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Turned Over Pictures

I have a picture of me my dad and sister on my dresser. After my dad passed away I noticed many timed the picture was turned face down. Mostly I noticed it when I woke up in the morning.

I tried to debunk it my trying to shake the dresser. The dresser is extremely heavy and cant be shake at all. So I tried to debunk it even more and checked the frame… will not fall over. Without physically turning it over yourself it will not fall over.

I tried to debunk it again when it happened and physically leaned the picture at an angle against my mirror knowing that there was no way it could fall over on its own this way no matter what. But sure enough… it was faced down for many morning in a row.

It hasn’t happened in a while now… was my dad trying to let me know he was there?

A few days after my dad had passed away, I just got into bed and closed my eyes to sleep. I had an eerie feeling that someone was looking at I opened my eyes and man I jumped up from bed I was so scared! I saw what I thought was my dads eye right there looking into min! It was so real! He had a distinct color of eyes and I just new it was him! I swear I saw it as clear as day! I said dang it dad don’t ever scare me like that again! Could it have been my dad ? What could he have been doing?

Asked by Annette

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Hello Annette,

I just love this story. 🙂 First up you tell your dad not to appear in front of you and scare you by looking at you too closely .. so he makes sure his photo isn’t doing that either. Did your dad like a joke? That’s so groovy.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

Ha ha, never thought of that…yes my dad liked a good joke once in a while..never put the two things together….hmmmmm. Is that a good thing or a bad thing that I saw his actual eye looking into m ine it was as real as someone who was alive actually looking into my eye! Why did that happen?

He certainly made sure you recognised him by showing you his eye .. I don’t see any harm in that .. and its a lot less energy than having to show you his whole body? Gotta be practical about it when you are a ‘new’ spirit.

Love & Peace
Ama (still smiling)

i put a couple of questions on a piece of paper and asked my dad to answer them in a dream each night. last night was night three. I woke up this morning and burned it like I read on earlier posts to do…what next? I havent had a response. Did I do something wrong or do I give it time?

Hello Anonymous,

Let go. That’s what you do next. Your dad will come. He has the questions, and hopefully the answers. When you stop anticipating, or fearing, his arrival .. you’ll probably dream the answers, or have them given to you in some other way.

Patience is a life lesson.

Love & Peace

Thank you for all your answers to my questions.I appreciate them more than you know..But of course I am full of them because I am so fascinated by the paranormal. So my question now is, can we choose to do things to let our loved ones know when we pass on or do you think theres a limit? I have told my family , husband and friends that since I am a photographer, I was going to turn pictures upside down and side ways on their walls so they know it was me. I thought that by telling them ahead of time that that was my plan so that they would know it was me with no doubt. Is that silly?

Hi .. if we are going to have a chat, do you think I could have your first name, to know who to address – or are you Annette, who asked the question?

A spirit is a person without a body. They can choose to do anything they like once they cross over into heaven (by whatever name). A ghost, on the other hand, hasn’t crossed over and so they don’t have access to the same sorts of energy – it has to be built up over time – so its better to cross into heaven than hang around on earth .. whatever your reasons not to be sure about going there.

Spirits, however, know that human beings really shouldn’t be bothered by ghosts, or them, without a very good reason. Proving life after death might be considered a good reason, but if your family already believes in it, what’s the point of hanging around to prove it .. particularly if the hanging around causes you to become a ghost, which it will do if you don’t leave this plane when the opportunity arises.

So no, your desire to prove you are still ‘alive in spirit’ isn’t silly, nor is your idea of moving the pictures around (personally I would translocate a few myself, or appear in a few they took after I died .. just for fun .. I love ‘anomoly’ photos we can’t debunk ..) but you might find, once you are a spirit, that you don’t think you really need to do it at all. Or .. you might be advised against it, since such a clear sign of your presence might have detrimental effects on the peace of mind of your family, rather than reassuring them. It’s complicated, but has to do with free will, faith and belief – all very powerful life-changing acts. Basically .. tell your family but then make up your mind once you are dead. 🙂

Houdini promised his wife that he would prove he was a spirit to her, and she spent the rest of her life waiting for him to do that .. the question has to be, what other things should she have been doing, or would she have been doing, if he had not made her that promise? It was her free will to put her life on hold, in that way, but how long is long enough? Put a time limit on it? Say “I’ll try for the first six months after I’m gone, but after that I expect you to stop expecting me to move things”?

Love & Peace

Thank you Ama, I guess I have a lot to learn. Does one go straight to Heaven or is there a waiting place until the second coming?

In my experience, Nancy, everyone goes to heaven.

I am not a believer in the second coming, although I name myself Christan, because Christ never left. He resides in everyone’s hearts, regardless of whether a person believes in him or not. It is only human beings who limit God, even when calling him omnipresent (which means ‘everywhere’). If he and God are ‘one’ being .. where could he have gone?

Love & Peace

I have a picture of a large amount of orbs itaken in my back yard one night. They are of several different colors. Are these orbs or?????If so what do the different colors mean?

Hi Annette,

No one knows for certain what orbs are, we just have theories.

I believe they the positive spiritual form of energy that humans and elementals of this planet produce. In my opinion, the colours come from the chakras, and/or emotions, that produced the energy.

There is no way we can say whether the orbs in your picture were spirit ones, or simply the flash of the camera reflecting on rain, mist, dust or bugs in the air around your home that night. If you email CareTaker the picture he could post it on a site for us to look at.

My rule of thumb is that an orb with an internal light source, and a wide ring around the outside, is a spirit orb .. the rest are flash reactions.

Love & Peace