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Is There Some Way I Can Connect With My Mamaw?

Hello, Ms. Ama, A.J. and Siddle and all others 🙂

Hope all are doing well… I have something that I wanted to ask about… it concerns my mamaw… She helped raise me… and her background as well as mine… as it usually goes… is Church of God… born and raised in it… any how… I lost her 3 years ago.

I was with her holding her hand when she passed over… but I didn’t go to her wake or funeral… I had my last moment with her and that is all I felt I needed. I never have been to her final resting place in body only I know… but, I want to go but the hurt is still there and if I go I would like to be able to make some connection… and I know this sounds selfish or odd… but she was a rock for me growing up and I would just one time only to know that she is aywhere near me or knows why I couldn’t bring myself to go to her wake or funeral.

This haunts me until this day… if possible… is there some way I could connect to my mamaw just one time?

Asked by Lisa Cooke

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Hello Lisa,

Those we love know how we feel much more clearly, once they cross over, than they did when they were alive. They know when we are unhappy, and what we are worrying about, particularly when we focus our attention on what is hurting, rather than getting on with our lives.

Your mamaw knows why you didn’t go to the wake, nor visit her graveside, and I’m sure she understands. It is only a body buried there, not her spirit, her personality, her warmth and her charm .. they remain with her forever.

My father died over 17 years ago this month. I haven’t visited his gravesite either. He’s not there. He’s in my mind and memory, and in spirit as his true self. I have no regrets for not replacing those memories with the finality that comes from visiting a grave. I did have a chance to talk to him after he died, because he had issues he needed to discuss with me, and he was a perfect candidate to become a ghost – and then I sent him into healing riding a kite .. he was my first ‘rescue’ that I intentionally did – and the beginning of a very interesting adventure.

Call to her quietly, once in a while, just before you go to bed. Ask her to come to you in your dreams. Write her a letter telling her everything you want her to know and asking her to give you some sign of her presence, some sense of peace, or touch you with the scent of her perfume – anything that reminds you of her, and then burn it. Then relax, knowing that she truly loved you when she was alive, and loves you even more now. When the time is right, for both of you, she’ll come. I know one lady had to wait eight months for a sign from her mother, but it was worth the wait, as far as she was concerned. Everyone has their own time they need in healing, before they visit us again. We just have to learn to be patient.

Love & Peace