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Need Answers On a Possible Demonic Attack

I have a question about an encounter I had. I had severe abdominal pain and put it off for a week. I went to the Emergency Room and had an emergency appendectomy surgery. I had woken up after my surgery and felt normal after anesthesia and had a total 2-day stay. I had returned home feeling fine.

I went to bed and felt like I was still in the hospital while I was dreaming. I dreamed about a mid aged man that was lying on the bathroom floor in the hospital bathroom who was ill. Shortly after I woke up. I felt like I had a sleep paralysis except my eyes were wide open and I was certain I was awake. All of a sudden between my two windows I saw a dark cloudy smoky figure form into a scary face. It had no body. I remember asking it who it was and it replied a demon. Then it flew across my bedroom and went for my throat. I gasped for air and threw/tipped my head back and smacked my head off the back of my headboard of my bed. Then my heart was racing and I was able to move again. This figure seemed to have disappeared after it went into my throat or mouth.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am wondering if it disappeared or if it went inside of me. Or if this sounds like a demonic attack. I remembered hearing the nurses in the hospital joking around about the nurses station feeling haunted and how creeped out they get on the night shift. I have no idea if the man I saw in my dream had something to do with this encounter. Thanks for your time!

Asked by Derek

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Hello Derek, I wanted to ask you if you or your family have noticed a change in your behavior? Your describing an attachment. I highly recommend the Michael Invocation and also a meditation grounding yourself and clearing your chakras meditation. You can find them on u tube. I speak for myself, I Ground myself daily and invoke the violet flame as well. Hope this helps.

No I haven’t had any change in behavior. I have been practicing Kundalini Yoga for maybe 3-4 years. I have done many meditation exorcises with kriya and prana and visualization. I enjoy the binaural beats and cleansing videos on Youtube and have been listening to them for years as well. I don’t know why I saw what I saw, but it was strange and definitely seemed paranormal. I haven’t seen the apparition since. But for several years I have noticed a strange shadow figure that looks like it resembles the silhouette of a cat or something slightly bigger. But it behaves just like a cat. It will run upstairs, cut corners, or appear in front of me when I am doing something like watching TV or on my computer. Then the second I notice it. It seems to dart away very fast. Sometimes it happens random. Sometimes several times a day. Sometimes I don’t see it for months. Then randomly it’s back. I told my mother about this thing I see and she was like hmm at first. But then later on she told me she has seen this same thing that I have. I used to think it was just my eyes playing tricks on me, but it is not. This has been happening prior to my incident after my surgery. Also what do you mean by an attachment? I can’t seem to figure out what has manifested until that point. I mean the house in general does not feel like it is a haunted house.

Hi Derek, I see this happened to you a while back. But since I don’t see many responses, I thought I should send you my thoughts. Yes you saw a demon. Many are in a Hospital. That is where most people die. So spirits are everywhere ready to do their work. I have seen mists before. I do think you were attached by a Demon. Weather you were awake, or twilight sleep, or asleep, it was still a Demon that attacked you. Being that you noticed it went inside you, I would be very concerned,should you have strange changes in your personality, weird desires and enjoyment in researching dark things, dressing dark, being in the dark. Loss of memory, blind rages, notice weird things happening at 3:AM. Also in regards to Yoga, Kundalani is actually a Spirit. Have you invoked this spirit into yourself? Given it access. It will open the door to other spirits. You can get rid of the spirit if crazy things start happening to you. Go to youtube. Look up excorcism Apostle John Zavarlis or zavarlaris