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Evil Fetuses Seen In Dreams

Has Anyone Seen This Or Know What They Could Be?

I have had these strange looking, almost alien fetuses appear in my dreams. They are only about two inches long and an inch wide.

I dreamt once I seen one of them in a test tube (such as a test tube baby) and an evil voice behind me said: “There will be a child born from the very depths of evil.” A few days ago I dreamt I was holding 4 of them at individual times (maybe 5 of them) and acting like they were cute but still afraid of them. I looked at one and it started growing pale and then my skin started to change the same color as it. It was a pasty, grayish color. I then scooped them up and wrapped them in a paper towel and threw them away.

They seem to be barely alive and hardly move. They look up at me with beady black eyes with an evil smirk on their face as if planning something. If anyone has seen anything like this in dreams or think they know what they are, please comment!

Asked by Seth

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Hi Seth,

What have you been watching on television or reading in a book? Our mind continues to hold onto any image it has seen, and sounds it has heard, all our lives, and feed them back to us through our dreams.

That being said, in my dream book a fetus is a symbol of new life. Perhaps the dream is asking you not to let a choice, a new direction you are considering taking, become so overwhelming that it drains the life out of you, or will not be good for others, not just yourself. Or are there new people in your life, who you think are friends, who are draining you? It’s not good to throw people away, but it is wise to close a chapter of your life that is not making you feel safe and comfortable, by tidying up projects that are not working and putting them ‘in the bin’.

Love & Peace

While the dream meaning you suggested does seem like it could be true to me, I haven’t actually read any books or watched anything that could make me dream about this. The evil fetuses have recurred, they are evil because I can sense it in the dream. In the same dream, there was a woman looking like she took care of herself poorly and had dull colored clothing. Her hair was long and disheveled. She had been appearing on three occasions for two nights before this one, but had always been within a certain distance from me (about 20 feet) as if she could not get closer. In this dream, she was standing against the ditch on the side of the road looking towards the direction of my house. The other members of my family could actually see her and had been. I told my father, “She goes after the males in the house.” (An odd thing to say) I then dreamt of the evil fetuses. They seemed to look up at me with an evil smirk on their face and seemed to be barely alive though. Their beady eyes seemed to be concealing something much stronger and evil than they actually looked. You may think this is an exaggeration since fetuses are not fully formed and therefore can cause no harm if anything at all, however they were so disturbing and vivid that I do not want them to reappear in my dreams.