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Negative Energy

My wife suffers from mental illness Schizophrenia. While she was off of her medication for months, she broke things, stabbed her mattress about 20 times with a knife.

I had the Priest over to bless the house, and told him about it. He said the Our Father, Hail Mary and Prayer to Archangel Michael. Since she has come back from the hospital she feels better and is taking her medication.

I have heard that negative energy and bad things can still be present with certain items.

Should I get rid of the mattress? Perhaps some bad energy is still there until I get rid of it. Thanks.

Asked by Tim


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3 replies on “Negative Energy”

Hi Tim,

You had the house blessed, that includes the contents. Unless you are uncomfortable with the mattress, or its too broken to give you both a good night’s sleep, I cannot see any reason for you to get rid of it, or the knife. I am very sorry that your wife has that illness. I hope she stays on her medication forever, but people do tend to yo-yo around. I have friends who need reminding that they must also stay on theirs.

Love & Peace

Thanks for the help. This has been bothering me for awhile. So now, I think I am at peace now. I always try to stay with the good!

Hi Tim, I would personally remove the mattress, as it will be a constant reminder to both of you …of what happened. Blessings