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Negative Energy

My wife suffers from mental illness Schizophrenia. While she was off of her medication for months, she broke things, stabbed her mattress about 20 times with a knife.

I had the Priest over to bless the house, and told him about it. He said the Our Father, Hail Mary and Prayer to Archangel Michael. Since she has come back from the hospital she feels better and is taking her medication.

I have heard that negative energy and bad things can still be present with certain items.

Should I get rid of the mattress? Perhaps some bad energy is still there until I get rid of it. Thanks.

Asked by Tim


The Michael Invocation

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Real Demon Or Schizophrenia?

For the past year I have been able to predict some of the future. It’ll come to me in “what if” statements. In the beginning of 2014 I was sitting in my room when I had a sudden clarity and gasped “What if Grandpa dies!” Later that month I was at his funeral. Then during Thanksgiving as I was hugging my Grandmother goodbye I thought “What if something bad happens to Grandma” later that day she had a stroke. And other things like that in-between the two.

Then I was at my friend’s house and we were talking to spirits through my pendulum and it told us to go to the rocks (a place that we usually hangout at). So we went there and as soon as I stepped foot on the rocks I felt an enormous pressure on my third eye that I passed out. Once I woke up I wanted to go explore the abandoned house, a place I always told her she shouldn’t go, a place I would never want to go. I soon after “woke up” and came to my senses and we left to go back to her house I lost my pendulum on the way. I have since then made a new one and am talking to the demon I feel may have tried to possess me.

I asked to see him and he allowed me, but even then I wasn’t sure what I was looking at. It was like a transparent white mass of energy. I asked to hear him, it was like a buzzing. Not like a fly’s buzzing, but the buzzing of a million tiny voices all yelling different things at once. I couldn’t tell what they were saying. Even though I was a bit scared I continued to talk to him and soon found peace in it. I asked him what he wanted, he only said that he wanted to help me and I asked how. Then, again I had a sudden moment of clarity as if he plopped the answer in my head he wanted to give me power and he did. He filled me with so much negative energy I felt some what evil like.

Anyway my questions are: What do you think of this? What kind of demon is he? Do you think he could have been giving me the future sight? DO YOU THINK HE’S REAL?

Asked by Madison