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Pet Ghost?

My cat often plays behind the couch, she jumps up and bats at you while your sitting. One night she had been doing this, but came out from behind the couch.

My husband sat down and I stood up talking when we both saw what looked like her paw come up from behind the couch. My cat and my dog were right next to me and no where near the couch.

There was nothing behind the couch, nothing had fallen off the back of it. I did have a dog pass away 2 yrs ago and I have seen him a couple of times since. But she is the only cat I’ve ever owned.

Any ideas on what it was? We both saw it. I’m at a loss.

Asked by Diana

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Hi Diana. Sorry for the loss of your pet. I myself lost my dog after 17 years. I also have seen her and hear hear her bark around the house. My cat, thats still alive, plays with my deceased dig to date. They were very close. Make some Holy Water…Get an empty spray bottle, put half a cup of salt. Any salt (I like sea salt myself), then add 1 and 1/2 cup of purified water. Shake it up.

Have your recorder on and spray 3 time in that area or any area. Ask if your pet is here with you.

It’s amazing. All healers work their own style/beliefs and were all unique. However, the outcome is always about helping others. Let me know how it goes for you❣

Hello Diana,

I have so many tales of visiting pets, including Gus the dog who slept with his head on my foot, and snored loudly, for three weeks after he died. My husband would comment on it. He and Meg the grey cat were very good friends, so neither Gus nor I were surprised when Meg wandered into the kitchen and up the hall, a few weeks after she died. Gus and I just looked at each other and kept watching until she disappeared into my mother’s bedroom. I am sure they still play together in the orchard where they were buried, or haunt the houses that will have been built there by now.

There was another ghost cat I patted for a while, when I was a child playing with friends in the cemetery near our house. The other kids couldn’t see the black and white cat, but I could. They thought I was nuts, but the cat felt real to me.

If you are frightened by your playful visitor then clearing the house might be a good idea, but if it is not bothering you, and your cat likes to play with it .. I wouldn’t worry. It might be that the new cat lived in the house before you did, and only comes to visit now there are other animals to play with.

Love & Peace