Ghosts And The Spirit World

I Saw a Ghost Face to Face

I saw a ghost face to face. We stared at each other for a few seconds, maybe 5 or 6, then she disappeared. She was dressed conventionally, skirt, blouse and sweater. Her sweater was periwinkle, very pretty.

She had her head down at first, as if she was in deep thought. Walking and thinking. She seemed more substantial than I expected, although I could still see through her.

I was 72 years old at the time and had never seen a ghost before. It was a very reassuring experience for me. If there really are ghosts than many things could be real too. And it proves the afterlife.

Now I believe in God wholeheartedly, with no reservations at all. I don’t fear death at all. Thank you for your informative q&a, I have learned a lot


One reply on “I Saw a Ghost Face to Face”

Hi Sheila,

Yes, you saw a ghost! A real one!!!! I also can see ghosts too. They do look see through most of the time for me too. And they also seem to be focused on their own world and scared to confront me or see me. Some arent and they fight to talk to me or try to attack but thats why I’ll suggest to you White Light Shields. They work.

And when you die, choose to go into healing. You’ll make it. Being a ghost is not fun. Yeah, you think people are scared of you, but you feel so scared of what you are seeing as a ghost!!! And most of it isnt real.

When you go to Heaven you see the truth. You get to meet God! And you stay there for as long as you want!

See? Love is real.