency Room and had an emergency appendectomy surgery. I had woken up after my surgery and felt normal after anesthesia and had a total 2-day stay. I had returned home feeling fine.

I went to bed and felt like I was still in the hospital while I was dreaming. I dreamed about a mid aged man that was lying on the bathroom floor in the hospital bathroom who was ill. Shortly after I woke up. I felt like I had a sleep paralysis except my eyes were wide open and I was certain I was awake. All of a sudden between my two windows I saw a dark cloudy smoky figure form into a scary face. It had no body. I remember asking it who it was and it replied a demon. Then it flew across my bedroom and went for my throat. I gasped for air and threw/tipped my head back and smacked my head off the back of my headboard of my bed. Then my heart was racing and I was able to move again. This figure seemed to have disappeared after it went into my throat or mouth.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am wondering if it disappeared or if it went inside of me. Or if this sounds like a demonic attack. I remembered hearing the nurses in the hospital joking around about the nurses station feeling haunted and how creeped out they get on the night shift. I have no idea if the man I saw in my dream had something to do with this encounter. Thanks for your time!

Asked by Derek

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Dreams and Sleep

Thoughts And Dreams Of Past Memories

For some reason I have been having thoughts and dreams of my life from younger years to now. Its while I’m awake and dreaming.

The thoughts will come out of nowhere and I’ll think of something that I had long ago forgotten. Or didn’t even want to remember.

It goes back to when I was 3 or 4 up to now at age 63. These are memories I have never thought of until a couple of months ago when this started.

Any reason this is happening?

Asked by Mary

Dreams and Sleep

Frequent Dreams Of A Child

My question is regarding a dream my daughter is having. She lost a baby(miscarriage) 2 1/2 years ago.

Now she is dreaming and seeing this child in her dreams. We didn’t know if it was a boy or girl. And she can’t tell that from the dreams.

She has never dreamt of this child before, but now its frequent.


Asked by Mary

Pets and Animals

Pet Ghost?

My cat often plays behind the couch, she jumps up and bats at you while your sitting. One night she had been doing this, but came out from behind the couch.

My husband sat down and I stood up talking when we both saw what looked like her paw come up from behind the couch. My cat and my dog were right next to me and no where near the couch.

There was nothing behind the couch, nothing had fallen off the back of it. I did have a dog pass away 2 yrs ago and I have seen him a couple of times since. But she is the only cat I’ve ever owned.

Any ideas on what it was? We both saw it. I’m at a loss.

Asked by Diana

Dreams and Sleep

Evil Fetuses Seen In Dreams

Has Anyone Seen This Or Know What They Could Be?

I have had these strange looking, almost alien fetuses appear in my dreams. They are only about two inches long and an inch wide.

I dreamt once I seen one of them in a test tube (such as a test tube baby) and an evil voice behind me said: “There will be a child born from the very depths of evil.” A few days ago I dreamt I was holding 4 of them at individual times (maybe 5 of them) and acting like they were cute but still afraid of them. I looked at one and it started growing pale and then my skin started to change the same color as it. It was a pasty, grayish color. I then scooped them up and wrapped them in a paper towel and threw them away.

They seem to be barely alive and hardly move. They look up at me with beady black eyes with an evil smirk on their face as if planning something. If anyone has seen anything like this in dreams or think they know what they are, please comment!

Asked by Seth

General Questions

Shard Of Glass Found In My Apartment

I’m hoping someone can help with this question. I just moved into my apartment a few months ago and have been experiencing lots of paranormal things like lights turning on by themselves and things falling on their own. I clean my apartment often and vacuum often as well.

I’ve been having a lot of things go on in my life as of recently, first bad but then things got better in a matter of one day all at once, coincidentally after a psychic read my cards (I never have this done and it just kind of fell on my lap and I allowed it, though now I’m feeling like I shouldn’t have). The activity has gotten crazier since that reading and then yesterday, something weirder happened. I was walking in my living room and I noticed something hard on the carpet but I ignored it at first thinking it was a cat treat or something since my cat’s treat dispenser was nearby.

Later on, I was walking again and I stepped on it and it felt too hard to be a treat so I reached down to see what it was and it was a piece of glass, a very thick piece of glass. I have not broken a glass since I’ve been living at my new apartment and honestly I can’t remember the last time I’ve even broken a glass at all. The weirdest part was that this piece of glass didn’t cut me even though it was quite sharp and it had a weird symbol of a 3 leaf clover on it right in the center. It had 3 sides too, the glass was broken in a triangular shape. I didn’t throw it away. I kept it in a box I had nearby because I felt like this was very significant. I didn’t find it scary, just really odd and strange.

Any ideas to what this could mean? Is it a symbol or something else?

Asked by Val

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Negative Energy

My wife suffers from mental illness Schizophrenia. While she was off of her medication for months, she broke things, stabbed her mattress about 20 times with a knife.

I had the Priest over to bless the house, and told him about it. He said the Our Father, Hail Mary and Prayer to Archangel Michael. Since she has come back from the hospital she feels better and is taking her medication.

I have heard that negative energy and bad things can still be present with certain items.

Should I get rid of the mattress? Perhaps some bad energy is still there until I get rid of it. Thanks.

Asked by Tim


The Michael Invocation

Emotional Experience Performing The Michael Invocation

Question About The Michael Invocation


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I Know I Am Haunted

I know I am haunted… I need help. I don’t know what to do. And now I’m seeing black orbs

I live in a home I know is haunted. When I replaced the door handles when I first moved here. I stopped on my bedroom only did the inside handle. Well I lay down to take a nap and I wake up the crystal door handle was shaking. The second time I actually seen it move. Half asleep I figure I will catch whoever is messing with me. It shakes again. I see it I jump up run to the door as to scare one of my kids messing with me. I pull on the door handle and it comes off. I look at it then I remember the kids are in school and I need to finish. Well then I realize the only door handle was on the inside. So from week 1 I knew we was haunted.

I feel their presence when I watch tv and I look and they are not there. I definitely seen a black orb with my wife slowly float into My room…Then dive to the floor at my feet. Now I’m worried. I seen ghosts and had experiences as a child, but I am always skeptical on what I see. I’m worried this is a game changer for me if the presence is maligned.

I lived on this same street as a child in another house and have had many experiences in this area in general. But that orb filled me with dread. I wanted to get off my bed and run. What do I do?

Asked by Jason