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Questions About Lucid Dreaming And OBE

I was intrigued to get in touch with you and was hoping to ask you a few questions to develop my knowledge on lucid dreaming and OBEs, since I believe I had one last night.

It is a very strange experience seeing as I have never tried to lucid dream or have an out of body experience, and equally have never believed in spirits, poltergeists or possession before what happened to me. I am still really shaken up with what happened and would love to talk to you about what I felt and saw in the night to get your opinion.

I was pulled from my body by what I can only describe as an evil spirit of myself (she looked identical to me but completely pale and eyes black) I was watching myself sat on the toilet with the poltergeist/spirit screaming at me, telling me off and shrieking. The real me was sat gormless staring at it. The lights were flashing between me sat on the loo and evil spirit version of me. I suddenly I woke up in “real life” and I was sat on the loo just like in my “dream” even though I had been positively asleep in bed prior to this happening. I don’t know how I got to the toilet and what I had been staring at.

I am literally petrified because I don’t usually believe in that sort of stuff and it’s not like I’ve watched anything scary or tv recently for it to be in my head or have imagined it, therefore I really think it what happened was real. I’m literally so scared.

Whilst looking in to what happened I also saw that spirits can show up during sleep paralysis too, could this have been what happened? Did I witness an evil spirit visit me whilst I was in sleep paralysis or out of body? Or was I just hallucinating?

Many thanks and I look forward to hearing back if you are happy to discuss things with me.

Amy , age 20 , United Kingdom

Asked by Amy R

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Did I See My Friend’s Astral Body?

What did I see that night?

When I was about nine years old, there was a night where I had woken up with a dry throat. I got up to get a glass of water, and as I was drinking it, I was making faces at myself in the mirror (I was a strange child). As I was looking in the mirror, a blue-ish orb appeared next to my face. I looked over to see if it was there in real life, but it wasn’t, it was only visible in the mirror. Eventually, this orb took form of a human body and slowly developed details.

After everything had fully developed, I recognized this figure as my (still alive) best friend. The figure turned and looked toward me (still only visible in the mirror) and said, “Hi, Mystic.” It sounded kind of echo-y and distorted, as if perhaps a hologram were speaking? It was really strange, and after I hurriedly jumped back into bed and uncovered my eyes from the blanket, the figure was gone. I was wondering if maybe you knew what this could have been?

I’ve been trying to do some research ever since (literally about eight years later) but all to no avail. Last night I stumbled upon an article over “astral bodies,” which said that the human consciousness and the physical body are two separate things, and when the physical body is not conscious (during sleep or even meditation), the human consciousness takes a form and begins to pretty much live a life of its own, wandering from place to place. Perhaps I saw my friend’s astral body?

If there is anything you could tell me, it would be very appreciated!

Asked by Mystic

General Questions

OBE and Astral Projection

Is there a clear difference between an OBE and Astral Projection? I thought they were the same things! Are they the same things?

Is this a good method of consciously trying to astral project, or is it just an OBE?

Basically, the technique is that you relax enough that your body falls asleep, but you keep your mind awake. Once you are in between being asleep and being awake, you jump out of your body.

I have used this method to induce lucid dreams (which was successful on my first try) but I figured it’s also a good way to start astral projecting. Is this a good method though that works for astral projection?

Asked by Micle

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Do I Have Paranormal Abilities?

First I was walking into my parents house from the garage.  Dad was  always in the kitchen which was that door leading into the house.  I could hear the TV which was always loud.  I heard dad talking to mom as well so I new they were home.  As soon as I opened the door, there was no one there and the TV was not on.  I went through the house calling for them with no answer.  So I went out back and my mom and daughter were at the far end of the 4th lot.  They said my dad was not there and they had been outside for quit awhile.  I told her what had happened but there has always been unexplained things happen in the 50 years they have owned it.

But that is not all.  I received 2 phone calls from their house, when no one was home and it sounded like a little girl crying while talking so I had no idea what she was saying.  the 3rd phone call I got went to my voice mail and it was the same thing.  I took it and let my mom hear it but she said no one was there that time of day. I have had out of body experiences when I was living with mom and dad.

I start thinking of calling my daughter who is a 1000 miles away and the next thing I know she is calling me. I have seen things that was not there as well as some of my sisters. I will start getting a bad feeling like something is going to happen, my sisters have it at the same time, some times.  And something always happens.

Asked by Nancy

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Out Of Body Experience And Evil Spirits

Hi, I am Shashank from India, I am having out of body experience since I was a child. I am 26 now and it happens rarely. I happens when I sleep on my back straight so i feel very terrified sleeping that way but whenever during sleep I come to that position I fell this. I can see my surroundings and feel like a balloon who is going up I have to hold ceiling or other things to stop myself from going up as I don’t know where I end up. When I wake up I feel pain in my muscles as its hard to come back for me so I don’t sleep that way.

Last night I had the same experience and I felt that someone is holding my thighs and not allowing me to go to myself, I was at my legs and it was taking me back, after long holding myself I felt that I slipped form its hands and entered back and I just woke up. I saw but nobody was there, in the morning I checked my thighs and there were rashes on my skin some cuts was also there. I checked my bed but there was nothing there which can do damages like that. It seems like nail scratches.

Can you please tell me how to deal with it & how to stop this experience.

Thanks, Shashank

General Questions

Out of Body Experiences?

Hey all.

Firstly thanks CT for bringing this forum up after the last one went down, it really shows the dedication you have to people who need answers.

Secondly – let me start by saying that I am familiar with the paranormal but I need serious closure on something that’s been haunting me for a number of years.

When I was 5 years old all the way until I was 7 I experienced “waking up in my dreams” a lot, this would typically happen when I stand up to see myself lying on the bed. Everything around me would be the same way I left it. I always try to switch on the lights but they never seem to work. I would “dream” terrible things.

About 3 years ago I had the same thing but it haunts me all the time – only because it has never felt as real as it did that night.

I “awoke” and tried to switch the lights on, and to no surprise they didn’t work. I don’t even remember feeling like I actually touched the light switch. I felt overwhelmingly anxious and fearful. As I stepped out of my room into the passage, there was a man, all I saw was a knife in his morbidly distorted hand, he seemed to move in a sick, crazy and completely insane way. I remember feeling the uncontrollable urge to run as far as I could but I was restricted to the passage and the kitchen. I couldn’t leave the boundaries – it was just endless blackness out the windows. I looked at the clock as I sat in the corner of the kitchen, 2:15am. As I heard him coming around the corner into the kitchen I had the unmistakable knowledge of what his intentions were, to consume me.

I willed myself awake, feeling sweaty and extremely ill.

I looked at my bedside clock, 2:16am – a minute after the time I originally saw.

My question is this – was I just dreaming? Or was it as real as I think it was? Does this occur often in people?

The house has its paranormal problems, knocking coming from everywhere and nowhere, scratching sounds, shadows – we even have photographic evidence of a half-bodied apparition in broad daylight.

Is stuff like this even possible?

Many regards Sun!que

Asked by Sun!que